Authors note: The end was kind of rushed because i noticed the victorious community dying, and i hoped that this could help it spark it back to life. My original plan was to write the first five episodes so that I have a few cheat weeks and still be able to post a chapter. Oh well, I hope the ending isn't too rushed.

Victorious Season Five, Episode One: Tag Team.

"And now, at the end of class, i'm going to tell you what I promised i would.", Sikowitz toke out a coconut and started sipping in it.

"Uhm, Sikowitz, we're mid-class and you promised us nothing.", Robbie pointed out. "Its no time for cheeky details my Insecure friend, because its time I tell you who got gets which roles in the Olympic Musical!", he stopped to allow applause, but continued after not getting any. "That which you have been pestering me about since I told you that it would come. And-"

"You actually never tol-" "Shut up Robbie! I am trying to teach here, and that won't work if you talk through my class like I am your puppet!"

Robbie gulped, but nodded anyway. Tori raised her hand.

"Oooh Shikowitsh? What's the Olympic Musicawl?", Jade mocked, successfully predicting what Tori would ask before she did.

"I don't talk like that! I wasn't even going to ask that! So HaHa!"

"What were you going to ask then Tori?",

Tori's eyes fell. "Well.. I was about to ask if... ROBBIE!"


"Your zipper!"

Cat giggled.

"I don't know how it keeps on happening, I-"

"Spare me the details!"

Robbie nervously tried to make work of his zipper but kept on failing. Tori rolled her eyes as the class started to sigh in disgust and she quickly turned away.

"Tori, I'm going to pull you out of your misery. The Olympic Musical is a musical held every four years on Hollywood Arts. Only the best of the best get to act in this one because the whole crowd is filled with scouts. There are no auditions, the best actresses and musical gifted are chosen from their past achievements. This year its Romeo and Juliet, but this time it ends in a kiss.", Sikowitz walked in front of Cat.

"And maybe if you're lucky you might become an actress on broadway and play as a homeless cat."

"I'd like to be on broadway, and my name is Cat!", Cat squealed.

"Too bad, you're not chosen."

Cat gasped.

"Its Jade's dream to get a main part in this Musical.", Beck said, kissing his girlfriend on the cheek. "That's why I gave it all I have, I'm confident that i'm gonna get that part.", Jade said.

"The main parts are... Drumroll's please.", everyone started ticking a chair. "Beck Oliver and Jade West!"

Everyone gave them a lazy applause. Jade gave a smug smirk.

"Oh wait, I'm reading this upside down. Yup, yes. The main parts are... Beck Oliver and Tori Vega!"




No reaction, a complete silence while the class looked shocked at Jade.




Cat touched Jade's arm. "Are you okay Jade?"

Jade toke a deep breath.

"Hey Tor- why are you in a wheel chair?" "Jade ran over me with a truck!"

Andre didn't even look surprised as he closed her locker while she was still taking out her books.

"Well, I have something that will make you happy!", Andre sing-talked while hiding something behind his back

"What!", Tori groaned. "Two ticket to the Wrestle-Mania. They have sign-ups for newbies looking to smack some chizz around, and I thought about joining them.", Andre smacked his left fist into his right palm

"You can't!", she whined, Andre smiled "You're the one with your legs broken." "Andre!"

Tori smacked Andre on the arm playfully. "Oh no, hide me! There comes Jade!", Tori hid behind Andre, but was easily noticeable because of her wheelchair.

"Whoops, Tori. Seems like you had a little accident yesterday night.", she said like she was talking to Tori

Just for Tori to struggle in front of Andre, who looked nervous. "That's because you ran over me!"

"Oh, did I?", Jade asked with slight smirk. Beck entered the scene and gave Jade a quick kiss on the cheek. "Hey babe- What... Is Tori doing in a wheelchair?", he asked with concern.

"Jade ran over me!", Jade completely ignored Tori and rudely grabbed the tickets out of Andre. "Wrestle mania?", she gave an approving sound. "So you are joining the newbie sign up?", she gave a forced nice smile.

"No! I can't! Because my legs! Are broken!", she half screamed.

"We'll see about that.", she grabbed her boyfriends hands and walked away.

Andre toke a step to them but they ignored him. "You know.. You still have my ticket!", he shouted. "Ahh man!"

"Why is Rex so mean to me!", Cat shouted in the hallway. "Cat!", Robbie screamed after Cat who was running away crying. He tried to follow her but she was too fast and disappeared.

He looked hurt, he pushed his weight upon a wall and slowly glided to the ground. "Cat.."

