Chapter 4: Green Dino part 4: Dragozord

Shadow: Welcome back mortals but before we continue with this story there are a few unanswered questions and things I might have forgotten to mention in the previous chapter. First of all the fact about Dan. Let me just inform you that The Ultimate Enemy never happened before and this is the First time Dan has actually existed. With Danny being the Phantom, he was a secret hero and used espionage skills and hid so he was pretty much an urban legend. And if you read the post commentary scene which involved Azula, CA15 just added her in similarly to how he added Timmy Turner in and mentioned Cindy Vortex. It might link to a crossover later but don't hold your breath.

Kira: Now we can continue but before we do I need to give you a brief recap. Okay last time Danny came clean and revealed he was the Green Ranger to me amongst other things. Danny also left in order to protect the Rangers from his power.

Dani: But the Rangers were too stubborn to listen and followed him anyway.

Kira: I take offence to that. But it's true but first we got some new equipment from Sam and Tucker.

Shadow: And Jazz, everybody keeps on forgetting Jazz.

Kira: Can you guys let me finish without interruptions. The Rangers and I set off to find him and that lead to a chase through Dimmsdale. And that ended off with a massive battle between us and Dan. Also I Died.

Dani: Before you were resurrected.

Kira: True. Danny believed I was dead and fled to China where upon he met someone who offered to take his misery away and help him lock Dan away.

Shadow: You forgot to mention that we received to lovely Cameos from Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents and Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender. Now with that out of the way let's continue this story.


The Sudden revelation made the Rangers cringe. Danny obviously thought that he had taken Kira's life and that meant he was alone somewhere facing turmoil.

They had tried throwing the Booomerang so that they could hopefully try and find him but all it did was circle in the air before dropping onto the ground.

So at the current moment they sat in a painful silence. They didn't know what they could do. Never in their lives or in the History of the Power Rangers did they fail so badly. And now they sat unsure what the proper action would be.

After their long painful silence and several failed attempts of finding Danny they left for home.

But when they arrived back at their Dino cave they found something unexpected.

They found Danny sitting there with his head bowed and with a remorseful composure.

He could feel their presence in the room but didn't look up.

"I'm probably the last person you want to see considering all the things I… Dan did." Danny said quietly but loud enough for them to hear. "I just thought it be best to tell you that I finally found a way to gain control of the Green Ranger… but because of what I did before… because I killed Kira. I'm going to leave again. I just can't…"

"Danny I'm alive." Kira said.

Danny looked up and saw Kira and everyone else just melted away.

Faster than anyone could comprehend Danny dashed forward and hugged Kira.

"I am so, so sorry for the pain in caused you." Danny said before he began to ramble. "I thought you were dead. You had no pulse. How is this possible? I am so happy you aren't dead."

Kira was taken back. She usually wasn't the type of person to accept and or give hugs but this time she accepted it.

"I wasn't dead. You just must have missed my pulse." Kira said. "I was merely knocked unconscious."

"As for the other factors, you aren't leaving us again." Kimberly said.

"We understand that you weren't in control of your actions." Tommy said. "It happened to me before and even Kira was once controlled by an evil force."

"So Danny seeing that you're back how would you like to spend time with all of us?" Kira asked.

"Seeing that you know have control it might be a good idea to get to know your team." Conner said.

"And know your blood family." Jen said as she gave her older brother a bone crushing hug.

"Whoa, you're almost as strong as me with those bone crushing hugs." Danny said before he turned intangible and slipped out of her grasp. "Sorry but I'd like to keep all my ribs if you don't mind."

"Oh come on Danny, like me you have rapid cell regeneration… or enhanced healing. I could break your back and you'd be walking in no time." Jen said. "And I think I might just do that after all the hell you put us through."

Danny then smirked. "Is that a challenge baby sister?" Danny asked.

Jen only smirked back.

Shortly after that they all left to spend some time together. But as everyone was leaving the Dino Cave, Kira took the time to contact Sam and Tucker. She invited them to hang out and told them that she believed there was something off about Danny and if anyone could tell the difference it was them.

Sam and Tucker were quick to accept as they also found it suspicious that Danny just happened to find a cure for himself.


The rest of the day was spent goofing off. Danny, Conner, Ethan, Kira, Cassidy, Jen, Sam and Tucker spent the day doing regular teenage things with the two original rangers close behind.

Sam and Tucker were quick to notice that Danny was acting different. He hardly told jokes anymore and when he did they weren't that witty and corny, he seemed to be more proper and for some reason wasn't paying them much attention. He was thinking what he was saying and he didn't seem to show many of his Danny qualities. Also the one thing was that he wasn't clueless. Danny seemed to know what was going on at all times and never showed his clueless attributes.

