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Chapter 1-

If one was to look at Erza Scarlet as she sat primly on the trundling night train to Azolla Town, they would not be able to tell that butterflies swam in her stomach or that her heart was fluttering madly against her chest. No, they would think she was the picture of serenity; the armoured mage always had been good at concealing her emotions after all.

She had a feeling she would be using that particular skill a lot during this upcoming mission. She sighed and curled her metal clad fingers around the hem of her navy blue skirt nervously as a certain face appeared unbidden in her mind's eye.


She sighed again and stared out at the darkening scenery bouncing along outside the window as she pictured his handsome, tattooed face. His appearance hadn't changed all that much in seven years; he had only become even more attractive in her opinion, swapping any hint of boyishness for something much more alluring.

Erza! she mentally scolded herself, focus on the mission, we're after a dangerous dark mage, we can't afford to be distracted!

She repeated that to herself several times, hoping it would become etched inside her and stop her from thinking about Jellal.

Well, I do actually need to think about him, she told herself, but I mustn't think anything inappropriate, I've got to be professional. I can't dwell on how soft his hair looks or how his eyes seem to say a thousand things in one glance and I definitely must not think about how it felt when we almost kissed…

Her cheeks heated and she huffed out a breath in annoyance as her body tingled at the memory. She mentally and physically shook herself before determinedly setting about making a list of all the armour she had brought over the years, that should keep her busy for a while…

The train began to slow, making Erza's heart speed up. She would be meeting with Jellal very soon. Her stomach twisted into a knot. How had she gotten herself into this?

Her expression changed to show her annoyance. Mira. That she-demon Mirajane had neglected to tell her that Jellal was the 'other half of the team' until after she had accepted, knowing full well that Erza couldn't change her mind or back down.

At least it shouldn't be a difficult mission or a particularly long one, thought the redhead hopefully.

The train screeched to a stop and immediately she got to her feet and headed out of the compartment. Her blood was cold with nervousness but she forced herself to keep exiting the clunky transport and push through the crowds of people. The outside air chilled her and cheekily tugged at her skirt.

She glanced around for the tall, skinny employee who had organised the separate carriage for her luggage earlier.

"Miss Scarlet!" squeaked a voice from somewhere to her left, "Miss Scarlet!"

She turned and observed the employee from earlier that day. He was accompanied by a team of three and they were struggling to pull along her enormous wagon of bags and suitcases.

"Excellent," she said once they stopped before her, already feeling more secure now her belongings were back with her.

The men all panted and wiped the sweat from their brows. She nodded at them in acknowledgement and took the handle of the heavily loaded wagon, easily pulling it along behind her. She only took a few steps because she heard the squeaky man call out to her.

"M-miss Scarlet?" he asked tremulously.

She looked over her shoulder at him, "Yes, what is it?"

He fidgeted under her dark gaze and mumbled, "P-payment?"

Erza frowned, "What are you talking about? I already paid you."

The man paled, his face gaining a nervous sheen, "F-forgive m-me, M-miss Scarlet, b-but-"

"You're trying to tell me I didn't pay for your services?" she demanded icily.

He simply squeaked.

"Are you doubting my word?" Erza questioned.

One of the other employees, a rotund and bespectacled man, stepped forward as the first man fainted.

"N-not at all," he said, his gaze bouncing around as he pulled at his uniform collar, "H-he w-was mistaken."

"I'm free to go then?" Erza raised an eyebrow.

They nodded furiously and she puffed out her breath, irritated by the delay when she clearly remembered paying them earlier. She started off again, going through the archway and off the platform into the modest, tiled train station.

She got halfway across the large room before she stopped and remembered she was supposed to be meeting her 'partner.'

Those employees had washed the matter and her nerves from her mind, but now it all flooded back to her. Her heartbeat galloped under her armour plated chest and her grip on the handle tightened. She peered around, watching the shadows cast by the stone columns and searching for the place Jellal would be concealing himself.


She would never admit it, but she jumped at the sound of his low, smooth voice. Her sharp eyes turned to see Jellal Fernandes right beside her, a large bag on his back and his dark blue hood pulled up to help hide his distinctive face.

He wasn't wearing his normal outfit beneath his cloak, just black pants, boots and a deep red shirt which she had the strange desire to touch. Her stomach clenched and she forced herself to school her features as she nodded to him in greeting.


She watched his green eyes briefly glide over her; she inwardly squirmed and wished she had worn something a bit nicer than just her normal attire.

Don't be stupid Ezra, she instructed herself, impressing Jellal is not part of the mission.

She tensed as his expression morphed into a slight frown.

"Something wrong?" she questioned.

He hesitated before answering, "No…I just didn't know it was going to be you."

