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Chapter 14- Halloween

Harry woke on the brisk morning of Halloween and felt a deep sense of dread. He hated this holiday, it was the day his parents were killed and he killed Voldemort. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he looked around for his glasses. When he put them on he looked over at Christian, who was getting up himself.

Then an object obscured his vision. This object had red hair and brown eyes that of only one person Ron Weasley "Harry" He snapped.

"Ronald." Harry said coldly with a glare, he didn't hate the boy like he hated Malfoy no he was just a prat who got on his nerves.

"Bet you feel real good about yourself today." Ron said with a smirk "Day you became Boy-Who-Lived."

Harry rolled his eyes, he hated that title. He didn't even remember the day he did it! "Go bother someone else, I'm not in the mood"

Ron let out a laugh "Not in the mood?"

Harry growled "I said leave me alone!" He pointed his finger at Ron, this wasn't the day to mess with him.

Ron laughed only harder and Dean snickered with him "What going to poke me to death?" He said in between laughs.

If Ron wasn't laughing so hard he would of seen the aura start to shimmer around Harry, right when Christian came over, he wasn't wearing his robes even though it was Thursday instead he was wearing Jeans, a Motor-head shirt and boots. Even though he was now in England he was still an American.

"Great now we have the American" Ron sneered with an eye roll "What think you can tell us what to do?"

Christian shot Ron a glare, he made a fist "Leave now Ron or this gets very bad for you." He said in a low voice laced with venom. Harry had told Christian all about the incident with Ron and the blonde now had a burning hatred for the Weasel.

Ron frowned and left without another word, flanked by Seamus and Dean.

Christian let out a sigh and unclinched his fist "Get dressed Harry, I'll go let Nym and Hermione know what almost happened."

Harry nodded closing his eyes and the shimmer dropped, he wasn't happy about his almost out burst. If not for Christian he would of blasted Ron with his magic and that could get him in a lot of trouble.

Christian left his friend for a while, Nevile was the only other boy in the room and he was getting dressed as well. It only took Harry five minutes to shower and change into his school clothes. When he came down the steps he was greeted by a shouting match.

"Leave Harry Alone!" Nym screamed as she tried to pin Ron onto the floor.

Ron reached over and punched her shoulder making her yelp in surprise "Tell that Git to Leave my Sister alone!"

Nym growled and bit Ron on his arm making him bark in pain, Dean reached down and grabbed Nym by her hair. Big mistake.

Christian ran forward, he used to play football or soccer when he was in America, using his knowledge he kicked at Dean's rips. He did something Harry didn't really expect, the kick sent Dean sliding across the room. This caused Harry to run forward and grabbed Seamus who was about to punch Christian.

Seamus spun and punched Harry, the two of them then started to fight. The fighting lasted about another two minutes before McGonagall showed up and they stopped in their tracks. Dean was still on the floor from the kick and holding his sides, Nym had scratches and a busted lip, Ron was covered in bruises, bite marks and had a black eye, Christian was perfectly fine, Seamus had a fat lip, Harry's glasses were broken and he was wincing from a pain in his side.

"What is going on here!" She shouted in a firm voice.

Hermione stepped forward "Ron was giving Harry some trouble this morning" She said in a soft voice.

"I don't see how that matters" The Older Witch said quickly, before it dawned on her and she turned to Harry "He was talking about that?"

Harry only nodded still out of breath from the display of fists "Christian told him to leave me alone"

"Then I came down told Nym and Hermione what happened." Christian said walking forward "Nym lost it and screamed at Ron, that was when they started pushing each other and then ended up punching and biting. If Dean would of kept his nose out of it nothing more would of happened." He said in a calm and cold voice.

McGonagall looked at Christian with a raised brow then to Dean and back to Christian who nodded at the unasked question. "I kicked Dean in the side when he grabbed Nym by the Hair."

"Mr. Tomas you should get to the Infirmary." She said with a faint smile "Mr. Finnagan will take you, 20 points from each of you for fighting, 10 points to Mr. Kidd for defending a student. You all will write a 2 scroll paper on why fighting is wrong or you will have 5 days of detention. Turn it in by tomorrow." She then left following Dean and Seamus. Ron growled at Nym then followed his friends.

Harry had a sudden feeling this day was going to get worse.

The rest of his day past rather slowly, the day had damaged his abilities greatly and he was lacking in performance. However all the Professors understood what was wrong with him on this day, he was distant and seemed lost in thought for most of class. For lunch he spent his day at the lake, he had finally worked up the courage to look at Lily's diary it was a rather beat up, worn and faded Black journal with a steel lock on the front of it. He had skimmed over most of the pre-Hogwarts entries and he stopped on her first day.

'Septemeber 1st, 1971. So here I am at Hogwarts! I'm so excited! Turns out the sorting ceremony involves an old hat that reads your thoughts and puts you into one of the houses. When it read my mind it seemed at a loss of were to place me, Slytherin was almost instantly a no go but it seemed to look a little deeper and said it could work should I dig into my family records (Wonder why?) but it chose against it. Hufflepuff was also suggested by it deemed me not friendly enough to be in that house so it was also removed. Ravenclaw was next to be offered, I had the knowledge to be in the Claw's and the willingness to learn but it seemed to...restrictive...I wanted a challenge, when the hat heard that it shouted out my new home 'Gryffindor!'. However the only down side of being in this house was that Severus was placed into Slytherin...I know how much that house hates Muggle-Born's...I hope it doesn't change him..he is such a great friend...well my only friend...I did meet another boy today, James Potter...seems a bit of a tosser to me but I'll keep an eye on him...he could be rather interesting.'

