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Chapter 22

Things were not looking good for the Bots. Vehicons stood at both ends of the hall, blocking the trio's escape. Arcee, Bumblebee and Violetwind shared a glance of worry. Surrounded and outnumbered was not a favourable position.

Quick point your weapons at Arcee and Bee.

Without thinking she reacted, doing as such. The two wheeler gave her a questioning look but did not say anything.

Now tell them that your just caught the Autobot intruders.

Clearing her vocalisers, the femme lifted her voice to the troopers. "I- I have just caught the Autobot intruders."

Their blasters did not move, still locked onto the three bots.

The metallic voice of one spoke up. "We have been informed to take you in too."

"Heh," she let out a nervous huff, "come on guys. You should know I couldn't stay in the lab while we were being invaded, not when I found out the bombs worked."

He was not convinced. "How come they are not immobilised then?"

"Ah, well, you see, that is because the bomb I used, uh, missed... It hit a few troopers instead. You'll find then down the hall." She indicated in the direction they had come from.

Two of the vehicons broke off to go check on their brethren, while the one who had been the spokesperson still regarded her suspiciously. "You are not to be out." He nodded to the others to take the Autobots away before looking back to her. "I will return you to the lab."

Violetwind nodded, falling into step with him. Glancing back at Arcee and Bumblebee she shot them an apologetic look.

The blue femme narrowed her optics but nodded. Although she did not like it, she accepted the fact that it would not do much good if they were all taken captive.

Looking back at her, the mech whirred sadly, making her feel a little guilty. But they were good warriors, they would be fine. Well, she hoped so anyway.

When she arrived back at the lab on the Nemesis, Knock Out was leaning casually against the wall. He had clearly been waiting for her to return. "Needed energon did you? Not badly enough to stop you from running off, though." He shook his helm with a sly grin, waving a finger at her. "Tut tut, that was bad form."

Grinning nervously the purple femme tried to get something out her mouth but this undercover work was starting to wear her out and she could think of nothing to say. Then again, she was wondering just how much he actually believed her after that stunt. Was there even anything she could really say to dissuade him of his suspicions? Even she would not believe anything she said.

Tell him that the device worked. Tell him it was worth the wait for the energon to be able to test it out.

Yet, despite the suggestions, her vocalisers were not able to produce a sound. Her mind still felt blank. Giving up on trying to get anything out, her door wings slumped and the femme instead walked over to the table to pick up another unfinished bomb. She stared at it for a moment seeming to be completely absorbed by it. After some seconds ticked by she broke out of her blank stare to begin tinkering with the device.

Knockout had just been watching her with curious interest as she seemed unable to form words and got to work on the bomb again. He was a little disappointed. "What? You're not even going to try and come up with a good excuse?"

Not lifting her gaze, the femme ignored him. She simply had no comebacks or excuses and as such had nothing to say to him.

The red medic walked over to the other side of the table to face her. "Well now, this is just boring. What am I supposed to tell the Big M himself?"

"Whatever you want," she replied with a complete lack of emotion, still not looking up at him.

"Humph," he leaned back, folding his arms, "Well then, I suppose you won't mind hearing that all your Autobot pals were captured. Guess they won't be troubling us again. Starscream ordered them executed," he emphasised the seeker's name distastefully.

The news caused her to freeze, her spark clenched in fear. It couldn't end like this. She would not let it end like this. Glancing down at the tool in her hand, her optics narrowed. Without thinking, she tossed it at the mech, scratching his pristine paint.

"Ahh! How could you?! You'll pay for that!" He shrieked, a wild look taking over his red optics.

Not waiting another second, she turned and dashed out the door, right passed the trooper who was supposed to be guarding it. Transforming, the purple femme sped off hearing Knock Out's angry cries after her.

"Don't just stand there! Get her you fool!"

Well we've lost our cover for sure now.

"Yeah... Sorry, about that..." Her spark felt heavy with guilt.

Hey, what're you apologising to me for? I would have given it up back with the others and fought our way out!

Violetwind grunted sadly. "Guess, I shoulda done that. At least that way we wouldn't be separated and they wouldn't facing execution..."

Stop slagging thinking like that. Just because you made a different choice doesn't mean it was right or wrong. Just means it was different. Don't you dare go blaming yourself like that Windy told her off, trying to get her out of her emotional slump.

"I suppose so..."

We don't have any fragging time for this. What's done is done. We need to get to the others.

"You're right," she replied, gaining some confidence, "They need us."

Suddenly the red mech himself appeared in her way. He must have taken a short cut and gotten in front of her, he did know the ship much better than the femme.

