Mayday Mayday


"Where are, you taking me?" Luke finally asked


Luke shot the jedi a withering glare "really?" Luke asked sarcastically "I would never have thought."

Obi-wan responded with his own glare.

"You may as well tell me" Luke stated calmly "after all it's not like I can escape is it?"

Obi-wan continued to glare.

"Just tell me!" Luke snapped.

Obi-wan's glare changed to an expression of thoughtfulness.


Luke knew one thing...he officially hated Jedi.


Luke gritted his teeth as he felt his anger build with the insufferable Jedi. Interfering, idiotic, brainless, buffoon of a human...the insults went on inside Luke's head.

"How long till we arrive?" Luke asked his voice strained from the effort of sounding calm.

"Probably an hour or so" Obi-wan leaned back in his seat, completely at ease seemingly unaware of the murderous intent coming from the younger individual.

While the Jedi stared at nothing in particular, Luke grimaced in pain as he carefully pulled the cloth from his forehead to see whether the bleeding was slowing down. In the dim light Luke's eyes travelled over the object in his hand and let out a sigh upon seeing it soiled in blood. Gently he reached up and dabbed at his wound, looked again at the cloth and was relieved to see there was significantly less blood this time round. Truth be told Luke wasn't confident in Obi-wan's abilities.

With the task of stopping the bleeding now completed Luke was unsure of what to do next, he certainly wasn't about to engage the fool in a conversation. Briefly his thoughts turned to his father but when the overwhelming grief struck him, Luke quickly stopped that train of thought.


Vader was very very angry. Safe to say that his crew was avoiding him.

As well as that anger though Vader felt desperation gradually taking a hold, along with the fear of not getting his son back.

After pacing for the last half hour Vader now slowly sank onto his bed in his quarters. There he lay on his back, eyes closed, reaching out to the force. Vader had lost count of how many times he had attempted to find his son with the aid of the force, but perhaps luck would be with him this time.

Darkness surrounded him and while Vader pushed he could not sight his son, however as Vader's concentration deepened he began seeing traces and streaks of white light. Vader's breathe caught but before he lost focus he determinedly followed the light. This was a sure sign of his son Vader knew it! Only his son had a force signature that was as bright as the traces of light he was now seeing. As he followed the light Vader began to feel a force pushing him back. Confusion filled his thoughts until he realised what it was. OBI-WAN! Obi-wan had encased his son with a block that would normally prevent that force user from being found. Fortunately, Vader wasn't just anyone, he was Luke's father which made their bond all the more stronger.

Snarling Vader pushed on.


Why is it that when your determined not to think of something your mind can not think of anything else but that something?

Suffice to say Luke could not stop thinking of his father. He missed him. And more than once, much to his dismay, his vision had blurred with tears. It wasn't fair! What gave Kenobi the right to decide how he should live?

Grief swelled in his heart and Luke dropped his head into his knees to try and chase the pain away. However, he was gripped with terror that he might not see his father again and Luke once more found himself biting his lip to keep the tears at bay.

Absently Luke heard Kenobi state he was going to get some food and he vaguely noticed Kenobi disappear.

Now alone Luke allowed the tears to slip silently down his face.


Jumping out of his skin Luke wildly looked around the room before he realised the voice had been in his mind.


Vader growled in rage as the block once more attempted to prevent him from finding his son. Putting his rage to good use, Vader began to physically attack the block, his attempts increasing when he felt the block weakening.

And suddenly his son's force signature was blinding him.



Quickly closing his eyes Luke desperately searched for his father.

"Dad?" Luke called hoping against hope that he might be able to hear his father's voice once more.

"Luke, son are you alright?" the relief in his father's voice was obvious to Luke.

"I'll be fine. Dad I want to come home."

Vader felt his heart break a little at his son's pleading voice.

"I'm coming for you son but you need to tell me where Kenobi is taking you".

"He's taking me to Alderaan" Luke sent quickly.

"Alderaan?" Vader asked astonished "why in the galaxies is he dragging you to Alderaan?"

Despite the situation Luke felt amusement at his father's words "I don't know, he won't tell me".

"I'm coming to get you. But Luke I have to go now" Vader thought with tremendous regret.

"What? No!"

Trying to calm his son Vader sent "I need to set course for Alderaan and we can't have Kenobi knowing I'm in contact with you."

Knowing he couldn't really argue with his father's logic Luke reluctantly replied "I understand. Just come"

"I will son" before Vader could cut the connection Luke said more.

"I love you dad" Luke held his breathe wondering whether his father would be angry, he was afterall still a Sith.

Vader on the other hand was overcome with emotion aimed at his son, he had felt it ever since he had first discovered that he had a son. Vader could now identify that emotion.

"I love you too son."


Luke opened his eyes when he felt the connection cut and allowed a big grin to stretch across his face. He always knew his father loved him. 'HA!' Luke suddenly thought 'in your face Kenobi! My father does love me'.

Coming into reality Luke saw the outline of Kenobi's body in the flight seat and he briefly wondered how long he had been talking to his father. Kenobi must have assumed he had been sleeping.

As Luke was thinking the ship began shaking and vibrating. To his shock and dread Luke realised that they would be landing soon. What should he do? Somehow Luke knew he wasn't going to like where Obi-wan was planning on taking him.

Eyeing the controls in consideration Luke wondered whether he would be able to steer the ship somewhere else...or at least stop the ship from reaching the planned landing spot that probably wasn't too far away.

He could always...but was he willing to do that?...would that even work though?

Luke tilted his head as he thought.

Yep he was willing to.

He was going to crash the ship.


After his conversation with Luke, Vader had practically run to the bridge and they had quickly set course for Alderaan.

Please please let me get there in time, Vader begged.


Knowing that he had very little time to crash the ship a good distance from Kenobi's planned destination, Luke carefully began the task of standing.

Once upright Luke took a deep breathe and held it while he cautiously approached the seat that held the Jedi. Every time his right foot touched the ground Luke winced in pain, still having not recovered from that blasted force push.

Luke stopped half a metre behind Kenobi and to his relief Luke noted that he seemed to be meditating. Silently Luke breathed in and out as he contemplated his next move. His sweeping eyes noticed that Kenobi had moved his chair closer to the control panel. And with that Luke knew exactly what he had to do and felt no regret but actually some pleasure with the action he had decided on.

In a flash, Luke's right hand snapped out and slammed Kenobi's head into the metallic panel.

Satisfied that the Jedi was unconscious Luke shoved Kenobi to the floor and took his seat. He grabbed the controls in his hands and pushed hard downwards. His muscles strained at the resistance he met but quickly he overpowered it and the ship began it's descend.

Luke saw the ground quickly nearing. He reached out to the force and began building a force shield around him, a handy trick his father had taught him, only to be used in emergencies as it took a lot of energy.

Luke managed the best he could.

Then everything went dark.

A.N Well I decided to finish this sequel here. A third instalment is a possibility but I thought it might be best to draw this story to a close considering how long this story has been on hold for. I do apologize for the waiting, unfortunately sixth form distracted me. Thank you all for the reviews, you've all been great ;)