The story begins with Genesect inside the luggage of Pokemon Bank Movers truck. The truck parks on the shipping boat to the Kalos. The boat moves away out of the Team Plasma Triangle.

Genesect unzips the bag and hopped out of the bag. He zips the bag that he got out. Then he moves crawls to door in front of the truck. "Ok, how do I get to the front row?" Said Genesect. He spotted the manual and Genesect grabbed it and opened the book. It shows the map that directly points "you are here" in the trunk, there is a door in the middle seat out of the trunk. Genesect opens the door by pushing the middle seat in the front row. Then he sits in the passenger seat in the front row and then he closes the middle seat. Genesect fastened his seatbelts.

The boat docks to Ambrette town, the truck drives out of the boat and into the road. Genesect begins to play with his Nintendo 3ds. He plays "Super Mario 3d Land." They made it to Lumiose City. The truck parks to the Lumiose City Condos parking lot and Genesect obtains the bags from the movers. "Have a nice day Genesect." Said the Pokemon Bank Mover driver. The truck drives away, Genesect holds a lot of bags and he goes directly to the Lumiose City Condos front door.