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This Story takes place after 'The Star Child And The Mutants' Story. You don't need to read that one, but there will be a few references you don't understand at first if you don't read it.

I have also made a few changes to the Smallville back story as previously stated in The Star Child And The Mutants story.

Smallville was hit by a huge meteor shower but there is only a very small amount of Kryptonite (Most of the Meteors are just normal rocks and debris) – One thing I always hated about Smallville was that there was too much Kryptonite. As a result of there only being a small amount of Kryptonite there are only a small number of meteor freaks.

Although this fic is supposed to be a crossover between Smallville and X-Men Evolution I will be using elements from both the DC Verse and Marvel Verse in general.

I am also going to say now before the story gets that far that I am not doing the whole stone's of power thing or the Lana/Isobel story. Personally speaking the story of the stones didn't make any sense after season 9 since Jor-El created them, yet they had been on Earth for several hundred years before Jor-El was even born. As for the Lana/Isobel thing. It often seemed to me that the writers just did that because they couldn't think of anything else to do with Lana's character.

Rating: T (There will be the odd bit of bad language and occasional adult reference. Will change the rating if needed.)


Continuation of The Star Child And The Mutants: Clark and Chloe join the Xavier institute and settle into life in a new town. However it's not long before they learn just how complicated their lives will be as they juggle their normal lives with their secret lives as X-Men.


X-Ville Evolution Volume I:

The Approaching Storm.


It had been several weeks since Clark and Chloe returned from their trip to the Xavier Institute and life was pretty much back to normal for the pair. Unfortunately Clark had to tell his parents about what had happened while he was there and he was pretty sure that they didn't really believe him. Either that or they believed that this girl from the 'future' was just trying to manipulate him. Chloe ended up shouting at Clark's parents calling them out on the way that they often treat Clark. It took the Kent's and Clark by surprise, however Clark couldn't say that she had been wrong in what she'd said. He'd often felt suffocated by the way his parents were.

When Clark had told his parents that he'd been offered a place at the Institute, his father went instantly on the defensive. He flat out told Clark that he wasn't going. That in the end caused a big argument between father and son. Clark didn't speak to his father for nearly a week after it. If it wants for Martha's intervention they would probably still not be talking to one another. What neither father or son knew though was that it was Chloe who'd been able to get through to Martha. The blond future reporter made the Kent matriarch realise a few things and in the end she convinced her husband that Clark needed to go to the Institute. That her son needed to find a place where he can truly fit in, even if he still had to keep a few secrets.

On another note, Clark's ship was still missing. Clark had searched all of Smallville for it with no luck. What was strange though was that the key was still at the house. So how the ship had taken flight, nobody knew. Clark could only hope that wherever it was, it was somewhere safe.

As for Chloe since arriving back in Smallville, she'd actually felt a little out of place. Those few days around people with powers made her feel isolated now that she was home. It made her understand some of what Clark had been going through. Although Lana was not at all happy that Clark and Chloe were leaving. That said, Chloe's father had told Lana that she could still live at the house if she wanted to. Lana for her part wasn't sure what to do herself though.

Pete was confusing Chloe the most though. When he'd learned that Clark had been offered a place at the Institute, he'd almost seemed eager to see Clark go. For the first time since Clark told her about the way Pete was treating him slightly differently, she actually saw it. She knew that Pete still thought of Clark as a friend but it seemed that knowing the truth about Clark was also almost too much for him to deal with. Neither Clark nor Chloe really blamed Pete for it.

At the Institute life had quickly gone back to normal after Clark and Chloe left, however they still bugged Jean about the visitor from the future. The Professor, Logan and Ororo all agreed not to pressure Jean over her Immortality and had decided to leave the subject alone until Clark and Chloe arrived at the Institute.

Life in Bayville did get a little complicated for a small while though. Magneto finally revealed himself and attempted to use Scott's newly discovered brother Alex, to turn the leader of the X-Men to his cause. It almost worked but at the last moment while they were on Asteroid M, both Scott and Alex came to their senses. During the battle both Mystique and Magneto managed to escape but where they had gone, nobody knew.

After the incident on Asteroid M the Professor continued to get the Institute ready for the new group of students that would be arriving, Clark and Chloe included. The Professor knew that the coming years would be hard, but he also knew that the future was in good hands.


