A/N ~ I own nothing. If I did own either Hellcats or Bandslam, then, trust me, this wouldn't be fan fiction.

It was a Friday night, and instead of her usual bar scene, Marti Perkins was stuck at a "Hellcats Movie And Bonding Night" as ordered by Vanessa. Apparently, teammates are meant to 'like each other' or something. Anyway, the movie chosen for that night was, in fact, Bandslam. Marti didn't dislike the movie, really, but she had one very big reason for not watching it, particularly not with this lot.

"Admit it!" Savannah yells.

"I choose to assert my fifth amendment right against self incrimination!" She yells back, playfully.

"Don't bring law into this. You look just like Charlotte!" Alice cries.

"I admit nothing!"

"Oh, come on, Marti. You look almost exactly like Charlotte." Lewis teases.

"Bit more than almost," she mutters.

"Admit it!" They all yell.


"You kinda just did." Savannah smirks.

"Not entirely. Besides, you're asking all the wrong questions. You'd all be sucky lawyers." I shouldn't have said that. She thinks.

"Wait, what do you mean, we're asking the wrong questions?"

Her expression resembles a deer in headlights. "Um... You should be asking why I didn't tell you I did some acting in the past." She mutters.

"Oh my god! That IS you!" Savannah practically yells. "Why didn't you tell me this before!?"


"'Cause, you think your GIRLFRIEND would know these things!" Savannah screeches.

"Wait, you two are dating?" Alice asks. They nod. "Finally! What? The amount of eye sex going on between you isn't nearly as bad at the amount of sexual tension that was there when Marti joined the squad, and a bit after that! I knew something had changed, but I didn't want to jump the gun."

Marti, ignoring Alice, gets up from her position on the floor, and walks tentatively over to where Savannah is sitting.

"Baby, I'm sorry. I was going to tell you, but it never really came up, y'know?" Savannah turns away from her, her arms crossed. Marti can't see the smile on her face. "Baby? Please talk to me." Savannah slowly turns back to her, and Marti pulls her in for a hug. "I promise, really good make up sex." Marti whispers into her ear.

Savannah chuckles, "there'd better be," she whispers back, before pulling away, and grabbing Marti's chin in her hand, and pulling her in for a kiss. The type of kiss that is usually saved for the bedroom. Everyone else, feeling uncomfortable with the intensity pouring from the couple, turn back to the movie, and awkwardly trying to ignore the moans coming from both girls. When breathing becomes necessary, they pull away, and continue watching the movie.

"Wow, Marti, you're singing is really good." Lewis complements. Alice normally would have bristled at this, but, surprisingly, she doesn't seem to mind.

"Thanks." Marti smiles. "Oh, and can I just say, at the end of the day, I was serenaded by Scott Porter, sang Smelly Cat backstage with the original Phoebe Buffay, and starred alongside Emma Stone. I think I win."

"Wait, Emma Stone isn't in this movie." Alice frowns.

Marti gives a nervous chuckle. "Oh, right... Have you guys ever seen Easy A?"