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Chapter 21

Standing outside the towering structure that was the Decepticon citadel, Darkmount; Violetwind suddenly regretted taking on this assignment. The Autobots had come up with their plan and her part was the first to be played out. It had to be first if their enemies were to believe her.

Ratchet had ground bridged her to the area near Darkmount but not close enough for the Decepticons to detect the vortex's energy signature. From there she had driven up to the imposing structure and was now close enough to make herself known.

You can do this, ok. Windy encouraged. Now you'd better make the final call in.

"Right," she muttered before comm linking back to the others. "I'm at the destination. About to see if they will accept me, Sir."

::Acknowledged.:: Ultra Magnus replied.

::Good luck, Vi.:: Bumblebee added.

Arcee also broke in. ::Don't get yourself into trouble.::

::You got this:: Bulkhead encouraged.

::We're believin' in ya.:: came Wheeljack.

::Just make sure you come back to us.:: Ratchet urged.

She smiled, "Thanks guys. It means a lot. Twenty minutes and counting, right?"

::Correct. Twenty minutes and we shall be thinning the armies.:: Ratchet confirmed. ::Till then, stay convincing.::

"I'll do my best. Violetwind out."

Let's get this thing over with.

With a firm nod, she strode forward, doing her best to walk with confidence. It was not easy, the fortress was quite intimidating on its own and just the sight of it made her want to run and hide. But she kept her nerve in check. Just barely.

Getting close enough she raised her voice to a shout. "Megatron! I have come to surrender myself. I've come to rejoin the winning side! Let me humbly join you and I will share all the knowledge I have."

Near the top of Darkmount, sitting upon his throne, Megatron viewed his surveillance officers footage of the femme below. He regarded her suspiciously, pointed fingers caressing his chin. "Send some troops to escort her up. I want her to be kept under heavy guard in case she decides to try something."

Soundwave nodded. The third in command immediately sent out a message of their leader's orders to the vehicons.

"Master, do you suppose she really wishes to rejoin us?" The silver seeker stepped forward and questioned the mech.

"You came back, Starscream..." the Decepticon leader growled, causing him to flinch and promptly shut him up.

At the base of the tower, Violetwind forced herself to take in deep even intakes of air in an attempt to stay calm and stop everything from shaking. Six vehicons had arrived, surrounding her. This was it, the point of no return.

"You have an audience with Lord Megatron," one of them told her.

The femme merely nodded in response, allowing them to lead her off. Her legs felt like they were jelly as she walked amongst the purple troops. Fear was constricting her chest almost to the point of pain in her spark. She was already starting to regret this plan and nothing had even gone wrong yet.

Realising that her overwhelming nervousness could blow it, Windy offered some help. Try not to thing to think too much about it. Just keep calm and don't show fear when we get there. Grit your denta if you have to.

My what?

Um, your teeth, the things in your mouth. Forgot you don't know much about our anatomy.

It did not take long before she was guided to the open room where the Decepticon leader sat atop his throne, the very place where he had claimed for himself to rule Earth. A position which he felt no one could take from him. Keeping her door wings from twitching, it was here that Violetwind came to be. Standing close enough to Megatron, she immediately kneeled, bowing her head in an effort to appear respectful to the warlord.

Psst, your hand.

She quickly realised what Windy was prompting, she moved her fist across her chest, presenting herself in submissive respect to Megatron. With her gaze to the ground the femme remained silent, waiting for him to speak first.

Megatron looked over her with interest. It certainly looked like she wished to join them, but he was not one to trust easily, if at all. "So, Violetwind... What brings you to me now?"

Calm, easy now. Just remember the story.

"Lord Megatron, I am but your humble servant. I have returned to my rightful leader. I have had enough of scratching around in the dirt with the pathetic Autobots. With the Decepticons is where I belong, I realise this now," she replied, doing her very best to keep her voice under control as she repeated the prearranged words.

The silver seeker looked at her curiously. He had not told Megatron of his suspicions but now he was glad he had not. He was having doubts about them. She was not acting like the frightened thing he had met back in the gorge. Perhaps it had been a simple case of memory loss and the voice was just due to madness. Then again that did not explain her behaviour after he stole the keys...

Glancing at Starscream, the mech noticed that his second in command was deep in thought. He was curious as to why; mostly hoping it was not more fruitless plotting. Ignoring the seeker for the moment his red gaze rested on the femme. "And what makes you think I would allow to be a part of our fold once again?"

"For my original purpose, Master, to produce your weapons," she told him simply, sticking to her script.

Megatron raised an optic ridge. "And what makes you think I even need you?"