Chapter 1

Clark looked around his bedroom which was now surprisingly empty as all his bags were packed ready for him to leave the following morning. He'd be back in three weeks though as he was still Lex's best man for the wedding. The thought of Lex getting married 'again' still didn't sit right with him. Turning around he closed the door behind him before making his way downstairs. "Hey guys," He greeted his parents as he walked into the kitchen. "What's going on?" He asked seeing a look on his parents face that told him they were planning something.

Jonathan looked at his son for a few seconds before reaching into his back pocket and pulling out an envelope. "This is for you." He simply said as he handed it to Clark.

Clark took the envelope resisting the urge to x-ray it and opened it carefully. When he did he had a shock as he saw a check with a rather large sum in it. "Dad?" He said questioningly as he looked his father in the eye.

"Some of that money we've been waiting for came through. And I sold some of the land that we're not using anymore." Jonathan simply said. "Don't worry, we didn't give you everything before you say you cant take it. It's enough that you wont need to worry about money for a while at least."

"Mom, dad. I cant take this." Clark said still in a bit of shock.

"Yes you can honey." Martha told her son as she sat down at the counter. "Your father and I have been talking about this since we agreed to let you go to the Institute."

Jonathan placed his right hand on Clark's shoulder causing the teen to look at him. "Your mother and I want you to have this. We're not taking no for an answer."

"Dad." Was all Clark could say.

"Son, after what happened a few weeks ago. Chloe made both your mother and I realise a few things." Jonathan stated before letting out a deep sigh. "Your mother and I have spent so much effort trying to keep you safe, that we often forget that you need to discover things for yourself. Neither your mother or I have been very fair to you. You try so hard to fit in, and we don't make it any easier for you. I guess this is our way of saying sorry and that both your mother and I want you to make this work."

"I don't know what to say." Clark admitted in shock.

"You don't have to say anything Clark," Martha said with a bit of sadness in her voice. "Chloe was right, we've let our fears make your life even harder than it needed to be. We wanted to protect you so badly that we didn't see how much our actions have hurt you."

"Guy's come on. I know you were just trying to protect me." Clark said not liking the idea of his parents being upset over the way they raised him.

"No Clark, your mother is right." Jonathan admitted. "When Chloe called us out on how we sometimes treat you, she reminded me of something. Do you remember when you joined the Football team?"

Clark nodded his head as that wasn't exactly hard to forget. "Yeah."

"Do you remember the night I went to the game?" Jonathan asked and again got a nod from Clark. "Well Chloe called me out on something about that night. I had gone there to make sure that you didn't hurt anyone." Jonathan looked down at the floor for a few seconds feeling rather guilty for his actions that night. Then after a few seconds he looked back at his son. "I am your father, I should have been there to support you. Instead, all I did was put you down. And until Chloe called me on it, I believed that I had done the right thing. I was wrong. You needed my support and I should have trusted you. You've been dealing with your powers all your life. But when it came down to it, I treated you like you were dangerous. I am sorry."

Clark looked at his father in complete shock over his words. "Dad, I don't think that's true." He said and before either of his parents could respond he spoke again. "I think your need to protect me, makes you forget that I can still do things like normal people. I know I need to be careful, you both taught me a lot growing up. You both helped me control my powers."

Both Jonathan and Martha were glad to know that their son didn't hold their actions in the past against them. They'd had many late nights over the last few weeks talking about this. "That maybe true Clark." Martha said with a smile feeling rather proud of her son. "But your father and I have sheltered you too much. For that we're both sorry. And do not say that it isn't true. Your father and I have seen the change in you since Chloe found out about you. Even more so since you came back from the Institute. You've grown and have a confidence that wasn't there before. It's as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. You cant deny what your father and I are saying."

"Guys, you know I love you both." Clark said as he stood up and hugged his mother. "Sometimes it gets frustrating." He admitted before letting go of his mother and turning towards his father. "But I also know that you worry. It's not like I came with an instruction manual. I don't think there's a book out there on how to raise a child from another planet."


Chloe arrived at the Talon where she was meeting up with Clark. Since their return from the institute they'd spent a lot of time together, far more than normal. Chloe had noted though that Clark had become rather secretive again and when she asked him about it, he simply told her that he wasn't ready to talk about it. She knew that it had something to do with that Lara girl and that he was still trying to process whatever it was that she had told him. Whatever it was, had been a great impact on his life.