Harry couldn't help but smile at that first part but then his smile faulted it was now sinking in that this and the letter that refused to open was all he had of them. It was a slightly dark thought and it had been there for a long time, he never had a mother figure. McGonagall was more like the Aunt who showed up for birthday's and Christmas, Mrs. Weasley tried to mother him when he visited Ginny a few times but he didn't respond well to it. Other than those two he never had a mother figure and it sorta hurt.

He noticed something else that stood out today, Ginny had been very quiet and it seemed rather hard to find the connection for them to speak. Closing his eyes to find her it took some time but he managed.

'Ginny?' He sent out hoping the connection would last.

'Harry! Thank Merlin! I've been trying to talk to you all day!' She repiled quickly 'I am going to hex Ron so bad when he comes home he wont know which way his bacon went!'

Harry froze, Ginny had been in connection with him all day but he hadn't been getting any of the messages. His thoughts crossed into that of Alice, the first meeting she freaked out after touching his skin. Could that tie into this? 'Try not to hurt him to bad? You'll get in trouble.' He said with a frown.

'No promises.' Her tone was very cold and it sort of scared him.

Harry, Christian, Nym and Hermione started to practice in Charms after lunch it was the levitation charm both Harry and Nym found this very boring, Harry spent most of the time talking to Ginny and Nym doodled. It was all going well until Ronald Weasley started it again for the second time in a single day.

"No! Stop that before you poke someone's eye out!" Hermione snapped at the red head who chose to sit next to her for only Merlin knows why "And you are saying it wrong! You're saying the A instead of the O."

Ron growled at the bookworm "Alright then! How bout you show it!" He snapped right back.

Hermione rolled her eyes with a swish and flick "Wingardium Leviosa" She chanted the feather started to float in the air several inches over her head.

"Very good Miss. Granger!" Professor Flitwick said happily "Anyone else want to give it a go?" His eyes rested on Harry for a moment longer than everyone else.

Harry simply ignored him, he wasn't in the mood to play nice today. In fact him just wanted to stay in bed and either cry or stare into the void. He couldn't pick.
Christian as per the normal, did very little to the feather. The American had been working with Harry to improve his skills but they were still very much lacking. Seamus Finnagan blew his feather up some how. Don't even want to know how.

Once class was over they were on their way back to the dorm when Ron said talking loudly to his two 'Mates' "She is such an insuffurable little know it all! It's LeviOsa not LeviosA" He said in a mocking tone "Bloody menace that one"

At that point Hermione took off running and Nym followed her after sending Ron a very evil glare.

Harry frowned but as he went to bark at Ron, the red head was already down another hall way. "Christian...what say you in a prank for dear Ron?" He asked in a hushed voice lased with anger.

Christian's lips curled into a smile "What did you have in mind?" He asked in an innocent tone.

"Well my Uncle showed me this one..."

Harry sat with Christian still fumming a little over Ron, He had hurt his friend. Nym was currently trying to counsel Hermione in the girls bathroom. So Harry and Christian got revenge very quickly. It was dinner time and the show then began.

Ron started to scratch his whole body sitting not far from Harry, Dean asked him if something was wrong with his robes, to which Ron shrugged. A few short minutes later, Ron has burst into a very sever itchy and bright red rash. He then had to be led to the infirmary. Harry had covered his robes with an itching powder and a small amount of poison ivy, though he wasn't afraid of it coming back to him or Christian, Ron should know who pulled it off.

The rest of the dinner was very calm until the doors flew open.

"Troll!" Professor Quirrell shouted as he ran up to the head table "In the Dungeon! TROLL!" He paused when he got to the table and then whispered "Thought you should know" then fainted on the spot. That was when panic set in. The house tables erupted in cries of terror and fear.

"Silence!" Dumbledore shouted it then became so quiet one would her a pin drop. "Now head's of house will escort their houses to their dorms, expect for the Slytherin house who will go to the Transfiguration Class room A-2." He said firmly "Head Boy and Girl shall over see this, Professors follow me."
With that all the Professors followed the aged wizard out of the hall and towards the dungeons. While they were being led to the dorms Harry grabbed Christian "Nym and Hermione don't know about the troll!" He whispered frantically.

Christian nodded "We need to get them out of there and to the dorms!" He said as they walked towards the Bathrooms and then they heard to very loud and high pitched screams.

Without a second thought Harry ran forward pulling out his wand, Christian right beside him didn't bother with his wand knowing full well he wouldn't be much help other than getting the girls out of the way.

The pair of boys walked into the now almost destroyed bathroom, Hermione was huddled under a sink and Nym was sending stinging hex after hex at the giant, ugly beast.

Harry started throwing his own curses at the troll trying to either wound it or at least get its attention.

Christian slid under the troll and grabbed Hermione around her waist and pulled her out of the way of the troll backing up. Then he darted to the door with the witch still wrapped under his arm.

Once Christian and Hermione left the bathroom, Nym started to get serious and violently attacked the beast aiming for its club arm, face and neither region. After a minute of assault the beast fell with Harry using an ice charm under its feet and it slipped crashing its skull on its own club.

Right when the beast fell, McGonagall, Quirrell and Snape had arrived "May I ask what you two are doing in the girls bathroom? With a troll on the loose?" She snapped at her lion cubs.

Harry stepped forward "Hermione was in here crying all day, we came to get her to safety. We didn't thing the troll would be up here yet" He said rubbing the back of his head.

The old professor let out a sigh and nodded "15 points to each of you for sheer dumb luck. Now back to the dorms." She said looking down at the knocked out beast.

As Harry walked out of the bathroom, he noted that Snape had a wound on his leg and looked rather fresh. It almost looked like a bite...Cerbus?

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