There's a bright light above me. I groan as I shield my eyes. I sit up and observe my surroundings. There's no easy way to explain where I am. I'm in a room. In the center of the room is a do I explain it? It's covered in buttons and levers and switches and above it is a tube with a light in it. There are steps and hallways everywhere. My head is spinning with dizziness and I lean against a wall. I then notice the door. It's looks like door to a police box from the inside.

"Oh, you're awake." I'm up out of the bed, my hand against the wall to steady myself. My eyes are wild as a man walks in. He's young and handsome, dressed nicely in a blue suit and trench coat. "W-Who are you?" I stammer. "I'm The Doctor." He says with a grin. "I'm a Time Lord from the plant Gallifrey." I blink and blink, waiting for him to take it back with a 'just kidding' or 'I'm only joking' but he just continues to stand there grinning at me. "You must be joking." I finally say, waiting for him to agree with me. "Actually, no, I'm not joking. In fact," he says, walking towards me, "it gets rather lonely, traveling through space and time." I look at him, waiting for his next words. "Would you like to come with me?" I'm just staring at him. "You're insane if you think I would actually go somewhere with a man that I just met. Not to mention, you think you're a time traveling alien." The Doctor just gives me a look. "Give me some credit. I did save your life."

I look away as I remember the day before. Run, Ellie, get out of here! Oh god, they're almost at you, run, run, RUN! I shiver as I remember. BOOM! I spin around just in time to see the monster explode. Behind it is a silhouette. Finally, it's just too much for me, and the world goes black. My eyes lift to The Doctor. "What was that thing?" I ask him softly. His face melts into a mask of sympathy. "It was a Dalek. They're my people's worst enemy." I look at him, searching his face for any signs of lies or deception, but I see only honesty and kindness. "Besides, if I was going to hurt you, don't you think I would've done it by now?" He says quietly. I sigh. Well, I mean, if The Doctor is telling the truth, then I get to travel to other planets, other times! And if he's lying, then what do I have to lose? My parents are dead, my brother abandoned me because he doesn't want to worry about me. I'll be living on the streets for the rest of my life. So I look up to The Doctor, my head held high, and I say, "Yes. I'll travel with you."