Sitting at a table she waved at Lana who made her way over to her. "Hey Chloe." The brunette greeted as she sat down next to her friend. "You all packed?"

Chloe nodded her head to that that question. "Yeah, I was also able to sell my car. Since I don't have a licence for the State of New York, I cant drive it around."

Lana nodded her head in understanding and was kind of gutted about it. "You really liked that car." She commented.

"I know. But it was sold for a good cause. At least this way I don't have to worry about money for a while."

"So what time do you leave in the morning?" Lana asked.

"We'll be leaving around seven." Chloe answered. "Clark and I are taking the bus to Metropolis, that's almost a two hour straight drive. Then we're going by plane to New York."

"I'm really gonna miss you." Lana admitted sadly. "But I do have some news."

"Oh?" Chloe asked with curiosity in her voice

"Well since you and Clark are leaving I've decided to see about getting into an art's school in Paris." The Brunette said with a proud smile on her face. "I've always wanted to study art and if I get in, it'll be a chance of a lifetime."

"I'm sure you'll get in Lana." Chloe stated confidently. She'd seen some of Lana's work at the house and it was really good. "But just remember that I'm still going to be calling you. I'm not ignoring one of my best friends."

"I know Chloe. I'll call and e-mail often. And your coming back for Lex's wedding." Lana responded before hearing one of the Talon staff calling her for help with something. "Well, I better get back to work. Do you want a coffee?"

"Better make it two. Clark's on his way so we are going to go over our plans for the morning." Chloe said again with a small smile.

"Alright, two coffee's coming up." Then Lana stood up and made her way back over to the counter to help the girl that called her as well as get two coffee's for her friend.


A short while later Clark arrived at the Talon and immediately saw Chloe sitting at a nearby table. Going over to her he smiled as he saw that she was again completely lost in thought. She had her laptop on the table happily typing away. "What ya doing?" He asked as he sat down.

Chloe had been completely oblivious to Clark's approach until he sat down. Looking up at her friend she noticed that he seemed a little happier than usual. "Nothing much. Just updating some files that I wan to take with me. So what are you so happy about?"

"I've had a really interesting morning. Apparently your little outburst on my parents had an effect." Clark answered with a smile thinking back on the conversation that he'd had with his parents.

Chloe paled as she remembered that. It had come out of the blue and she wasn't sure why she'd gotten so angry. "So are they still talking to me?" She asked even though she'd spoken to the Kent's a few times since the 'incident'

Clark chuckled at Chloe's words but nodded his head. "Yeah, they're fine. Your little outburst made them realise that maybe they've been a little over-protective."

"Well that's good, isn't it?" Chloe asked with a raised eyebrow.

Nodding his head in agreement Clark had to admit that it seemed to be a good thing. "I think so. But it's also a little weird. I'm so used to them constantly looking over my shoulders."

"I get that Clark, really I do." Chloe said in understanding. Her own father had always been that way himself, although not as bad as Clark's parents. "But at least it gives you some room to breath."

"True." Clark conceded. "Oh, is that coffee for me?" He asked finally noticing the second cup of coffee.

"Yep. Although it may have gone a little cold by now." Chloe responded.

Clark picked the mug up before glancing around the room. Once certain that nobody was watching he activated his heat vision and warmed his coffee back up.

"See, now that's just showing off." Chloe complained in mock outrage.

With a shrug of his shoulders Clark simply smiled. "What can I say, I'm gifted."

"I can think of another word." Chloe muttered.

"What was that?" Clark asked with a smile pretending that he didn't hear her properly.

"Hey Clark." Another female voice said causing Clark and Chloe to look up and see Lana approaching.

"Hey Lana," Clark greeted. "How's your day going?"

"Thankfully, it's been pretty quiet." Lana admitted as she sat down. "So you ready to go tomorrow?"

"Yeah, all packed." Clark answered before letting out a little sigh. "It's weird though. My room looks so strange without all my junk taking up the space."

"Well, I'm still taking you shopping." Chloe told her friend as she'd been winding him up about his wardrobe and that she was making sure the plaid went the way of the dinosaurs.

Clark's eyes widened in fear causing both Lana and Chloe to chuckle at his expression. "Oh come on Clark. It cant be that bad. A new wardrobe would probably do you some good." Lana stated still enjoying the look on Clark's face.