Without coming to a complete stop she transformed back into robot mode, screeching echoing through the halls as she skid a short distance in a crouch. As she stopped she stood tall, optics dark as she frowned at him, "Get out of my way, Knock Out."

"I don't think so," he pointed at the scratch on his chestplates, "You scratch mine," his right hand flicked down, replaced by a buzzsaw, "I scratch yours."

In an instant her confidence crashed. The sight of the circular weapon was more far terrifying than a regular sword or even a blaster. Wide optics stared at the spinning blade while her door wings twitched nervously.

Don't just stand there! Get out your own blades!

Instinctively she obeyed, swords replacing her own hands.

The mech lunged at her with his buzz saw. Quickly she brought up her blades in an x configuration, stopping his arm above her helm. Wide blue optics stared at the buzzing circular blade in fear, just focusing on putting her strength behind not letting it drop any closer to her. She rather liked having her head in one piece.

With his free hand, he delivered a quick punch her waist, the hard hit knocking her back.

Stumbling away, she held an arm in front of where she had been struck, whining in pain.

The mech was not about to let her recover though. Shoving her against the wall, he held her there with his hand around her neck.

The femme whimpered. Her door wings were crushed awkwardly against the wall and the mech was gripping her vocalisers much too tightly. Returning her swords to her hands she took hold of his arm, struggling to remove him. Fear dictated that she must detach him and flee if she were to survive.

He smiled all too eagerly at her panicked optics. "Shall we open up that processor of yours and see how it ticks?"

"Please, Knock Out, d-don't. I-I'm sorry- I'm really sorry about your paint. I didn't mean to do anything to it. Really. Please just let me go. I'll go back to working on the bombs. I won't cause any more trouble," she blubbered on, still trying ineffectively to loosen his grip.

Making a clicking sound, he grinned, "I don't think I can do that. You really ought be taught a lesson." He raised the buzz saw to her head.

Getting desperate she cried out, "What's Megatron going to say when he finds out you offlined me?!"

"Oh, you don't have to worry your pretty little head about that. I won't be taking you offline. Just..." his malicious grin sent shivers down her backstruts, "Scratching you up a little."

"Knock Out, please rethink this! I'll do anything!" Tears started to flow from her optics in her distress.

"Crying won't help you now." He began to inch the spinning blade closer to her, enjoying it as she squirmed under the tension. In terror she closed her optics, jaw trembling. Violetwind had resigned herself to her fate as she was unable to escape. Her only question now was how many pieces Knock Out would leave her in.

It was then her comm link burst to life, interrupting them with the voice of Ultra Magnus. ::All units, Optimus Prime has returned.::

Her optics flicked open with hope from the news. Their leader was alive!

"What's this?" Knock Out stared at her in confusion.

::I repeat. Prime is alive and quite well.::

Filled with a renewed sense of hope, Violetwind gathered up her courage and therefore her strength. Lifting a pede she kicked the mech in the stomach plates. He staggered backward clutching at his midsection, caught unaware but the sudden attack.

Recovering from her ordeal, the femme stepped forward and punched him in the face, sending him to the floor.

"That, Knock Out, was the sound of the Autobots claiming a victory," she told him with a huff, wiping the lubricant from her cheeks.

Leaving him there, she ran off, feeling the tables already turning in their favour. If the others got as much of a confidence boost at hearing the news as she had, they would be fine.

Arriving once again on the platform where the Nemesis was sitting on Darkmount, the femme looked to the skies overhead where the sound of blaster fire could be heard. What she saw caused her optics to widen and jaw to become slack. Above her head flew Optimus Prime himself. He had some sort of jet pack which gave him the power of flight, though where it came from she had no clue.

Megatron chased after him in his alternate mode; the jet vigorously pursuing the Autobot leader.

Overcoming her initial shock and amazement, Violetwind let loose a whoop and a holler, overwhelmed by emotions. She even jumped up and down a few times out of pure joy. It was the most amazing feeling of excitement she had ever felt.

Turning her gaze back to the sky, she watched as Optimus stopped mid-flight. The mech turned to his opponent, waiting until Megatron was about to ram straight into him. It was in this instant that he snatched up the Decepticon by the wings, the momentum carrying Optimus into a back flip. Stabilising himself, the red and blue Bot started to spin in circles, powering up to toss the jet away.

"Megatron, be gone!" he yelled, releasing the mech into his own fusion cannon.

Said mech, landed in the power core, disrupting its systems and producing an overload. The resulting explosion was enough to make Violetwind stand back in awe at their success. The objective was complete: they had destroyed the fusion cannons. The cities were safe.