"Because no one can make them like I can and I know for a fact that Knock Out does not possess the ability to recreate my bombs. My Lord, I merely gave you plans for a malfunctioning prototype."

The mech's mouth twisted into a sly smirk. "Crafty, my dear." Rising from his throne he came to stand in front of her. "You still posses the qualities of a good Decepticon."

In response her spark beat quickened. Megatron's closeness frightened her, the femme gritting her denta to stop from showing it. She definitely did not dare to lift her gaze from the floor lest he see her optics shine with the horror she felt.

He slowly circled her, panic rising in her chest; fearing that he did not believe her and would kill her right then and there. The merciless leader was not beneath committing immediate executions. However, he did not, instead coming to stand in front of her again. "Rise, Violetwind. You are to resume your old rank as a scientist. I'm sure you will be pleased to know that we even have Shockwave back. You will be quiet an asset to him as his assistant."

The femme rose to her pedes, glancing at Megstron briefly, noticing that he was looking over her shoulder at something else. It was only then she noticed the sound of steps. Turning around she saw a purple mech with a single red optic instead of his face and a gun where his left hand would have been.

That's Shockwave. Frag, I hope he's not still mad about what I did to his lab.

Oh, you didn't think of this before? She responded, gritting her denta and managing to keep her face blank expect for her slightly widened optics.

Ok, so I hadn't thought through everything. Shoot me.

"Violetwind, I had been informed of your presence on this planet. Your decision to return is most logical," the one eyed mech greeted in his own way.

"Of course, Shockwave," she replied her voice ever so slightly shaking, something she hoped they did not pick up on. Much to her relief though, nobody seemed to notice.

"I'm sure you are most anxious to get to work and prove yourself as a Decepticon once again, and so you shall get that chance. Knock Out will be grateful for your help at the present moment. He's down in the lab, some of the vehicons will escort you there." Megatron nodded to the troopers, who stepped forward ready to take her with them.

Bowing her head in respect, the femme spoke gratefully, "Thank you, Lord Megatron. You are most gracious." Stepping away, she raised her head and spoke confidently, "I will not fail."

He nodded and started to returned to his seat, seeming to be satisfied with her answer. However, before reaching it, Megatron turned to gaze upon her once again. "Before you leave. What can you tell me of the whereabouts of the other Autobots?"

Luckily they had been prepared for such a question allowing the femme to easily respond. "I can't tell you much at all, Lord Megatron. We bridged out the the base separately and I have not seen any of them since I last saw their medic. I do not know where they went."

The mech let out a low rumble in thought. "That is all. You may go."

Violetwind then promptly left with her escort to the laboratory in order to assist Knock Out.

Once she had gone, Starscream approached his master. "Are you sure that was wise?"

"Guards will be posted and she will not be left alone. Now is there anything else, Starscream?" The mech' s tone conveyed his annoyance with the second in command.

The seeker's optics narrowed as he turned away, "No, Lord Megatron. I will continue our search for the rest of the Autobots." Starscream hurried off but not to do the task he stated, in actuality he went after Violetwind.

The femme was surprised to hear the silver seeker's voice behind them. "Guards, you are dismissed, I will escort her myself."

"But, sir, Lord Megatron-" one of the vehicons started to protest.

"Listen here, drone. I am your commanding officer and you will do as I tell you! Now get going! I said I would be escorting her!" he yelled in the poor trooper's face.

"Yes, commander Starscream," he replied, before they all left.

The femme looked at him in confusion as he watched them leave around a corner. Once he was sure they were gone he turned to her, his optics narrowed. "You've changed again. What happened?"

Glare back at him, speak roughly and ask him 'doesn't he like it?'

Putting on the most hostile look she could muster, she did her best to come across as aggressive. "Why? Don't ya like it?"

He let out a low growl. "I don't understand you. What happened to your 'voice' and having lost your memories?"

"They came back that's what. And as for that voice it was nothing and it's gone now. So it's none of your business, Starscream."

"Don't you take that tone with me! I am second in command of the Decepticons!"

Brush him off.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. I though you were taking me to Knock Out. What are we doing standing around here?"

Good, Windy praised.

The mech huffed in indignation but was not able to get words out of his mouth causing him to huff again. Stomping a pede he quickly took the lead.

Haha nice work. Just like I would have done. It's always so worth it to see Screamer shut up.

Catching up, she looked up at him, wishing to know the answer to a question. "Starscream, I guess you did not tell anyone about our encounter then? Also, what were your trying to ask me back on the Harbinger?"