"I should have stayed in Bayville." Clark muttered to himself and was thankful that his two friends did hear him.


At the Institute, Charles was sitting in his office after greeting three of the New Mutants that had arrived at the Institute. Over the next few days, the others would be arriving. He was glad that the Institute was beginning to open up more but he was also well aware that it would make things more difficult. Keeping a lid on things he suspected would take up a lot more of his time.

The three new students to arrive were Roberto da Costa, a fifteen year old boy from Brazil who called himself Sunspot. The boy had the ability to absorb solar energy that powered his abilities. Which at the moment were Super Strength as well as limited flight capabilities.

The second new student was called Rahne Sinclair and was a fourteen year old girl from Scotland. Her ability was that she could transform into a wolf at will. Also due to her wolf nature, she also had a pack mentality that can sometimes cause problems due to her territorial nature.

The third newest student was the one that was causing Charles the most concern. A fourteen year old girl named Amara Juliana Olivia Aquilla, or Magma as she's taken to calling herself. The young girl was from an isolated Island nation called Nova Roma. Unlike the rest of the world, the people of this Island were way behind in terms of Technology and Cultural development. Complicating matters is the fact that the girl is also the heir to the throne and can sometimes let her status get in the way of common sense. Charles however did have a great deal of hope in the girl as she also seemed very caring for those around her.

"Hey Chuck, how'd the introductions go?" Logan asked as he walked into the professor's office.

"Rather well actually." Charles answered as he looked up at his friend. "I trust that the new Danger Room is ready?"

"Oh yeah." Logan answered with a large grin. "Those kids wont know what hit them."

"Try not to scare them too much Logan." The Professor said despite knowing full well that the Wolverine would never really do anything to harm the students.

Logan sat down and still had a sort of cheesy grin on his face. "No promises Chuck."

Charles shook his head and let out a small chuckle. "Some things never change old friend." He said before taking on a more serious tone. "I do have a job that I need you to do for me tomorrow."

"What?" Logan asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Clark and Chloe will be arriving in New York tomorrow evening." Charles began to say. "I would like you to pick them up from the airport and bring them back here."

"Sure Chuck. What time are they due to arrive?" Logan asked.

"About four tomorrow afternoon. It's about an hour and a half drive and I would prefer that they are picked up by a member of staff."

Logan nodded his head in agreement. "Alright, no problem."


Doctor Virgil Swann sat in his wheelchair looking at the computer screen in front of him and was curious. He'd been keeping an eye on Kal-El since he discovered the young boy a few months earlier. However recent events had taken him by surprise. Considering what he'd noticed as the Kent's over-protectiveness, he was surprised that Kal-El was leaving. Through his network of operatives, he'd also learned that Kal-El was going to the Xavier Institute. That was something that he did not expect at all.

Virgil was one of the few people in the world that was fully aware of the existence of Mutants. He even helped to partly fund the Xavier Institute and considered Charles to be a friend. Despite this, Virgil was a little concerned. Sooner or later the existence of mutants would come out. The human race was changing and would probably not react very well to that revelation. That said, the world was even less ready to handle the fact that Aliens exist and that there is an extremely powerful one on Earth.

Putting his fears aside though, he also knew that the Institute could be a good place for Kal-El. Virgil in all honesty could not imagine how alone and difficult the Kryptonian's life had been growing up on Earth. He remembered when he'd first began Veritas all those years ago. It was his hope that he and his fellow members could guide and protect the Traveller. That mission sadly fell apart as it's members became divided. There were those that wanted to use the power that Traveller might possess for themselves.

In the end, Virgil ended up working alone while searching for the Traveller. Now he'd found him and wasn't sure what to do, especially with Lionel Luthor being in such close proximity. Coming out of his thoughts, Virgil decided that perhaps it was time to pay his old friend a visit.


"You know, I thought it would be years until you left this town Clark." Lex said with a small smile as he approached the only real friend that he'd ever had.

"You didn't need to throw this party Lex." Clark commented as he looked over at all the people who'd arrived at the Talon.

"Well, it was actually Lana's idea." Lex responded. "I'm simply funding it."

"So how are things with you and Helen?" Clark asked as he'd picked up on the tension that was still going on between the two.

