Lexy and Sam both go to work this week lucky they were similar shifts, Sam finished an hour before Lexy on this shift

Sam was on one of her big drug raid, operation stingray. She told them to go though the ear piece. They all got to the job of arresting the suspects

Sam goes down Ryder shouts "Sam? Sam?" Ryder realizes Sam been stabbed in the leg and losing lots of blood and Sam remains unresponsive

Ryder picks up the radio and shouts "OFFICER DOWN! " Ryder also gets 'Hardy' other officer to order the ambulance

Ryder holds Sam applying pressure to her wound. The ambulance arrives Ryder doesn't move "Over here" he shouts wanting to keep the pressure on till the paramedics get the bleeding under control. The paramedics run over and tell Ryder to keep Applying pressure for a little while longer.

"Her pulse is very weak and her blood pressure is low. We need to get her to hospital right now!" the paramedics say between each other.

Sams bleeding was under control and she was ready to be taken to hospital. Ryder goes with her to the ambulance "I'll come with her"

The paramedic take her to the hospital and straight onto Resuscitation ward

"This is DS Sam Murray she has been stabbed in her left leg possible femoral Artery damage"

Lexy is setting up resuscitation for the patient. She faster walks towards Sams unconscious body. Declan sees Lexy

"You ok? Lexy?" Declan says

"No Sams my girlfriend I saw her just before work" Lexy says feeling sick.

"Lexy just go and calm down she going for x-rays and scans anyway have a break"

"You sure Declan"

"Yes go I will cover for you for a while"

Lexy leaves the room, she goes to the break room and She bursts into tears.


What is going to happen next? What's going to happen to sam?