The seeker glanced her way before staring back at the hall they were walking down. "No," he paused, debating about whether or not to admit to her what his question back then was. Eventually he responded, "I was going to ask what it was like having two minds. What is was like having someone else control your body while you were still conscious in it... I had thought you might have actually succeeded with your experiments in mind transfer."

Violetwind's spark quickened, quickly trying to brush it off. "Oh, those old things. You should know they went bust long ago. I do not believe such a thing is possible," she lied. They could not have it get out that it had worked and that she was not in fact the real Violetwind. It would put her at great risk.

"Hmm, I suppose so," he grunted.

They arrived at the laboratories inside the Nemesis, and were greeted by the red mech.

"Well, well, well. Look who's back. Just couldn't stay away could you."

Say something bad about his paint job if you start to feel too threatened.

How about now...

"Just don't blow anything up you two," growled Starscream sourly, leaving them to get to work.

"So... Uh, where are those bombs?"


Knock Out had directed the femme to the Immobilizer bombs that he had been working on. She then replicated the blueprints which Windy helped her design. The plans were, once again, not exact plans but vitally flawed and hopefully too complicated for the Decepticons to figure out exactly what was wrong. They would be in a lot of trouble if their enemies were to gain such a weapon.

The pair worked in silence, which Violetwind actually appreciated since Windy was telling her what to do. The complicated work took most of her attention and she did not need someone else talking in her audios.

The silence could not go on forever and was inevitably broken by the flashy red mech. "You have gotten these to work before, haven't you?"

"Of course," she replied, remembering the story Windy had briefed her on earlier. "They were never just never used. Mostly because I... er, blew up the lab..."

The mech looked at her in horror, taking a step back, worried about his precious paint job. "Don't tell me it was because of what you were working on!"

She genuinely smiled at his reaction, stifling a chuckle. "No. It was because I left the place. Changed sides and left a parting gift."

Knock Out grunted calming down. "Did you do the same to the Autobots then?"

Didn't have to, 'Cons already covered that, Windy grumbled.

Deciding to copy her inner self she answered likewise. "I didn't have to. You already did that upon destroying the base."

"So what have you been doing since then? It has been a few days."

It was again she was very glad they had prearranged a cover story. "We left the base in pairs. I was with that grump of a medic. He was such a bore to hang out with and would not let up about Cybertron being left in ruin again. Finally I couldn't take it any more."

"You shot him?"

"Uh n-" she started to deny shooting him but thought better of it. Ratchet would not be joining in on the assault directly so would not be showing up to dispute her claim. "Yes, actually I did. So I left. Things had not been right with me there anyway. Optimus was just such a tight wad. And I couldn't do anything for myself."

Before the mech could reply an announcement came over the Nemesis' comm system. It was Starscream. "Seeker armada to the flight deck. Your target is the Decepticon ship, the Harbinger. You are to obliterate it at once!"

Violetwind's spark caught in her chest. They had figured out where the Autobots were conducting their distractions from. Worry gripped her, freezing her in place. If the Harbinger was attacked, Ratchet and the humans would have little to no chance.

Noticing her lack of movement, Knock Out turned to her frowning, "What's with the lack of work? You don't expect me to do it all do you?"

Her mind clicked over and she glanced up at him. Just as she was about to move the sound of an explosion rocked the place. She recognised this as the next part of the plan: Wheeljack and Bulkhead were attacking the citadel. The distraction would aid Bumblebee and Arcee so they could slip past the Decepticons and enter the fortress in order to disable the fusion cannons.

Another announcement came through the comm system, again from Starscream, "Seeker armada, your target has changed. Destroy the Autobots attacking Darkmount!"

Relief flooded the purple femme. The others would be fine. Letting out a thankful breath, she tried to act nonchalant, "Oh, it's nothing just thinking about some things."

He raised an optic ridge in suspicion but did not press for information and they went back to work, the femme avoiding further conversation.

Soon she finished work on one of the bombs. So this will really work?

Yep. The effect does not last all that long though, just a few hours, unlike the actual Immobilizer which is much more effective.

Glancing nervously at the red mech, she waited for a moment when he was not looking to switch out the one she had been working on for a fresh one. He wanderer over to another table to grab another tool and she used the moment do swap out the bomb, taking mental note of the working one's location.

When she was sure that he had not noticed the switch, she relaxed a little, quickly getting back to work, his back still to her.

::Arcee to Violetwind. We're having a little trouble and could use some help.:: the blue femme's voice came through her comm link.

"Did you say something?" Knock Out inclined his head slightly in her direction but did not turn around.

