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The highest tower of the ancient castle known as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, housed the Headmasters office, the office of Albus Dumbledore. The man was one of the most famous Light wizards to date, Headmaster, Supreme Mugwump of the ICU and Chief Warlock of the Ministry of Magic. His bright blue eyes were narrowed in concentration, Tom had done it, he had started down the path of self-destruction; starting the Prophecy.

Tom Marvolo Riddle, a man that he himself had taught all of those years ago, someone that he thought he knew well, but didn't truly know at all. Albus could recall a time, years after his graduation from the famed institution, asking to be the Defense Professor. The man then vanished from the public entirely, most people thought the young man had died outside of the country. Years later a Dark Lord under the name of Lord Voldemort, the whispers were there long before anything real came from the Lord; but when he came into the light, he killed any in his way. It had been during a duel, that he had found out the truth behind the mask, that the once powerful, charming boy, became a monster.

The Prophecy, little over a year ago, he was interviewing a promising new Divination Professor, even though he himself found little use for the Subject. The Prophecy protected that a child, bore of those who had thrice defied the Dark Lord, would be birthed on the eve of the seven month. That the Dark Lord would mark him as not only his equal, but the child would have powers he could never know. This pair would evade death, unless it came from the hands of the other, that this child has the power to vanquish the Dark Lord.

Both lucky, and unluckily, a spy for Voldemort overheard the first line of the Prophecy and reported it to his master; not knowing what this would bring. Barely a month later, two families within his command had a child at the eve of the seventh month. The Patient and Noble House of Potter, and the Endured and Noble House of Longbottom; Harry and Neville, these two could be the Child of Prophecy.

Albus at first was planning on ignoring the Prophecy all together until the very Spy that had told the Dark Lord, came to him, explained that he long wished to serve his Lord, that he wanted to save the families. He of course sprang into action, if Tom was going to spark the Prophecy, then he would be foolish not to take advantage of it.

He had explained to both families, not only the Prophecy, but also what he would advise for their best protection. The Fidelius Charm was a difficult one, temperamental and needed someone to keep the Secret of the Charm, someone far away from the Ward Stones, or after long exposure the charm would wear away. To his knowledge, the Potter's had chosen Sirius Black to keep their Secret, and the Longbottom's had chosen Amelia Bones, Alice Longbottom's best friend.

However, he now knew that Sirius Black had betrayed the Potter family, selling them out to his Master Voldemort. He did not get this old, without some way of improvising, or creating plans from the ashes of those in ruins. The Potter boy had been marked by the Dark Lord, a lightning shaped rune, Sowilō, it was an old rune of the Sun. The backlash of this however, was difficult to contain, not only was Lily and James Potter dead, but Voldemort was as well, though Albus had his doubts that he was truly gone; so obsessed with Immortality, death is not the worst of endings.

He placed the young Potter heir with his mother's sister, Petunia Dursley, both herself and her husband, Vernon had no magic within them; something they were called Muggles for. Truthfully he fully expected them to mistreat the boy, he had after all heard and seen Petunia before, she had a great dislike for her sister. It was all part of the plan after all, he couldn't take the boy under his wing at this age, and that meant regardless that the boy Had to be loyal to him, he needed to face Voldemort when the time was right. Having the boy mistreated, alone and hungry for attention, would have him coming to Dumbledore like a moth to flame. Perhaps he would have him meet the Weasley Family, have Hagrid show him the Alley when the time had come.

That was when a flash of green however destroyed his thoughts, the Floo was on and someone had the pass to his personal Office. Not one but two people tumbled out of the fireplace, both looking pale, grief stricken and weather worn. One had long thick black hair, watery silver eyes that had always carried such light, his broad shoulders covered in his leather jacket. The other's hair was dark brown, with flecks of stress silver around his temples, deep hazel eyes stared into his own, his shoulder propping the other man up, as to help carry him. These two men were strange to see, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin; he was surprised Lupin hadn't killed his friend's betrayer.

Dumbledore didn't move, a single brow propping on his features "Remus, may I ask why you have brought this….traitor here?" He asked with a curious gaze, he had a sinking feeling this wasn't going to end well for him.

"I didn't do it, Samael save me, I didn't do it." Sirius said lowly, his voice full of raw pain, his features sinking further into despair.

Remus gave his former friend a look, before sighing deeply "I found him, he was on a war path looking for Peter for some reason, I was looking for Sirius here." He paused for a moment, shifting the weight lightly "I was able to place an altered Body Bind on him, something me and Lily had been working on."

