Chapter 1:

"The waves are perfect, don't you think?" Bridget smiled to Loren while walking with her and the others down the beach.

"Yeah. Such a pity we have a fitness training first." The other blond murmured.

"True. I can't wait to get in there." Cassie added.

The three girls smiled to each other. In front of them were the boys who were in a deep conversation about everything and at the same time nothing in particular.

"I just want to say this is going to be the best year of my life!" Cassie exclaimed to the other two.

"Sure will be Cass. It's the same with us." Loren smiled to her.

The finally reached their destination and started their training. Garry was again trying to push them hard to their limits, but they didn't complain. After what seemed like ages but were actually only two hours they finally headed to take their boards and to jump into the waves.

Surfing for another two hours, they left their boards on the beach and started having their usual fun in the water. Guy grabbed Bridget letting her sit on his shoulders. Adam and Charlie did the same with Cassie and Loren. They were laughing so hard that in the end they all landed in the water. Then Guy suddenly dived under water, and grabbed Cassie's leg. She lost her balance and ended up falling under. Guy then reappeared on the surface and started laughing.

"Guys, come on, it's lunch time." They heard Garry yelling and got out of the water.

"So, who's cooking lunch today?" Bridget asked wrapping her towel around her body and taking her board.

"I think it's us." Guy answered her with a smile.

"Ok, then." She nodded smiling too and they headed up to the house with the others.

Everyone took a quick shower and Bridget and Guy went downstairs to the kitchen.

Bridget checked the fridge and the cupboards and announced: "We don't have much stuff left. Someone has to go shopping soon."


They cooked the lunch and soon enough everyone were sitting on the table eating and talking with each other and discussing different things.

"Bridget, Guy, this was really delicious!" Bec told them with a smile. "Every time I try to cook that I fail. What's your secret?"

Bridget smiled.

"Nothing actually. I haven't added anything extra to it." The blond answered.

"Well, actually, I did." Guy said and she looked at him trying not to burst in laughter. "You what? When exactly did you manage to do it, I was around you all the time?"

"I put some basil in it when you turned to the cupboard to search for the salt." He smiled guiltily.

She shook her head and then to his astonishment burst into laughter. "Oh, Guy, you'll never change will you?"

"Never." He said laughing too.

{ . }

After they ate their lunch everyone headed to their rooms to do some school work. Bridget grabbed her laptop, opened it and for about two hours she was almost done. Loren was doing well too, finishing her history essay. She was occasionally asking Bridget a question or two and soon enough she was done.

"Finally done." She announced to the curly blond and stretched her hands.

Bridget only smiled. "I'll be finished soon too."

Loren didn't respond, only rested her head on her pillow.

Soon Bridget was done too. She stretched her hands, closed her laptop and turned to Loren only to see her fallen asleep. She smiled to herself and quietly walked out of their room. She went to the boys' room and knocked on the door.

"Yes?" She heard as a response and opened the door.

"Up for a pool game anyone?"

Adam and Charlie immediately said "Yes", but Guy murmured he had a lot of homework to finish. The two boys just rolled their eyes laughing and went out of the room past the blond.

Bridget smiled and walked to where he was writing on his laptop.

"Let me see." She said and leaned to see the screen. "I can help you with that if you want." She said with a smile to him.

"Really?" He asked.

She smirked. "It'll take me only about half an hour." And she turned to look at him. "But the question is what will I get of helping you?"

"Anything." Guy answered quickly.

Bridget smirked. "How about you being my personalized coach for games of pool?"

Guy stood and leaned as if he was making a bow to her gesturing with his hand. "On your services milady."

Bridget burst into laughter and took the laptop in her hands. "I can't believe I was the one to actually come out with this idea." She rolled her eyes and smiled to him. "Come here and let's get started."

He obeyed and they sat together on his bed. She was giving him instructions what to write and was correcting him from time to time. After half an hour they were ready just like she promised.

"Bridget Sanchez I love you." Guy smiled to her feeling exhausted and leaving the laptop on his desk.

"Yeah, just because I helped you with the essay. Now let's go downstairs and play some pool."

And they left the room without any word more.

{ . }

About three hours later Bridget left her stick saying "I'm heading up to bed, I'm beaten up."

"But you have to admit I am a very good coach. Look at how much you've improved for only three hours!" Guy smirked.

"Yeah, yeah." She giggled. "Night guys!"

The others wished her good night and she was off to the room she and Lauren shared. Soon enough Lauren followed her. When she opened the door she saw Bridget was still awake, reading a book.

"I thought you were asleep." She smiled to her friend while putting on her night wear.

"I felt like reading before drifting on to sleep." The curly blond answered smiling too.

Loren snuck in her bed and rested her head on her pillow. Not long after she had fallen asleep.

Bridget took a look at her and thought about how happy she was with Charlie and how happy Cassie was with Adam. Somehow they paired off together fitting perfectly.

The curly blond felt the slightest bit of jealousy. Why it had to be her and Guy who couldn't fit together out of all?!

Then again, Bec and Gary weren't together too she remembered. Garry had a girlfriend and Bec was happy to be alone at the moment. The brunette only a few years older was like a role model for Bridget and sometimes she secretly wished to be more like her. That's why if Bec was doing fine without a boyfriend than so would she.

Bridget's eyes closed and deep in thoughts she fell asleep the book falling down slipping out of her lightened grip and thudding to the floor.

That night Bridget dreamt about many things. She dreamt about the ocean, about her friends, her family, the Pro Circuit even, but most of all she dreamt about…Guy.

Although she'd never admit it to herself, deep down in her heart she was regretting the decision for them to be just friends.

She hated it.

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