From that analysis they knew that something was wrong. They knew something was very wrong when they were all having Pizza.

As they relaxed and enjoyed their pizza they heard a crash as a blue wisp of cold air escaped Danny's lips.

They then looked outside and saw a relatively large robot made entirely of different machines. It was glowing green and had the face of their favourite technology controlling ghost.

"I Technus 2.0 will use the power of my latest creation to conquer this city before I take the world by storm." Technus yelled out.

Danny noticed the others sigh. They were still whipped out from their battle the previous day and were actually enjoying being able to relax but then this guy had to show up.

"Don't worry, you guys continue relaxing. I'll handle this." Danny said. "It's the least I could do after your green trouble."

Danny then ran outside the store and into an alley.

"Green Ranger!" he yelled as he threw the gem into the air. The Dino Gem then morphed into a green dragon morpher before he caught it in both his hands and thrust it forward. "Dino Power!"

Green lightning then surged from the sky and hit into the teen. The green energy then formed a ring around his wait before it turned white. Danny then jumped into the air and spun slowly as the rings travelled up and down his body changing his everyday clothes to a green and black spandex looking combat armour that allowed great durability alongside flexibility. He then landed as golden armour and a green helmet, with a dragon's face, landed on him.

"Drago Power, Green Ranger!" he yelled before he ran out of the alley and looked at Technus in his new robot. "Hey scrapheap, pick on someone your own species."

Sam and Tucker watched as their best friend fought. He showed less skill than usual. It was like he was trying to get used to fighting in his body.

Technus was soon taken down and before Danny could leave he was surrounded by reporters.

"Green Ranger, just a moment please." Harriet Chin said as she walked up to him.

"Please, just call me Drago." Drago said. "And for the famed Harriet Chin, I'm at your service." He said with a bow. "Actually I'm at everyone's service. That's how I role." He then proceeded to wave at everyone who was around. That was very uncharacteristic of him.

"In recent days people have seen you battling the Power Rangers before siding with them to battle these ghosts. Would you care to comment?" Harriet asked.

Drago who was still waving didn't look at her but answered.

"There was a bit of a problem before as I was under mind control of my enemies but the Rangers never gave up on me and saved me. Like many Rangers before me who have been evil." Drago said. "As for why they aren't here, I gave them some time off to recompense for my actions under the evil influence."

"Why am I still waving? I look like an idiot. Come on Dan be a pal and get us out of there." Danny yelled in his head.

"Plasmius and Mesogog require that we look trustworthy so that we fool the public the Power Rangers." Dan replied in his head. "And we serve them as they are our masters."

"Quite correct Dan." Plasmius said inside his head. "Gaining the trust of the public and the fools you call friends helps us with getting closer to our goal."

"Plasmius, remember you have me to thank for this. I still need my payment." Spectra said inside Danny's head.

"Don't worry Daniel will have misery for you to absorb soon and that will further Dan's control. And you will also get the rest of your cash award in due time my dear." Plasmius said.

"I am so honoured by your kind attentions," Plasmius said through Dan and therefore through Drago to the public, "and so honoured to be your hero."

"That's not the way I talk!" Danny exclaimed within his mind. "And stop waving; I look like the queen of England." Drago then put his hands on his hips. "Great, now I'm Peter Pan."

The little interview continued for a few more minutes before Danny left. Sam and Tucker could only shake their head in disappointment. It was official this wasn't Danny.


Later that evening Danny had to go home to his adopted family. Sam and Tucker were going to wait as they wanted to just ask Kira for some help on something.

But as Danny walked away he heard a conversation that was taking place as he left.

"Kira you're suspicions were right. Danny's isn't acting like himself." Sam said.

Danny stopped and began to hover closer to the exit to the Dino Cave so that he could hear the full conversation.

"What do you mean he wasn't acting like himself?" Cassidy asked.

"Because you don't know Danny as well as we do you didn't notice he was acting strange." Tucker said. "Several times today Danny did some uncharacteristic things. He often referred to us by our full names, he never does that, he didn't tell any jokes, his lightning style was flawed, he actually let the press talk to him, he continued waving at the people around him for too long and he did a whole lot of other things that didn't seem Danny like."

"So if he wasn't acting like himself, who did he act as?" Ethan asked.

"Vlad." Sam said. "Vlad Plasmius is…"

She never finished that sentence because Danny ran into the room.

