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O.K., the Frank/Eva franchise has really really grown, so I think that (for those of you that are reading these, (Which I really appreciate!), I will list the order that the stories should be read in so that they make a little more sense.

1. Before the Party – A prequel to Frank's Desire

2. Frank's Desire

3. The Journal – What took place in the "missing time" during Frank's Desire

4. Frank's Desire Part 2 – Ummm, I think that one's self-explanatory

5. Plastic Trees and a Fat Man? – Explaining Christmas to Frank…silly, but cute

6. Blast From the Past (Written by "josiecat") – Eva meets up with her ex-fiancé

7. Confrontation – John Trafford, Eva's ex, has the urge to meet the man who won Eva's heart

8. Frank's Desire – The Bonus Features – DVDs have 'em, why not stories?

…And yes, there is more to come…

So there you go…if you're still here, then enjoy the original fic that started it all.

This was my first RHPS story. I was tired of Frank always coming off as being a "bad guy" so I changed that.  I wanted to include some musical numbers, but am not a songwriter, so it's a little Moulin Rouge-ish cuz I'm using "real" songs. However, the songs that Frank sings were recorded by Tim Curry and I've chosen a random song for Eva that fit, so it's almost the same. Anyhoo, on pages where there's a song, the correct people will be given credit.

One more thing: imagine, if you will, that the events of RHPS took place in today's day and age, but everything remains the same event wise, fashion wise (in the castle), etc. The other events in this story seem better in the world of "today."

Frank stood in the shadows outside of the large house. He looked at it, almost judging it, and thought, "Well, I suppose a costume party is as good a place as any." He was, of course, referring to a good place to find his, "entertainment" for the evening. An acquaintance of his lived in the house and was throwing the party. He had wound up at the castle a couple of times and met Frank through one of his "fans." He knew about Frank's choice of dress (though not where he was from) and thought that a costume party would be the perfect place for Frank to meet some new people.

          Frank made sure to be "fashionably late"; after all, everyone would be in costume and he had to make an entrance.  Frank walked inside the house and was immediately met with loud cheers from those that had been at the castle.  The party was already getting wild. "Just how I like it," Frank said to himself.

         "Frank!" a voice yelled over bass driven music. A young man dressed as Zorro approached Frank. "I can't believe you came. I didn't think you ever left...um...your home."

         "Well, Stuart," Frank started, "I figured that you had a point about my getting out of…my residence.  And who can judge a person's, er, attire, when it's perfectly acceptable at something like this."

"Well, I hope you enjoy yourself," Stuart said while being pulled away by a young woman.

"I intend to," Frank muttered under his breath. Of course by that he meant that he planned to find a "plaything" for the evening. He grew tired of the groupies that flocked to the castle. There was no thrill of the hunt there. He wanted to find someone that didn't have the slightest idea of who...or what he was. He had a feeling that this was the perfect setting to find someone that fit his wants.

(While Frank has a habit of jumping from lover to lover, he had not yet begun casting them aside so easily. That doesn't start until after this string of events occurs. While Frank did fancy the company of many a lover, either male or female, he only left them all because he didn't feel that they could satisfy him any longer. He didn't use them just for the sake of using them...not yet.)

Frank wandered around the house, occasionally tripping over a passed out drunk or a couple oblivious to everyone else there. There were men and women of various shapes, ages, races...but none of them appealed to Frank. It's not that he had a specific "prey" in mind; it's just that he knew when he wanted someone. He became a little disgusted and decided to find a bathroom to touch up his make up. Not having any clue as to where a bathroom would be in the foreign house, he went up the stairs and started to randomly open doors. Some of what he saw lying behind those doors made his quest for a lover burn even stronger in him.

         He came to the last closed door and peeked in. "Anyone indecent in there?" he asked chuckling. "Just looking for a bathroom."

        "There's one to the left of the door," a shaky female voice said. "Please, just don't turn on the light."

