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What is it I read that one time as a kid? I think it was in one of those really old comic books...

Something along the lines of "Once, someone asked me why I do what I do... Why I lead and fight rather than just lead or fight. It took me days to think up an answer, but when I did it became blaringly clear to me. I fight because I am a soldier, I lead because I have no other option."

And there you have what`s been my motto for the past eight years I`ve spent in the military.

My name is Captain Richard O'Connel*, I am a soldier.

I fight, I take orders and I lead when nobody else is left to do the job.

It`s what I do.

I could be Major or General by now, Rob knows I`ve got the skill but I`ve turned down every promotion offer I`ve had since becoming Captain. Heck, I don`t even like being a Captain anymore. It has it`s moments but I liked being plain old Lieutenant O'Connel.

Captain is too far up the chain of command for me, I`m a soldier far more than I`ll ever be a leader and I know that.

That`s why I refuse to lead. Because I can`t do as good a job as others would. Small groups like I had when I was an Lt., sure, but companies, platoons and divisions? No.

I am a soldier.

I fight and I take orders but I can and I will lead when nobody else is left to do the job.

It`s what I do and it`s what I love.

I can`t take being a full command level officer, Rob can have that job but me? I`m a soldier to the bitter end.

Soldiers fight, commanders lead. Soldiers die, commanders get medals. Soldiers have stories, commanders have legends.

But I`ll take being a soldier any day of the week.

It what I`m made for, like Rob was made for commanding.

That`s one thing about him few people understand, Rob Hermann didn`t rise to power in the military because the brass wanted it or his mom happened to be in the position of being the president, he came to power because we wanted him there. Us, the soldiers.

He may be a rotten bastard sometimes but he`s our rotten bastard, and we`ll take orders from him only before we ever take orders from some stupid idiot who`s never been on the front lines. Rob rose through the ranks from Private to Major, he didn`t get fancy military schooling like half the chain of command, and that`s why we`d all gladly lay our lives down for him.

Rob Hermann is a soldier, but he`s also a leader.

I am a leader, but I`m also a soldier.

That is why I refuse a promotion.

Not because I can`t handle it, or because I don`t want it. Both are true but the real reasons are loyalty to Rob and loyalty to the men and women I`ve served most of my career with.

We are brothers and sisters in peace.

We are comrades in arms.

We are soldiers.

We fight. It`s what we do.

I am Captain Richard O'Connel.

I am a soldier. I fight. It`s what I do.

Author`s Note: Hope you enjoyed, Sick Little Fiend :P

* = I`m not sure if O'Connel`s name was ever said in the series but since I haven`t seen anyone use his full name before(or him at all for that matter) I figured that Richard just fit. Hope nobody minds.

Sh33p out.