Tori and Andre walked up to him. "What happened?", Tori asked casually, not seeing Cat cry, thinking that it was one of her random outbursts.

"Rex made one of his stupid comments and it made cat cry.", Robbie explained softly. "Just apologize and everythin should be all right again.", Tori said casually, but then her eyebrows raised and her mouth fell open. "Did you just say cry? Robbie!" "It was Rex!" "Rex!" "Eh!"

"Now she'll never want to talk to me again.", he whined. "And i wanted to sing that new song I wrote for her too.", Tori was shocked once again. "You wrote a song for her?!", she asked shocked.

"She was the girl you wrote that song I helped you with about!", Andre pointed out, putting everything together.

Robbie nodded sadly. "Yeah! It seemed like she liked me too ever since!", Robbie pointed out. "We held hands, multiple times, she kissed me on the cheek, multiple times, she-" "Yeah, we got you Robster.", Andre said kindly. Robbie looked up to them.

"You guys do?", he asked. "Yeah, listen. I have an idea, we'll go to Tori's home." "Wait what?!" " You'll tell me all your feelings, and I'll formulate them into a song.", Andre smiled and Tori nodded. "While Tori makes use some Hot Belgium Cocoa." "Wait what?!"

Andre pulled Robbie up and supported him. "Hello!", Tori looked at the boys. "I am the one who needs support! Not Robbie!", she looked at her like she was crazy.

"You're so conceited Tori.", they walked away, Tori her mouth fell open. "Boys wait for me!"

"Thank you guys for helping me make that song.", Robbie said with his guitar strapped onto his back. Tori patted him on his shoulder. "It would have been better if Trina wasn't practicing her Karate again. She may be talentless overall, but that girl packs a punch.", Andre pointed out.

Cat walked through the halls with her purple giraffe, making sure to look around if she saw Robbie.

"There she is.", Andre said. "Go get him tiger", Tori pushed him her direction.

"Uhm.. Cat?", Cat screamed loudly, she turned around and saw that it was Robbie. "Oh.. Hey Robbie.", she said, a little unsurely.

"Now, just finish the plan perfectly.", a voice in Robbie's head said. "Tell her that you will do anything for her to listen for five minutes and kiss her after the song."

Robbie nodded like he just had a conversation. "Sooo?", Cat asked.

"Oh yeah. I'm sorry. I don't know why Rex is how he is. I would do anything for you to forgive me.", Robbie said.

Cat looked at him unsurely, but then she slowly smiled while looking at the ground. "Anything?", she asked while touching his stomach with her finger.

Robbie nodded and smirked. "Anything for you Catherina.", she smiled. "Okay great! Meet me after school!", she skipped away happily.

"Dang it! I screwed up, I didn't get to sing the song we wrote.", the voice in his head said.

He sighed. "But at least I got her to forgive me.", he said to no one in particular.

The gang were at their usual lunch table until Trina walked up to them. "Guess wha-at!"

Everyone groaned. "Go away Trina nobody likes you!", Jade shouted. Trina looked at shocked and she looked at Tori surprised.

"Are you going to let them say that about me?"

"Uh.. Erh..", Trina's mouth fell open more and more and more.

"So what were you gonna tell us?", Cat asked, trying to be friendly.

"Well, I won the regionals Karate championship!", she said happily.

The gang gave a lazy 'yay' in return.

"And I have to admit, I may not be the singer like I claim to be.", the gang gave an agreeing 'yeah'.

"But now I finally found my talent!", she said clapping in her hands. "Now I'm going to punch Sinjin for spying while we're home."

"Again?!", Tori whined.

"One time, my broth-" "NO!"

Robbie entered Cat's home and the first thing he noticed was a familiar blonde. Sam, the roommate of Cat. The one that kissed him, and used him.

Him! He was used!

He looked at Cat and saw that she traced his eyes to Sam. She probable thought that he liked her, so he squeezed her hand and smiled at her.

Luckily she smiled back.

" Hey Sam, Robbie promised me that he would do anything I asked. So we are going to make ice cream and watch some romantic movies and have a fun night. And then tomorrow we'll-"

"Cat!", Cat jumped back in surprise. "What?" Sam walked up to her and pulled her into their room.

"Don't you know how much power you have over him now? You could tell the geek to walk in a meat costume and get eaten by me and he would do it!"

Cat looked shock. "You won't eat Robbie!"

"My point is, we should take advantage of this rare situation. Scrap that ice cream idea. We are getting our feet massaged by a nerd."

Cat was about to protest but stopped. "Feet massaged?" Sam nodded. "By... Robbie?" Cat said, Sam gave a knowing smile.