        "Ah," he thought, "I hate being interrupted too." Thinking that the woman wasn't alone, he quickly made his way to the bathroom and shut the door before turning on the light. Looking in the mirror, he thought, "Didn't need a touch up after all. Of course, I've had nobody to smudge it yet. Oh well, the night's still young." Before leaving the bathroom, he turned off the light and listened at the door. "Cheap thrills are better than none at all." What he heard was more of a downer than a turn on. The woman was alone...and crying. "Mmm, vulnerable perhaps?"

        He slowly opened the door and prepared to turn on his charm. "Excuse me, miss, but are you all right?"

         Sniffling, the woman replied, "I will be."

        "This is a party, is it not? You should hardly be in here alone...and upset."

        "Well, not that anyone here cares, but it's not like I came alone," she snapped. "I came with my fiancé...unfortunately, he's a couple rooms down the hall...screwing my sister."

         Frank tried to gracefully make his way to the woman on the bed; he could hardly see anything in the dark room. "May I sit?" he asked. He could smell wine; most likely the woman was already half drunk.

        "Why would you want to?" she asked coldly.

        "Well, because I can understand a lover scorned. I'd hate to think that a woman was sitting here alone all night after something so horrible." Frank knew how to lay it on thick. His accent also helped, women always fell for his voice.

        "How could you understand something like this? Has your sibling gone after your..." The woman began to cry.

        "This may be too easy," Frank thought. He liked the idea of the room being dark. An anonymous lover seemed even more exciting. He blindly felt for her. His hand brushed her leg; he felt cool, smooth satin. "What did you come as tonight?" he asked, attempting to get her to let her guard down.

         "You'll only laugh."

         "I promise, I won't."

         "Well, my ex-fiancé and I came as a couple. He was King Kong...now he's just well, I've already gone through that...and I came as..."

         "Fay Wray?" he asked, his eyes wide, trying to see her in the dark.

         "How'd you know that? Nobody could figure out exactly what I was supposed to be and they saw me." The woman was generally shocked by his reply.

         "Let's just say that I'm a fan of old movies."

         "What did you come as?" she asked him.

          Well, Frank certainly couldn't tell her that he wasn't in costume; he may lose all hope of seduction. "Er, well think 'Cabaret' in hell." To his surprise, the woman laughed.

         "I thought I smelled lip gloss.  Strawberry?"

          Frank laughed.  "Yes."

          "I love when a guy can do something like that."

         "Something like what?"

         "Wear an outrageous costume and not care what someone thinks."

         "Costume, right," he said softly.

         "My fiancé, well, ex, would never do something like that. He's too concerned about what people would say."

        "Well, one can't always worry about the thoughts of others," Frank said moving closer to her. He could smell the wine on her breath. His hand touched her bare shoulder. He felt her shiver under his touch.

       "What's your name?" she asked quietly. Frank saw no harm in telling her.

       "Frank. And yours?"


       "Eva. That's very pretty." He moved even closer to her. "Eva, do you know the best way to forget about a lover that has wronged you?"

       "No, it's never happened before."

       "Well, the best way to forget a lover is to find a new one. To give yourself to pleasure." His lips brushed against her neck. She was drawn to him. She knew that alcohol was probably clouding her judgment, but she wanted this stranger to help her forget what she had seen.

       "I suppose that you'll help me do that?" Her hand went to his chest; she felt his corset and couldn't help but giggle. "You went all out I see."

       "Something like that," he said, laughing seductively. He started to slip the satin gown down her shoulders. "Would you like to forget him?"

         As if he had some kind of power over her, she gave in to him...gave herself to him. It was, after all, dark. He could never judge her by her looks, and he could be anyone she wanted him to be...she would never know the difference. "Yes," she said. Frank smiled, the work was now done and he could play the rest of the night.