"Nothing," she replied hurriedly.

Ask him for some energon, so we can get rid of him.

"Um, actually, Knock Out. It's been a while since I had energon. Do you think I could have some? I wouldn't want to collapse on your or anything."

The mech grunted, turning to face her. Megatron had instructed him to not allow her to leave he room, still suspicious of her, as was his nature. He knew he was not to leave her alone, although, honestly he would not mind getting away for a bit. "Alright, I'll go fetch some."

Moving to the door he opened it, ordering one of the vehicons standing guard to come in. "You will remain here with Violetwind until I return." He looked back at the femme with a 'charming' smile, "To keep you company." With a nod he left.

::Vi...:: Arcee called again.

With a nervous smile at the trooper, she turned her back to him, whispering though the comm link, "Arcee, I'm kinda under watch at the moment."

::Can you shake them? We're pinned down. Ultra Magnus is going for the fusion cannons but I'm not sure how long we can last here.::

Glancing at her work, the femme grimaced. She had not completed enough of them to be as helpful as she would have liked. One was not really going to cut it. The second was almost finished so perhaps...

"Arcee, I'll be there as soon as I can." She was about to end the comm when she realised something. "Um, Arcee, where are you?"

::About the 31st floor on the west side.::

"Ok, I'll do my best."

Bumblebee sent in a final warning. ::Be careful, Vi, there are a lot of troopers about.::

"I will, Bee."

Working as fast as she dared, Violetwind finished the second Immobilizer bomb. Now armed with the two of them she slipped out a small simple cloth sack from under her door wing plating. Collecting all the parts from the unfinished weapons she placed them inside, keeping the two finished ones in her hand. Taking the bag of unfinished bombs she opened up a small compartment in her waist. When first explaining what to do with the bombs, Windy had called it a subspace. It was not particularly large, just enough room to fit one of the kids, but it fit the bombs well enough.

Shall we give it a test run?

Let's do it!

Taking a moment to close her optics Violetwind calmed herself. Somewhat mentally prepared she whirled around and tossed one of the bombs at the purple trooper's pedes. With a bright flash and a bang he was frozen in place in an unflattering position of complete shock trying to shield himself and jump back at the same time.

The femme giggled in amusement at the new statue. "That worked well. Let's go see how it works on multiple targets."

Racing out the door she ran for the exit to the Nemesis, Windy helping direct her so as to not take a wrong turn. Two minds really were better than one when it came to remembering where they had been.

Her pedes soon touched the metal floor of Darkmount. "Ok, now's when the fun begins," she muttered, thinking about the search to actually reach Arcee and Bumblebee.

Transforming to vehicle mode she raced along the stretch of platform that the Nemesis rested upon. She realised that Knock Out would notice her disappearance soon and sound the alarm. If only she could get to the others before she was spotted.

"Arcee, Bee, I'm headed your way," the femme comm linked her friends.

::About time.:: came Arcee's curt reply.

In turn she only whined submissively, not about to respond to that. The two wheeler had right to be uptight at that moment and she was not going to make things worse with a rude response.

Through the twists and turns of the citadel, Violetwind made her way to the place where the pair were pinned down. She could hear blaster shots getting louder in her audio receptors, concluding that she was getting close.

Returning to robot mode, she peered around the corner. Vehicons were shooting at something or someone but from her position she could not see who but she did not need to.

Leaning back against the wall she commed. "Guys, I'm close. Stay back, ok. Don't need you getting caught up in this."


Taking a deep intake of air she peeked around the corner again. Rolling the remaining Immobilizer in her fingers, she gathered up her nerve before tossing the metal ball as hard as she could into the vehicon group.

The explosion erupted and when the noise it caused died down, there was silence. The Decepticon troopers that had been firing where now stiff, unable to move a servo. Walking over, she was met by Arcee and Bumblebee who were curiously taking a closer look.

The blue femme was impressed. "This will come in very handy. I'm glad you didn't finish them during the war for the 'Cons to get their hands on them."

Bumblebee tapped the trooper closest to him on the helm. 'How long does it last?'

"Windy says not more than a few hours."

"Guess we'd better get going then."

They started off down one of the corridors. The purple femme bringing out her blasters, in-case they were to he spotted. She was already incredibly lucky to have made it as far as she did without being confronted. But it was easier to hide one bot than it was three.

Speaking of luck, hers had just run out. The trio had just rounded a corner when a bunch of vehicons came from around another. Upon noticing them a bunch of weapons were pointed in their direction.

"Do you have another one of those bombs?"

"Uh, nope..."


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