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"What are you doing?"

Kagome grinned at the question, gesturing for Mewtwo to bend down to her tiny height, "I want to give you something, Mewtwo-san." She giggled at the thought of her present that she had planned.

Mewtwo, if he had any to begin with, would have had his brows raised when two bright red patches appeared on the girl's normally pale cheeks and he slowly did as she asked and knelt down to her height.

He hated to admit it, but he jumped in surprise when he felt her lips quickly press against his own for only about a second and he pulled back to see her cover her face in what seemed to be embarrassment, and yet she giggled once more, "What was that?"

Kagome blinked her big blue eyes at the surprising question, "Mewtwo-san, you don't know what a kiss is?" She asked with a childish curiosity, gasping at the very thought, "Didn't your Mama or Papa ever give you one?"

Mewtwo immediately narrowed his violet eyes as the thought of his 'parent' made him think of Mew, 'That inferior...' He quickly squashed down his anger, not wanting to scare the child, "I have no such thing as a 'Mama' or 'Papa'."

Kagome suddenly looked saddened at the very thought, "You have no Mama or Papa?" She asked, swiftly moving so she was hugging his leg, "You're all alone, Mewtwo-san?" She began to sniffle and if he would allow himself, Mewtwo would have looked alarmed.

"No," He answered reluctantly, "You are here." He simply said and Kagome smiled and hugged his leg tighter in response.

"Yes, Mewtwo-san, I'm with you."