I'm trying a different style with this fic, so if you think there's something I should change or work on, please let me know :)

It was well known within the Varia that Squalo and Belphegor had something going on between them – it had been that way since the blond was just sixteen-years-old. It was commonplace to hear the two in one of their bedrooms, moaning and calling out, accompanied by the squeaking of whichever mattress they were using. No one was really sure if they were dating or had simply a sort of friends-with-benefits title – no one had ever asked, knowing that both males would probably react badly.

However, what no one else knew – or if someone did, hadn't said anything as they knew it would cost them their life – was that Xanxus quite enjoyed watching the two younger males. He'd often order the grunts to keep everyone out of the corridor while he sat in front of the occupied bedroom, opening the door just enough for him to see into. He'd unzip his pants and reach in, stroking himself to Belphegor's cries and whimpers, and Squalo's soft grunts. He'd get off to the image of his Storm Guardian, on his back and taking Squalo inside him deeply. He'd bite back the slightest sound that tried to escape his lips as he watched the way his second-in-command's body, slick with sweat, thrust in and out at a harsh pace, milking noises from the blond Xanxus would never admit aloud were quite cute, coming from their most bloodthirsty and insane member.

The way Belphegor's back arched into his lover's touches made Xanxus ache for release, and the way Squalo's hand – skilled not only in handling swords – brought Belphegor to his release made the man wish he could be the one on the receiving end. Whenever Belphegor would wrap his hot mouth around the older male made the Varia leader lick his lips in anticipation, and when they'd finally climax, almost as if they were in sync with each other's bodies, always brought Xanxus to his release, too.

But what the dark-haired man loved watching the most was the way Squalo was almost tender with the younger man, as if he cared in the moments he pulled out of the smaller body and carefully laid Bel back onto the bed. Xanxus greatly enjoyed watching the long-haired male wipe away the sweat and semen from his partner's skin. When Belphegor would curl up in strong arms, purring happily as he went to sleep, the Varia Sky wondered if there was more to the blond member than just the insanity, as if Belphegor wanted love and affection more than he did spilling the innards of his victims on the ground.

Xanxus knew for a fact that the two never left the bed until they had both woken up however long later, and there was always, always a kiss shared between them, perhaps even a caress or two, courtesy of the Rain Guardian. He knew this as he was guilty of having stayed by the room for hours, his eyes fixated on the two as if they were the most interesting thing he'd ever come across.

Sometimes, Xanxus was sure that what was going on between his two strongest guardians was a love he'd never come to understand.