"Sam, there's a problem." Danny said.

"What?" Sam asked.

"I just got a call, it's your grandmother, something has happened." Danny said.

Sam paled. She then ran out of the Dino Cave with Tucker and Danny following close behind.

As the three ran Danny smirked before he teleported away.

It took a few minutes for the two to realise that their friend had vanished.

"Sam, where's Danny?" Tucker asked making Sam stop dead in her tracks.

At the current moment they were just in the Reefside woods alone and far away enough to not be heard by the Power Rangers.

"Oh no." Sam said.

What happened next confirmed her suspicions as Danny dropped down and landed between the two of them before he grabbed both by the necks and lifted them into the air and proceeded to strangle them.

Sam and Tucker were completely defenceless as the air drained out of their bodies.

"Sorry but I can't have you telling tales on the master." Dan said darkly. "But luckily I still have use for you alive."

Sam and Tucker then blacked out before Dan let go letting their bodies drop onto the ground unconscious.

"Two down seven to go." Dan said darkly before he picked up the two and vanished.


Conner and Ethan were both in Conner's car as they headed home. Conner had offered to give Ethan a ride since Ethan's place was close to Conner's.

He would have offered a ride to Kira and Cassidy if they hadn't decided that they'd spend time together and would take their own ride to their homes.

As they drove on the street they talked about the whole Danny acting strange scenario.

Ethan guessed that it was due to the fact that Danny had been able to lock away Dan. Maybe doing so changed him a bit.

Conner wasn't as believing to that as Ethan was but he didn't have an idea about Danny's change so he didn't check off Ethan's theory.

They were about to continue their chat before an explosion rocked the side of the car.

As it drove along the rode explosions occurred next to it. Conner was able to evade the explosions and avoid pain attaching to him and Ethan. The same couldn't be said for his car however.

A final explosion appeared in front of them but they drove through the smoke and when they emerged from the other side they saw someone standing in the road.

As their vision cleared they noticed that the person was Danny and his hands were glowing with his green energy.

Before they could react Dan sent a barrage of green lightning at the car and when it hit the car flipped over as the hood exploded.

Dan simply moved out of the way of the car.

Conner and Ethan were dazed but before they could escape the care Dan pulled them out before electrocuting them with lightning and making them fall unconscious.

"Four down. Five to go." Dan said before he teleported with the two of them.


"Hey Cassidy can you help me with something."

It was the next day around noon. To Danny's luck he found Cassidy at the Nasty Burger.

"Yeah what do you need?" Cassidy asked.

"Could you help me with a little journalism project." Danny asked. "I need a reporter of your expertise to help me do some interviews."

Cassidy smiled. "Now you are speaking my language." She said.

She was wary of Danny because he was apparently acting differently, like some Vlad Plasmius but she couldn't turn down an journalism job and she could also use this to see if Danny slipped up and gave her info an why he might be different.

The two arrived at the park and the good news was that it was currently deserted.

"Looks like there's no one here for you to interview." Cassidy said as she made the mistake of turning her back to Dan.

The next thing she knew her body was encased in a thick layer of Ice.

"Danny?" she asked fearfully

"Danny's not here." Dan said. "He's currently disposed of."

Before Cassidy could scream her head was frozen as well.

"Well that was easy." Dan said. "Next I have to take care of Danny's girlfriend, sister and parents."

"Kira's not my girlfriend." Danny yelled inside his own head.

"You truly are clueless aren't you?" Dan said out loud.

"Hey!" Danny exclaimed.


It was currently mid-afternoon as Kira sat in Cyberspace alone. She was currently trying to play on the instruments without being disturbed.

She was glad that today was Easter Sunday. That way she was able to sit in here and practise without anyone bothering her. She was happy she was friends with the owner of the store.

She was also here for another reason. She was trying to avoid Danny. Because she knew that Danny wasn't his usual self she decided that it might be best to avoid him.

"I knew I would find you here."

Kira cursed under her breath as she looked up from her guitar and saw Danny standing in the doorway.

"Hi Danny, how's Sam doing." Kira asked.

"She's currently shut herself out from the rest of the world." Danny said as he walked closer to Kira. "Her grandmother's sick and Sam went into an emotional state and shut herself from the rest of the world. I tried to talk to her but she threw a book at my head and told me to leave her alone."

Kira didn't believe him.

"Where's Tucker?" Kira asked.

"Oh he's with Ethan at the Arcade." Danny said.

Kira was feeling nervous now.

"Have you heard from Conner?" Kira asked. "I haven't seen him since last night."