Tori and Andre entered the building and Andre pushed her wheelchair to a location where she could see the ring well.

"Sooo, against who are you going to wrestle?"

Andre smiled. "Me and Jade signed up, and we are going against the destructive twins."

Tori was surprised. "Jade? Well.. I can't say that I'm that surprised. She is a destructive twin all by herself.", Tori joked making Andre laugh.

"What are your wrestling names?", she looked at Andre,

"My name is The Musician. Her name is a little bit offensive, are you sure you want to hear it?", he asked unsurely.

"Hit me up, right?", Tori said trying to be cool in a sing talk voice.


Tori looked embarrassed. "Never mind, what is her wrestling name?"

Andre breathed in and out. "Wheelchair girl" "Oowh!"

Andre laughed at her reaction. "So I'm going to put on my wrestling suite right now. Be back in two, okay?", Tori nodded, looking at the ring excitedly as Andre left.

However, Jade had observed them from another corner and entered the scene a smirk on her face as she put a bandana around Tori's eyes, strapping it onto her hair.

"What are you-"

"Ssh, its me Andre.", she said in a perfect imitation.

"Oh.. Andre! What are you doing?", Tori asked.

"Just come here, I'll give you a better spot, but you can't see the passage, its unprotected.", Jade lied through her teeth as she pulled Tori's wheelchair and brought her to the women's changing room.

"Okay, stay here. I'll bring you to the place in two.", she said, imitating what Andre said a while ago.

Jade then walked outside, spotting Andre standing where Tori sat a few minutes ago. She walked up to him.

He was half naked, wearing only revealing underpants

"Tori is in the bath room, she said she would be back before your fight, so you should just go ahead. Nice suite by the way.", Jade smirked. "That is definitely my type of pain", she smacked his ass and walked away.

Robbie expertly massaged their feet, after he did all their chores, babysat,

"Oohh, yup, right there. Robbie ", Cat moaned. Robbie gave a dreamy smile but Sam kicked him in the face.

"Stop staring and massage!"

"Yes ma'm"

He sighed sadly. "What's wrong Robbie?", Cat asked concerned.

"I bought two wrestling tickets so that we could cheer on Andre and Jade when they went wrestling. You know.. we together.. And I just ended up doing chores and work you should be doing.", Robbie stopped massaging and walked to the door.

"Later, my grandma needs me to rub her feet.", he lied unconvincingly.

"Robbie", Cat walked to him and held his hand. "Of course I would go to wrestle mania with you.", she said smiling, her dimples showing.

"I'll grab my coat.", Sam said, grabbing her coat and running up to them.

"And now, the next match. The destructive twins versus Wheelchair Girl and The Musician!", the announcer screamed.

In the right corner were two giant blonde haired muscled guys. They looked like they could bench press a house easy.

In the left corner were... Tori and Andre?!

"What am i doing here! I'm going to die! They are going to kill me!", Tori screamed panicking.

"I don't know Jade brought you up here!", Andre complained.

Tori looked at him from top to toe. "Nice costume"

"Awh man."



Trina came back from the bathroom and sat on a bench. "That looks like Tori.", she pointed out to no one in particular, sipping on her milkshake. "Nah, Tori wouldn't take such a risk."

Robbie, Cat and Sam entered wrestle mania. "I love wrestling!", Cat said exciting, skipping to a bench. "Wait.. Isn't that Tori?!", Robbie shouted.

"It is! And she is getting tossed around like Jade did with you when you said that you hated the scissoring.", Cat pointed out. "Is that the friend of yours with the cheekbones? I'm going to save her.", Sam wanted to jump in but she was beaten to it by Trina.

"Hiya!", Tori jumped into the ring with a flying kick, immediately changing once she entered into a roundhouse kick while she was still in the air, hitting one of them straight in the face and causing a knockout.

"Booyah! Ganks", Trina looked at the other one.


He ran away.

Tori was on the floor, looking like she was in pain.

"Are you okay Tor? Let me bring you home and force Sinjin to give us a nice foot rubbing."

"Yes please", Tori said weakly.

Andre stopped cowering in a corner. "You know. We don't give your sister enough credit."

Trina already lifted her up and carried her home, they were already too far to hear.

"Hey Andre!", Andre turned around. "Beautiful outfit, you should wear it more often."

"Shut up Robbie!", Andre replied mad.

"So apparently I didn't read it wrong, the main actors are Beck Oliver, Jade west and Tori Vega!", Sikowitz shouted.

"So I almost killed Tori for nothing?", Jade asked


"Nice", she relaxed.