"Yes, well…The mission's objective is to take down a powerful mage and it requires two S-class level mages and I was the only one around for some reason and so Mira and Master Makarov decided…well, you know…obviously."

She winced at her explanation and cursed her inability to think straight with him so near. He gave her a little smile and her insides swirled delightedly. Then it seemed that Jellal only just noticed the mountain of suitcases she had brought along, but he, wisely, said nothing about them.

"Shall we get going then?" Erza asked, almost in challenge.

He nodded and they walked through the wide doors of the station and into the night time air, the red haired mage praising herself all the while for being able to move her shaky legs properly.

Azolla Town was large and filled with rough stone cabin-like houses and it seemed that everything was done in one size only, 'big.'

Jellal and Erza now found themselves on what appeared to be the fat main road of the vast town; they paused and spared a glance up at the dimming sky that was becoming spattered with diamonds.

"I've never been to this town before," she remarked.

"Neither have I," responded Jellal thoughtfully, "Where are we supposed to be headed?"

Her mind blanked for a moment and then, thankfully, she recalled the information.

"Juvia had a mission here not long ago; she said the people were very, very thankful to her. She also said she talked with them and organised a place for us to stay at one of the inns, Sunnysmile I believe it was."

Jellal raised an eyebrow but didn't comment.

Erza continued, "I think I know the way to it from here, let's go."

They strode in silence for several minutes, each of them trying to force themselves to ask questions about how the other has been. They both proved to be too shy however and so the walk was heavy with awkward quietness.

Up ahead, a tall and heavy looking building jutted out on the left hand side of the street. It had a sign dangling down above its generous doorway that declared it to be the inn they were going to be staying at.

"It looks quite nice," said Erza, mildly and pleasantly surprised.

Jellal nodded and added dryly, "It's certainly better than a few of the places I've stayed in over the years."

She looked sharply over at him, instantly imagining his life on the run and feeling a stab of sadness. He coughed awkwardly and regretted having said anything.

"Sh-shall we go inside then?" he suggested, stumbling over his words just a little.

She eyed him sadly and then caught herself. She straightened and locked her gaze on the light spilling out from the inn before swiftly walking towards it.

At the doorway, Jellal was sure there was no way all of Erza's luggage would make it into the building, so he was surprised when the redhead waved her hand in a casual manner and made the whole pile of suitcases transform into miniature version of itself, one that would easily make it through the door.

"It's only temporary," she told him, noticing his interest, "I've made it so it'll revert to its original size once out of the inn again."

She didn't give him a chance to say anything for fear he would admonish her decision to bring so much in the first place, not knowing that he had actually been going to praise her skill.

She pushed into Sunnysmile's rustic lobby and moved straight for the chunky reception desk where a plump, green haired man was sitting rather tiredly. The man immediately perked up at the sight of his new guests, though the mysterious and hooded Jellal did give him pause.

"Welcome to Sunnysmile Inn!" the man chirped, "Where every service is done with a sunny smile. My name is Mr Davden, how can I help you?"

Jellal hovered behind Erza, keeping his face hidden while he glanced around the rest of the room. He noted the several unattractive potted plants and the 'unique' paintings as well as the layout. Through the door on their right, he could see a dining room set up with many tables and chairs, while through a door on the left he could see a room filled with couches and armchairs. There was a wide staircase next to the reception desk that of course led to the upper floors.

"Oh!" cried Mr Davden, "You must be the mages from Fairy Tail! The ones Miss Juvia told me about!"

Before either of them could respond, the man excitedly jiggled his way around the desk after picking up a key and then waved them to follow him.

"This way! This way!" he called, "Your room's already arranged!"

They followed Mr Davden up the staircase and when the three of them reached the landing of the second floor, the man made an interesting comment.

"You're rather lucky we had a room for you, all our others are full."

Suspicion crept through Jellal and he watched Erza's face to see if she was feeling the same thing. Her striking features were completely smooth, she didn't have an inkling.

"And here it is!" Mr Davden exclaimed, pointing to room 211.

He stepped forward and unlocked the room, pushing open the door with a flourish. He led them inside the simple room, turning on the light and then telling them of the private bathroom their room had attached before listing the various amenities that would also be available to them.

Erza folded her arms and questioned, "Alright, so what about the other room?"

"Other room?" asked Mr Davden with a confused smile, "I'm not sure what you mean."

Jellal sighed quietly to himself and stepped closer to Erza, whispering in her ear, "It seems we're going to be roommates for this mission."

Her dark eyes grew wide as she turned pale and glanced around the room. Her gaze settled on the double bed set in the centre of the back wall. Suddenly her hair and name wasn't the only thing in the room that was scarlet.

"U-unbelievable," she muttered as her body heated up in embarrassed horror.

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