"I think he's playing Soccer." Danny said with a shrug.

"You wouldn't happen to know where Cassidy is, do you?" Kira asked. "We wanted to go shopping."

"I think she is working on her journalism project." Danny said.

Kira didn't like this. Danny knew the locations of everyone and the truth was she knew he was lying to her.

She breathed in slowly about to release her Sonic wail but faster than she could react Dan was in front of her with his hand covering both her mouth and nose.

"Sorry beautiful but I can't allow that." Dan said darkly. "Don't worry I won't kill you. I have uses for you."

Kira's lungs burned as she started trying to grab for air that wasn't available for her. Within a minute she fell unconscious.

Dan then picked her up and teleported away.


Later that day Tommy and Kimberly were both training inside an empty gym. No matter how old they got Tommy would still train in martial arts and Kimberly would train in gymnastics. And they weren't all that old anyway, they were still a good 33 years old.

But as they trained they failed to notice as their elusive son walked in.

Danny stood watching them for a second.

They were both really good at what they were doing and they both obviously loved it and for a brief second he wondered what would have been if Vlad didn't ruin everything.

They'd be a family. His father would probably still be doing karate and probably teaching it and his mother would be the one who would be teaching. He had heard that his mother wanted to be a teacher because she loved spending time with children.

His parents would probably be married now and he'd grow up with them and Jen. His family would be one of super powered individuals. It would have been great…

As soon as that thought entered his mind if left. Dan had a job to do and he couldn't do it with Danny's emotions going all over the place.

Dan decided to go invisible and take them out silently. He already felt bad that he hurt Kira while taking her down. Hurting his parents would only add to that anguish.

Dan flew above them and let his hands glow with ecto goop before he shot four blasts of it.

The goop landed on their mouths and also wrapped around their torsos and legs.

Dan then made himself visible as he walked over to his parents.

They were surprised to see him and tried to struggle but it was no use.

"Don't struggle." Dan said darkly. "You two will be part of bringing a new era to this world, an era led by me. You two won't die."

He had no true intent of working for his 'masters' so he manipulated them. Soon no one would stand in his way.


By nightfall Jen knew she was in trouble. She hadn't heard from Sam, Tucker, Ethan or Conner since the previous night. She also couldn't find Kira or Cassidy and they promised that they'd go to the mall with her. She also knew something happened to her parents as they left hours ago and never returned.

She was quick to realise what was happening so she grabbed her morpher and left her home… her father's home. Yeah her parents had already moved in together.

She knew that Dan would come after next and she knew that she wasn't going to be taken down so quickly so she went to a place where she knew she could stand a better chance against Dan.

Jen went out of the town and stopped by the Amity Nature reserve.

It was bit of lush jungle that remained untouched by human hands.

There she would have her battle against her brother.

"Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, what are you doing so far away from home?"

Jen turned and saw Dan standing behind her leaning on a tree.

"I seem to recall you making a threat about breaking my back." Dan said darkly. "Let's see if your bite is worse that your bark."

He got into a battle stance and so did she.

Dan looked at her. He didn't want to hurt her and felt like he could take her down quickly and painlessly.

Jen watched her brother. She knew she was out matched in this battle but she knew she had to try anyway. She just hoped he underestimated her.

The two siblings then ran towards each other and jumped into the air.

Dan delivered a flying kick; Jen however saw the attack coming and performed a spring volt over his leg.

They both landed before running to each other once again. This time they went for some close combat.

Dan was on the offensive as he delivered punches, kicks, blows and other various attacks. He even performed his father's famous three spinning kicks.

Jen however was on defence as she blocked most of his attacks. With her father's trade mark attack she moved out of the way and then she found her attack window and performed a back flip kick into Dan's face.

Jen was then on the offensive while Dan was defending himself. And the same thing repeated itself.

The two then pushed each other back panting but also glaring at each other.

"Sorry to say this Dan but I was trained by our mother, a Power Ranger. Where were you trained?" Jen said.

"You seem to forget that I was also trained by a Power Ranger. I was trained by my mother Maddie Fenton the Red Ecto Ranger." Danny said.

"Well then let's see who the better mentor was." Jen said as her hands began to glow with white energy. "Remember I was born with the power of the White Tiger, and that was more powerful than the Green Dragon."

Dan only smirked as his hands began to glow with green energy. "The amount of power one has doesn't matter. It's how they use their power that makes the difference." Dan said as his hands began to glow with green energy.

The two dashed towards each other with the intent of attacking and within a few minutes they were flipping and jumping around the jungle as they sent blasts of energy to each other.