Hearing the sound of more incoming jets, her excitement fizzled. Agent Fowler was coming. This in itself was not a bad thing as he was here to destroy the Decepticon's citadel and stop them from using it to hold cities hostage. It was the purpose of their mission and good he was coming; except that she was still standing on the very structure he and his air force wished to annihilate.

::Autobots, clear the area.:: Ultra Magnus declared in triumph, the purple femme not quite feeling his joy at that moment.

Violetwind started to run for a way down, but knew that if they kept coming at the speed they were, she would never make it out in time.

Lifting a hand to the side of her helm she cried out desperately, "Guys, I'm still on the tower! I repeat, I'm still on Darkmount!"

::Violetwind get out of their now!:: Ratchet yelled at her through the comm link.

"What do you think I'm doing?! Having a tea party?! Can't you bridge me out?!"

::A what? Never mind,:: he brushed off his confusion at her mention of a tea party, ::I'm afraid I can't. The tower is still blocking all unauthorised ground bridges.::

"Scrap," she curse mildly. "Well contact Fowler then!" Seeing the jets coming for the citadel she tried to wave and get their attention but there was no deviation to their course. She got the feeling she had not been seen or that because of her colour, she had been taken for one of the vehicons.

Suddenly a loud roaring noise like a jet engine came from behind her. Starting to whirl around in fright she thought it might be one of the Decepticons coming around to finish her off. Instead she was promptly swept off her feet, picked up and held under her arms.

"No need, Ratchet," her holder's deep voice rumbled.

::Thank the All Spark.::

Her rapidly beating spark was told to slow as she let out a vent of relief. It was Optimus. With his new jetpack, he had plucked her up and was taking them to safety, Darkmount crumbling behind them. Unfortunately Megatron and his Decepticons were escaping in the Nemesis. But they would be of no threat to the Autobots for a while, having just taken such a huge blow.

Regaining the use of her vocalisers the purple femme glanced up at her rescuer gratefully. "Thank you, Optimus."

As he looked down at her, she could see his smile, revealed through his caring optics as his face was mostly covered by his mouth guard. "I am glad to see you are unharmed."

"Yes, well, there were a few close shaves today..." she recalled some of the earlier instances, particularly with Knock Out. It would most certainly not be pretty next time they met.

"Actually, Optimus... There are a few things I have to tell you which might be hard to believe," the femme confessed, knowing she would have to tell him sooner or later about herself.

"Let us leave that for another time," he replied. "I believe you have a friend to see."

The mech had flown down to where the others were gathering. Placing her down, she stood up and looked around at the Bots, wondering what Optimus had meant.

"Vi!" A familiar voice cried out.

Her gaze landed upon its owner and a smile light up her face. "Smokescreen! You're alive!" The femme yelled, throwing her arms around him in a hug.

"Aren't I always?" he joked, reciprocating the gesture.

Releasing the mech, she shook her head with a smile. "Yes, I supposed that's true." Her optics narrowed slightly, "But you really need to stop scaring me! We were really worried about you and Optimus!"

Smokescreen chuckled, glancing over at the large mech, before smiling down at her. "We were fine. Used the phase shifter to keep us safe deep underground."

"And out of scanner range," Bulkhead added, breaking into their conversation.

Arcee nodded in understanding, "That's why Ultra Magus couldn't detect your signals."

Glancing between the pair, the purple femme was just content to know that for now they were safe; Darkmount was destroyed and the Decepticons had retreated.


Evening had settled in and so had the Autobots. Agent Fowler had arranged for them use one of the hangers at the military base. This is where they were all currently gathered, Bots and humans alike.

Agent Fowler stood on an upper walkway looking over the Bots as he gave his small speech. Everyone else was standing in front of him, with Jack, Miko, Raf and June at the Bots pedes looking up at the military man.

"On behalf of the president and the joint chiefs, I thank you for your selfless heroism in defence of this planet. I'm only sorry that the world can't yet know of your undying dedication because I for one owe you my life, my liberty and my future." In an honouring gesture, the man saluted the Autobot heroes.

Optimus gratefully acknowledged him with a nod of his head.

Stepping up to the Prime, Ultra Magnus spoke, "Sir, I am honoured to relinquish command of the Autobots, to you."

The usually stoic mech turned to him with a smile, small as it was, plainly there for all to see. "Welcome to Earth, Ultra Magnus. And, to Team Prime."

Behind the other Bots, Violetwind watched, feeling a small amount of pride and yet feeling out of place. She hardly felt like she had done much good during the attack. Almost like she had been there for the sake of things. So for now she stayed behind everyone, going unnoticed.

Unlike the femme, Miko was not one to keep silent for long. She grinned and walked up to the commanders, "Ok, someone's gotta say it. Optimus 2.0 is rad! Imagine what the forge could do for your bod!" The girl looked pointedly over at Ratchet.