         They undressed each other and Frank showed Eva how easy forgetting could be. She had never felt such ecstasy. She was, for all intents and purposes, in heaven...with a total stranger. She loved the sound of his voice, the texture of his hair. She could feel that his body was slender and strong. Frank was taken by her skin. He couldn't remember when he felt skin as soft, smooth, and feminine as hers. They were engulfed in passion, both animalistic and intimate for hours. Frank couldn't believe her strength and, shall we say, agility. They both fell asleep and Frank dreamed about her...he regretted, even in his sleep, not seeing her face.

Eva woke up about an hour after falling asleep and almost forgot where she was.  She felt someone holding her and her memory was jolted.  "God," she thought, "what did I do?"  Careful not to wake Frank, she slipped away from his comforting embrace and found her costume.  She got dressed as quickly as she could and made her way toward the door.  When she opened it, the light from the hallway made Frank's face visible to her.  She couldn't believe her eyes.  "You're beautiful," she whispered.  Eva shut the door behind her and tears immediately filled her eyes.  She had hoped to sneak out the door unnoticed, but Stuart saw her.

"Eva?" he called to her.  "Eva, what's the matter?"

"Stuart, did you know?" she asked, the words catching in her throat.

"Know what?"

"About John and my sister?"  Stuart was silent.  "Well, I know now; I saw it first hand."

"Eva, I'm so sorry.  I suspected, but I wasn't positive and I didn't want to worry you if I was wrong and…"

Eva wiped her eyes.  "Don't worry about it, Stuart.  I'm just as bad now."

"What?  Eva, you're nothing like John…"

"I am," she whispered.  "I slept with someone upstairs…God, I slept with a total stranger…"  She began to cry a little harder and hugged Stuart, he put his arms around her.

"Shh…Eva, with what you saw up there, I can't blame you…"

"Stuart," she interrupted, "you know me.  That's not who I am."

"Do you, um, know who he is?"

"I didn't even see him until I left the room…he said his name was Frank, but that doesn't mean he was telling me the truth."

Stuart tried his best to keep his composure.  "Frank?"

"I'm guessing you know him since this is your party."

"Ya, I do.  Did he leave already?"

"No, he's still asleep.  Stuart, I'm getting my things from John's tomorrow…I can't believe that I wasted five years of my life."

"Where are you going to go tonight?"

"My mom's.  I've got to get out of here though, just in case Frank wakes up."

"Are you O.K. to get home?" Stuart asked.

"I'm sober enough…and glad we brought my car here.  Goodnight, Stuart."  She hugged him one last time.

"'Night, Eva.  I'm really sorry."  The look on her face broke his heart…he only hoped that Frank hadn't done the same.

When Frank woke up to find Eva was gone, he was in disbelief.  "No," he said. "No, this can't be!" Frank was always the one to leave a sleeping lover; he himself had never been left. He quickly got dressed and ran downstairs. The party was still raging on. He found Stuart. "Did you see her leave?"

        "Who, Frank?"

        "Eva? Did you see her go?"

        "Eva? Not John's Eva?" Stuart wanted to pretend that he didn't know anything; he didn't want Frank to hurt a woman whose spirit had already been broken.

        "Um, were they engaged?" Frank asked.

         "Yes, um, happily," Stuart lied.

        "Well, then, yes, I suppose that it was 'John's Eva."

        "What do you want with her?"  Stuart's voice filled with concern.  Why was Frank so curious about her?

        "Well, he was doing her sister and we kind of..."

          Continuing to play things off he said, "Whoa, what? Frank, you and Eva?"

        "Never mind! When did she go?"

        "Not sure?" he lied…again.

        "Where does she live?"

        "I don't know that I should tell you that...and since when do you care about stuff like that?" That question hit Frank so hard it made him feel sick. Why did he care? He never truly cared before. He figured that it must have been because she was the first woman to leave him after he'd had her. It intrigued him.

        "Can you at least tell me her last name?" Frank asked, still not knowing why.

        "Royce." And with that, Frank left. It was going on to five o'clock in the morning. Frank caught a cab and went back to the castle.

        Walking towards the door, Frank said. "Eva. Hmph. I've never cared very much about what happened to someone before...why start now?"