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Albus Dumbledore sat alone in his office at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he frowned his face seemed pale and sorrowed. His blue eyes didn't twinkle like normal, no they seemed to burn with a small fire of self-hate. He blamed himself for what happened to the Potter's both Lily and James dead by Him. Tom Riddle a boy Dumbledore knew well but almost never knew at all. The Potters had placed their trust in Sirius Black, James School friend like Remus Lupin or Peter Petigrew. Black had become their secret-keeper for their temporary home in Godric's Hollow, Black had run off to Voldemort the darkest wizard in at least a century. It just so happened Voldemort was merrily a surname for Tom Riddle.

Dumbledore seemed to be at a loss, He had taken the young Harry James Potter to his Aunt and Uncles home. Both of them were Muggles and would probably hate the boy for what he was but they were also his only family. Sirius Black was his God-Father, but being that he was now on the run wanted for questioning about the Potter's Deaths it was very unlikely that he would manage to ever meet Harry. To his surprise the room began to become cast in a green color, turning he saw the fireplace in his office burn the bright green as someone was being flooed in. The Person stumbled out of the fireplace, he was pale and looked very grief stricken, his grey eyes which always shown with a brightness for mischief had lost the sharp, he noted they were also red and puffy. His clothes were covered in soot and ash but they also seemed to be torn slightly. His black hair was thick and hung heavily on his wax like was the last person he wanted to see right now, For this man was Sirius Black.

Dumbledore quickly pulled out his wand with a speed to rival the youngest of men, Black being like one of those men had his wand at the ready as well. Black shook as he held the wand toward Dumbledore then a slight 'thunking' noise was heard in the room, Black dropped his wand of his own accord.

"Dumbledore" He said in a throaty and stressed voice "Please hear me out".

Dumbledore noted that he had dropped the wand of his own accord and shifted lightly "Sirius, why have you come here?" Dumbledore asked with a raised brow

"So you can hear the truth" Black spoke sounding relived that he wasn't stunned on the spot

"What is there to say, you were the Potters secret-keeper and you alone sold them out to Voldemort"

Sirius began shaking his head with tears swelling in his eyes "No, No! It wasn't me Albus. I wasn't the Secret-Keeper!" He said Sitting down in the chair in front of Dumbledore.

Who looked up with a twinkle in his eye "What do you mean?" He inquired "If not you then who?" Sirius shook as he sobbed it was clear that James and Lily's death had hurt him deeply

"P-Peter was... the s-secret-keeper, no one w-would think it was him. The Death Eaters would come for me...not him" He whispered quietly "I-I will take Veritaserum Albus. I will say it a thousand times . .Lily" He said with more force.

Albus looked at the man who had been in that very chair for several minutes, Black had always been a trouble maker but he had also turned his back to his whole family and run from home to join James. The two were in every sense of the word Brothers much more than Regulus who was Sirius' own brother.

He rose and spoke to a painting in his office and the man left without haste "Sirius, Hagrid told me you were there at Godric's Hollow, is this true" to which he nodded "What made you want to check on James and Lily?" He asked thinking calmly his wand held tight in his hands.

Sirius ran a hand through his black hair "I went to see Peter, I had this gut feeling but he was gone, I didn't see a struggle so I didn't panic that was until he didn't come back. I went to see if James had seen him and when I got there..." He said quickly turning at a knock at the door.

Another man with grease like black hair and hollow eyes walked into the room handing Dumbledore a small green bottle, Siruis stiffened at this "I-is that?" "Yes" Dumbledore interrupted "Thank you" He said to the man who curtly left the room closing the door behind him "Drink" He held out the bottle to which Sirius opened and drank in one gulp "Is your name Sirius Black the Third?" Dumbledore asked glaring down at the man he seemed to of calmed and his eye's glazed

"Yes wish I was a Potter though" He spoke in a bored voice

"Did you ever go by the name Padfoot?"

He nodded again "Yes, I have"

Dumbledore paced a moment "Were you the best man at James and Lily Potters wedding"

He nodded "It was a beautiful ceremony"

"Are you the God Father of Harry James Potter"

He nodded again "I have loved that boy from the moment I held him in my arms, I bet he'll be a Chaser like his dad was"

Albus smirked at the response "Did you betray Lily and James Potter to Lord Voldemort?"

He shook his head "No, I would rather have Died" He said firmly

"Were you the Secret keeper for the Potters"

He again shook his head "No, Peter was Talent-less little thing" He said again in a firm tone.

Dumbledore walked up to Sirius and pulled another small orange bottle out of his pocket "Drink this" He handed it to him to which he drank quickly, his eye's un-glassed and he began to tear up again "Sirius thank you, for coming to me" He said calmly placing a hand on his back "We'll sort this all out"

Sirius walked slowly out of the Ministry of Magic a free man again, he looked better ,heart broken ,but better. He had shaved and cleaned himself up, The Minister was not happy to see Black and wanted to send him off to Azkaban almost immediately if it wasn't for a patrounus from Dumbledore, he may very well be in chains. After he had explained in front of the court and even provided memories for his defense all but a few hands wanted him pardoned. One of which was a Witch that looked like a Toad the other was the Minister himself. Sirius sighed and walked into a floo to see Dumbledore again. Finding himself at Hogwarts the head master remained at his desk with a smile on his face "A nice change for you to come here without being on the run? eh Sirius?" To which Sirius laughed

"Yes Albus, but I'm here on a more pressing matter" He spoke with a firmness in his voice "I want to become Harry James Potter's proper Guardian" He spoke proudly "He deserves to be under my care and not with those Wizard-hating Muggles"

Dumbledore removed his spectacles and rubbed his eyes slowly "Sirius, I must advise against this" He spoke in a whisper "Harry is still endanger and I have placed Blood wards around his aunts home, they keep him safe from harm"

Sirius began to shake his head "No, Albus it is what he deserves, it's what they would have wanted" He said stiffly "I will watch over him like my own child and raise him as they would have wanted him to, I'll guard him with my life and even keep the highest of security" He frowned at the thought of them missing never knowing Harry never Raising him.

To this Albus nodded "Very well " He said holding out his hand "Keep care of him and try your best to make sure the Fame doesn't go to his head or the Wealth"

Sirius Shook the older mans hand with a firm grip "Of Course, he'll be like any other kid!" He said with a howl of laughter

Albus gripped tighter with a frown on his face "Sirius we need to speak of something" He sighed slowly "Harry didn't only survive from Voldemort that day"

Sirius looked puzzled as he let the older mans hand go "What do you mean Albus?" He said fearing for the boy

Albus held a jar out to him with a small twinkle in his eyes "Lemon Drop?"

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