The medic snorted in disgust, yet turned, as they all did, to look upon the Forge of Solus Prime sitting against the wall. "Is it true the forge has been drained of its power?"

The question had hardly needed to be spoken though, they all knew that the forge was indeed useless with regard to its abilities. It would never be used to create again.

"Then any hope of rebuilding the Omega Lock has truly been lost..." he uttered, cementing the fact in the minds of his fellow Autobots.

"I... did what I felt was right," Smokescreen told them, feeling the weight of his decision; believing it was because of him that Cybertron would be doomed to remain a lifeless husk.

"And your instincts have again proven to be quite sound," the mech complemented him, giving the rookie a warm smile of comfort. Optimus was alive and it meant more to Ratchet to have his friend with him than to be back on their planet without him.

Looking over at the medic in surprise, Smokescreen smiled from the older mech's reassurance. Although it did not completely wash away his guilt it helped to ease it.

With a final nod to him, Ratchet stepped towards the purple femme hiding in the background, his hands on his hips and helm slightly tilted to the side. He looked over at her expectantly.

Violetwind smiled nervously in reply, guessing the reason behind his look. She really did not want to go through the whole story yet again. Truth was she had been glad it had not been brought up earlier.

Confused by his medic and the femme's strange looks, Optimus walked over glancing between them. "Was there something I missed during my absence?"

Taking a deep calming intake of air, the purple femme looked up at him. "There was and it's that thing I mentioned before... But first." She pulled out the small bag from her subspace which contained some of the unfinished Immobilizer bombs. "I collected what I could while back at the lab. Once finished the bombs should prove useful, and if given the materials I should be able to create more. I kinda used up the two I finished."

Ratchet took the bag peaking inside before placing it down. He looked at her, impressed, "Well done. I assume you were able to add your 'improvements' to the Decepticon's blueprints for these?"

She promptly let out a small thank you and nodded. "I did. They should not be able to recreate them." Then she turned back to the tall red and blue mech. "There are some things that you and Smokescreen should know about me. I've already gone though this with everyone else but, um, here it comes again I guess..."

Confusion shone from Optimus and Smokescreen's optics, while the other Autobots glanced at each other in knowing. Although the others had heard her tell it before, they stuck around to listen anyway, some just still trying to fathom it. Bumblebee and Rafael, however, were quite willing to offer their support with comforting looks.

With everyone gathered around and Violetwind once again having their undivided attention, she explained the story of the 'real Violetwind' having arrived on earth and what she did and as a result what she was. For the forth time since finding out, she outlined what had happened to place her human mind into that of a Cybertronian.

When she was done, she nervously wrung her hands. "Are there any questions?"

"I'm still finding it hard to believe and I've heard it twice now," Agent Fowler broke in shaking his head and looking up at her from where he stood off to the side with June.

"If anyone had told you you would be saving humanity with giant alien robots ten years ago, would you have believed them?" countered Raf.

The man laughed, "No I can't say I would have."

Still a little confused, Smokescreen tried to understand, "So you've got like this, 'Windy' living up in your processor?"

"Yes," the femme nodded.

"And she's the former Violetwind and she can, like, talk to you?"

She nodded again, "Yeah..."

"Wow," he muttered slowly wrapping his processor around the idea.

"This does explain many things," their leader commented thoughtfully. "How are you taking to this development?"

The femme blinked a few times, taken off guard by the question. No one had asked her that yet. How was she taking it she wondered, taking a moment to assess just how she felt about it.

"I... I don't know..." she confessed, "Everything has been kind of busy since Windy told me. I guess I'm accepting it though. I can't change the past and I'm pretty sure the process isn't reversible."

Gazing into her optics with the care of a father, Optimus rested a hand on her shoulder. "That is true, but what concerns me now is your future. While I do not approve of 'Windy's' method, I do believe her intentions had been pure. You have been thrown into our war and for this, I deeply apologise. Have you considered what you are to do now?"

"Well no... I mean, I couldn't possibly go back to a normal life even if I remembered what that was. If you don't want me on Team Prime I- I understand... I do not feel as if I have been much use to you." Her door wings drooped in disappointment.

Where you get these ideas from I will never know, Windy uttered in amazement. Optimus wouldn't throw us out.

"That was not what I meant," he assured her, "Actually I was hoping you would remain with us. You will not be required to join us in the field, if that is what you desire. With Violetwind's past knowledge able to be passed onto you, I am sure Ratchet would find you invaluable as I disagree with you 'not having been much use to us.' You have proven to be a worthy ally."

Violetwind looked up at the mech with hopeful optics, a bright smile making its way onto her face. She already knew her answer.

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