"It works well." Sirius said dully, he hadn't been able to feel anything past his shoulders but the senses in his toes was starting to come back.

Remus almost smirked at that "I gave him that shiner, started to curse him in every tongue I knew….I wanted to know why, after all we've been through, why." He looked back at Sirius before looking into Albus' blue eyes "He swears he's innocent. I wanted your opinion…he's very convincing."

Albus leaned forward, resting his lips on his interlocked fingers "What has been said? Professor Dill, please gather my guest." He added leaning further towards the two men.

Remus sighed, pouring Sirius into a chair before taking one of his own "For one he is Harry's Godfather, oath and all, he can discipline the child, but he cannot harm the child-"

He was cut off by Albus "I know the Oath."

"He also didn't pack up his place, regardless if this had been successful or not, he would be hunted down by the Order or the Ministry." Remus added "Peter's place is basically empty, he left the furniture but everything else is gone." He leaned back in his seat "He also treated James as his brother, the two even lived together from his Sixth and Seven year after Sirius was thrown out by Orion; the two are also related, James' mother Dorea Potter Black."

Dumbledore nodded thoughtfully "I see….can you lift Sirius' right arm sleeve for me?" He hoped that there would be a Darkmark there, it would make this easier, he was a cast away Prince, someone that could be sent to Azkaban.

Remus did so, it was clear, void of any and all blemishes, other than a few stray lines of a knife blade across his upper wrist. Remus scowled at that, but he remained silent for now, it was something to deal with later, his own scars itched thinking about it. "He also didn't try to kill Harry at Godric's Hollow, Sirius' a fully trained Auror, he could level Hagrid without much effort." He added, making Dumbledore purse his lips further in thought.

Suddenly the door opened, the man had long black robes that billowed about him like a pair of wings, his long stringy black hair almost hid his nearly black eyes. His sneer could almost be heard by the two other men "As you've requested, Headmaster." He said in a slow oily voice.

Albus took the small green bottle, looking at the two shocked men in front of him "My thanks, you may leave." He said firmly, he had no time or patience for their childish grudge tonight. "Remus, three drops on his tongue." Once the man had administered the potion, he looked at Sirius' now foggy silver eyes "What is your name?"

"Sirius Orion Black, Heir Apparent of the Ancient and Noble House of Black." His voice was empty, just like his eyes, the other two looked slightly confused at that.

"I had heard you were thrown out by your father." Dumbledore asked, this could be interesting.

Sirius barely moved "Correct, however I was never stripped of my title, my Grandfather Arcturus never stepped down, or recognized the exile." He explained tiredly.

Dumbledore hummed to himself, interesting, Arcturus had basically vanished these last few years from the public eye, the fact he still held Head of Black was unsurprising. "Have you ever worked or served The Dark Lord Voldemort." He asked seriously.

"Nope, never." Sirius said without hesitation.

"Have you ever gone by the name of Padfoot?"

"That's my alias yes, next to Stubby Boardman." He gave a halfhearted shrug.

Dumbledore leaned forward again "Were you the Secret Keeper, for the Potter Family?"

"No, we preformed a bait and switch." Sirius gave them all a dull look "Did you honestly expect Peter would be the obvious choice?"

Albus and Remus both sat slightly stunned by the knowledge, before Remus reached over and slapped Sirius across the face "You fucking idiot." He snarled "Why didn't you tell me!?"

"Albus, James, and myself feared you might have been the Spy." Sirius said simply, giving a slightly guilty look "Lily swore up and down that you weren't."

Remus growled, his eyes flashing yellow at the statement "You bloody jack-asses." He also glared at Albus "This is your fault then! You have a hand in this."

Albus leaned back, his arms still nested "You are a Werewolf, who would disappear for several days without notice." He explained almost casually.

"I do have to attend the Clan Meetings! Whenever they might be! We were at war!" Remus barked out, his eyes firmly yellow now.

A hand was laid on his shoulder, it was slow and heavy, he looked over at the owner "Remus, I am so sorry to have ever doubted you, I have always trusted you with my life, but I couldn't leave Harry to chance." His eyes had cleared, his features guilty, and voice full of emotion.

Remus looked away, his eyes flaring violently "I wish I could have been better." He whispered lowly.

"You already did the best you could." Sirius then looked over at Dumbledore "I want Harry."

Dumbledore frowned just barely "You will have to go through the Wizamgott before we will get to that." He said slowly, his eyes narrowing, he had enough pull within the Ministry hopefully he could still salvage this.


