Chapter 3: Sinjin gets bullied

Sitting at the round table that had become a characteristic of the group in every recess, were Cat Valentine, Tori Vega, Beck Oliver and André Harris. They were enjoying a simple lunch from Festus while talking about whatever had caught their interest today.

"I'm telling you André, you seem to be unhealthily obsessed with that game.", Beck said. "And frankly.. It's also making you a little bit meaner."

André didn't acknowledge Beck's words with a response. He just kept playing the game on his phone. "André..", Cat looked worried. She grabbed his arm to get his attention but André ignored it, he just kept playing the game with an angry facial expression. A frown that became more permanent the longer he played the game.

"André!", with a swift movement she grabbed the phone out of his hands and rolled off her stool, giving a loud pitched scream as she did. In this same second André stood up aggressively looking like he wanted to fight. Kicking Cat's stool away, immediately Jade and Beck interfered. Grabbing both of his arms and pulling him back from murdering the friend he had gotten closer to lately.

"What's wrong with you man? ", both Beck and Tori were shocked by the recent turn of events. "Aargh! I'm just pissed off at that game. I just keep dying and not coming far. It's just so… Frustrating!"

Taking a breath out of his nose and staring at the redhead that was on the ground, looking terrified while protecting his cell phone with both her hands he calmed down. Giving Beck and Jade a look they raised their hands and let go of André.

"I'm sorry lil-red. It's just..", he sat down and stared at the ground. Not finishing the sentence, Cat stood up and sympathetically hugged him.

"Hello good friends!", Robbie was in a good mood as he and Tori walked out of the Hollywood Arts building to the table their friends resided in.

"Guess what we found in Sikowitz' class room?", Jade asked rhetorically, almost smiling with a sadistic glee.

"What did we find?", Robbie himself was confused. "Sinjin's diary.",


So this is what happened.

I deleted the last chapter, deciding that it was too early for a special. Then I started writing again.

Then I realized that I lost my humor during writing. Normally when I start I always get jokes in the first five seconds. Now? Nothing.. It came unexpected, I noticed no loss in wittiness in real life. Though I have been writing a lot more drama/adventure/action stories in my free time. It's probable because of that.. So I'll continue when I get my humor back. Maybe someone knows how. What you can see above was my attempt at my third chapter idea. Sinjin gets bullied. How you can see that it's vastly different from me before.