Lex let out a sigh and shook his head sadly. "I don't know. I really messed up this time." He admitted.

Clark had already come to that conclusion. "I'm not going to ask for details. But how bad?"

"I violated her trust." Lex answered with a surprising amount of shame in his voice.

Clark reached up and put his hand on Lex's shoulder. "If you want to fix it Lex. You need to talk to her. And I mean really talk to her."

"I know. I just don't like admitting that I was wrong." Lex said.

Clark couldn't help it but smiled at Lex's words. "Did it ever occur to you that your biggest problem is your ego?" He asked only to get an annoyed look from his friend. "Don't take it the wrong way Lex. We've all got parts of ourselves that we don't want to admit we have."

Lex looks at Clark curiously for a few seconds and he cant help but feel that his friend was talking about himself as well. "Why do I get the feeling that your talking about yourself as much as your talking about me?"

"Maybe." Clark admitted while making sure not to give anything away. He trusted Lex, but didn't really trust him enough with that part of himself. "We all have parts of ourselves that we hide from others, Lex. It's the reasons behind why we do it that matters though. I guess you need to figure out if the reason you did what you did, was for the right reasons."

Lex considered Clark's words and had to admit that maybe his friend had a point. "Maybe your right. I just don't know to fix it."

"Like I said Lex, talk to her." Clark responded. "If you don't, you will definitely loose her. At least if you talk to her, you can at least say that you tried."

Lex nodded his head and decided that maybe he should take Clark's advice. "You should find Chloe and Lana, they're around here somewhere."

Clark agreed with that but also knew that Lex was trying to get rid of him. He knew that his friend needed some time to think. "Ok, but will you be alright?"

"Yeah. Go enjoy yourself." Lex ordered to which Clark simply nodded before going off to look for his friends.


After leaving Lex, Clark hooked up with Chloe, Lana and Pete and the four of them spent the next few hours just talking and laughing. Since they had all become friends they'd been through a lot together and in many ways it was hard to admit that it was coming to an end.

Pete although he wouldn't say it out loud, was grateful that Clark was leaving. He knew that Clark had picked up on it, but it wasn't for the reason that he knew Clark suspected. He was glad that Clark was leaving for two reasons. Firstly and most painfully to admit was because he was afraid. He was afraid that one day he'd screw up and let slip the truth about Clark and that his friend would be hurt because of it. Granted he knew he didn't look at Clark the same way anymore but that had more to do with the fact that he found out that his best friend wasn't who he thought he was. The Clark Kent that the world saw, was really a lie. In many ways, Pete was still trying to figure out who Clark really was. One thing he did know and there was no doubt in that, it was that Clark was still his friend.

The second reason Pete wanted Clark to go was so that he was away from Lex. No matter what Clark said, Pete would never trust Lex. Sometimes he'd catch the way the bald billionaire looked at Clark. It was the look of someone trying to solve a puzzle that didn't want to be solved. Sometimes Pete was afraid of just how far Lex may go to get the answers to his questions.

Lana had to admit to herself that despite knowing that Clark and Chloe were leaving, she was happy for them. She'd looked into the Xavier Institute and discovered that they were very picky about those who could join. The fact that both Clark and Chloe got in was almost a miracle in itself. That aside and although she'd kept it well hidden, her heart was breaking. Despite all the secrets that she knew Clark was keeping, she loved him.

She'd never been in love before and despite how long she was with Whitney for, she never felt anything anywhere near as to what she felt for Clark. She wanted to tell him how she felt but at the same time knew it wouldn't do any good. The only consolation was the fact that she knew that he'd always be her friend. She did however have a small amount of hope that maybe someday they would find each other and would have the happy ever after that she always wanted.

"How about the four of us get out of here?" Chloe asked wanted the four of them to hang out together alone for one final time before she and Clark leave.

Clark, Lana and Pete looked at each other before looking at Chloe. "What are you thinking?" Clark asked.

"Well, how about one last tour around Smallville." The blond answered.

"You do realise that apart from he Talon, there's not much else in town?" Clark asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I think Chloe's got a good idea." Lana stated before grabbing her jacket from the back of the seat she'd been sitting on. "It's going to be a while until the four of us are together again."

With that the group all decided that maybe it was a good idea and all grabbed their jackets and left. The four of them would spend the next few hours just wandering around while laughing and joking about the memories of the past.


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