It wasn't many days later that he was exiting the offices of the Ministry of Magic, passing the fountain of magical brethren along the way, side stepping reporters, who wanted to know the full story of the Potter's death. He wasn't surprised to have gotten off, after all the Ministry had really nothing on him, really just speculation.

No what surprised him was an older man that waited for him outside of the courtroom he had been in, the man was hunched slightly, resting on a cane and his silver hair was slicked back and was thinning. His suit was made of the richest of fabric, in a deep royal blue "Sirius….I believe it is time we had a sit down." The man said in a voice that betrayed his years, it belonged to a man much younger.

"Grandfather….I am…."

"Surprised, don't be." Arcturus said with a grumble, walking forward, still moving better than someone his age "You almost lost."

Sirius raised a brow, his features confused "What?"

"Someone was pulling a lot of strings, almost didn't get you a trial at all, was going to send you straight to Azkaban without a word." Arcturus explained, leading him towards one of the many fireplaces "I caught word of it through the Ogren family, I'll find out who did it, and I'll see them punished for it, speaking of….Albus has sealed everything regarding the Potter boy, and has apparently made himself his guardian."

Sirius frowned, leaning on the cold marble stone "Not that I'm not thankful for your help, but…why come out of the shadows, and why do you care about Harry?" He asked, recalling that his Grandfather wasn't really affectionate in his youth.

Arcturus shifted slightly, pulling a Muggle cigarette from a case into his mouth and lighting it with his wand "To put bluntly, I'm fucking old, Orion is dead, Regulus is dead." He poked him in the chest with his chain "You're all I got now, not that I wasn't going to pick anyone else." He breathed out a puff of smoke "Orion kept you from, the bastard, claimed it was his birthright, he's dead, you're not and the Black family needs a Head."

Sirius nodded slowly, trying to digest what he was hearing "And Harry?"

"He's a third line Black, and the Potters have always treated us well." He said simply "He's the last of his line, it would be wrong of us not to look after him."

Sirius gave him a long look "When will I hear from you?"

"Soon, go get your fucking kid, and get him settled." Arcturus flicked his cigarette butt at a nosy looking woman "Then I'll get to making you my replacement, who knows I might actually fucking retire." He grumbled before turning stepping into the fireplace "Forbidden Island." With a bright purple glow on his ring hand, then the flare of green his Grandfather vanished without another word.

Sirius stood there for a moment, before stepping towards the flames "Hogwart's Headmaster's Office, Lemon Drop." He called out, stepping into the swirling green light.

When he stepped out of the Floo, he kept a calm face and strolled up to the desk "Albus, we need to talk." He said seriously, before sitting down and crossing his arms.

Albus didn't glance up from his paperwork as the Floo flared, his features were average but he did seem slightly disappointed "What about I wonder?" He commented, glancing up from his work "I suppose the trial went well."

Sirius nodded, his features were simple "I want my God-Son." He said casually, his eyes narrowing "I also find it strange that you've already named yourself his magical guardian." He then frowned, a calculating look on his face "Like you expected me to fail, perhaps?"

Albus' features didn't change "It was merely a safety percussion." He said merrily "Neither of us would want Young Harry to fall into the hands of…say the Malfoy family?"

Sirius grimaced, they too had right for the boy "Understandable, but now I want him transferred into my care, and that the freeze you placed on the Potter family gone." He said simply, leaning forward on his knees.

Albus looked like he'd swallowed something vile for a moment, before nodding "About that." He said slowly "I do believe that his staying with his Aunt would be for the best."

Sirius raised a brow, before he could control his temper "I'm fucking sorry?" He said standing up "You want me to leave my God-Son, my brothers son, with Magical hating Muggles?!" He snarled, his magic flaring around him.

Dumbledore placed his hand up "Harry is still endangered, the Death Eaters are not all gone, and many would kill him if they got the change." He said sagely "I have drawn Blood Wards around the house, it should protect him from any outward harm."

"That isn't enough, I would rather him be in a loving home with me, and in danger. Than a single fucking moment with those people! I met them! They're awful!" Sirius said shaking his head "No, I will either have him under my custody by the end of the week, or I will have the courts place him in my care on the eighth day." He said simply.

Albus waved his hand, his features softened "Fine…fine." He said slowly, looking like he had aged suddenly "He's yours….but Sirius….I believe that Voldemort did not just vanish on that night…we have much to discuss, what do you know of Prophecy?" He asked softly, peering over his glasses.

Sirius frowned, his eyes narrowing "That's a bunch of speculative bullshit? Nothing why?" He said crossings his arms "What does this have to do with Harry?"

"Lemon Drop?"


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