Dan seemed to notice that Jen seemed as if she were within her element. It was as if being in this jungle was like her fighting in her own home. She used the environment to her advantage. She was moving faster than she usually did. Dan took notice of this and didn't know how to stop her power increase so he decided that he wouldn't hold back any more.

Jen watched as Dan started attacking with more aggression but she noticed that he wasn't fighting as vigorously as their first battle. Dan was definitely being controlled… somewhat.

"Jenny, where are you?" Dan asked as he looked for his missing sister.

"Time to end this." Jen said as she jumped out of the leaves of a tree and delivered a strong punch to Dan's skull.

When she landed she sent a full blast of white lightning towards her brother.

Dan then growled and blasted his own green lightning.

The two attacks clashed and formed a shockwave that blasted both combatants back.

As Jen slowly got back up she noticed the wind picking up as a green tornado surrounded her.

Dan then came to a stop a few metres away from the green ring that had formed around Jen. He then clicked his figures resulting in a funnel of energy spiking up and seriously harming Jen.

The energy was too much for her and she fell unconscious.

Dan then walked over to her and picked her up.

"It's time." Dan said. "Sorry for the damage done to you dear sister. But in a few hours… everything is about to change."


"Guys it's time to wake up."

The Rangers and Sam and Tucker slowly awoke and took in their surroundings.

To put it simply they were in a volcano. The volcano was large with a large pool of Lava in the corner. They were suspended upside down over some rocks instead of lava and standing in front of them was Dan.

"Danny, what are you doing?" Sam yelled at him.

"I thought it was clear by now. I'm not Danny. Danny is gone. I am Dan his darker persona." Dan said. "As for what I'm doing… well I'm currently a slave to that fruitloop Vlad Plasmius and I'm going to free myself alongside some toys. Then I will resume my primary function of destroying you. I was born to destroy the Power Rangers but that won't be the end of my story, it will be the start of it."

"What exactly are you going to do?" Tommy asked.

"I'm going to succeed where you failed, Father!" Dan said with as much venom as he could muster.

Dan then took out his Dino Gem and looked at the Rangers. He closed his Dino Gem in his fist before green lightning flew from his fist and stopped in mid-air. The energy then branched out and hit Conner, Ethan, Kira, Tommy and Cassidy.

Their Dino Gems then floated off their bodies as the lightning continued to hit the Gems. Each branch of lightning the turned the same colour as the Gem it came from. Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Pink and Green lightning were all surging together.

"Now for you four. With what you have this process with be a lot faster." Dan said.

Two more branches of energy arced out and hit Kimberly and Jenny. Their morphers then floated off their person and pink and white lighting flew from their morphers into the central hub of all the collected energy.

Dan the used his telekinesis to an item each from Sam and Tucker's backpacks.

Dan removed Tucker's PDA and one of Sam's books.

"No don't hurt Sasha." Tucker cried out.

"Danny why do you need my spell book?" Sam asked.

"Why do you have a spell book?" Kira yelled.

"The spells don't work anyway." Sam said.

Dan merely chuckled. "You just don't know how to use magic Samantha." Dan said before the book flipped open to a specific page.

Dan grabbed Tucker's PDA with his other hand and aimed it at the pool of Lava as the different colours of lighting flowed through his body and the PDA and into the pool of Lava.

Dan then began reading Sam's book of spells.

"What was once forgotten will Rise
Give me the power and give me my prize.
I summon the ancient power of the Dinozord
With power loaned and power gained
Bring back what once was without any pain.

Then PDA in Dan's hand then flew into the Lava as a quake shook the earth.

"Why dude?" Tucker cried out.

"Your PDA has the best operating system money can buy and it was also reinforced with Fenton Tech. I need that kind of operating system for my new weapon." Dan said.

A loud roar then shook the cave.

"I was waiting for this moment." Dan said before he tossed an ecto disk the cut the roped that held the others. Before they could fall Dan caught them with his telekinesis.

The others were confused and even more confused when their Dino Gems and morphers were returned to them.

"It wouldn't be fun to just destroy you." Dan said. "Now that I used your energy to free myself. I don't need you here. So I'm giving you a head start. Get your Zords here and get ready because I will be back to attack you in a few seconds. The exit is the first cave on your right."

The others didn't know what to do but after a second of hesitation they left.

But as they tried to escape the mountain someone stopped.

"Wait a second, he had multiple chances to kill us." Kira said. "In the past two days we believed he was out ally and he had multiple chances to kill us and he also had multiple chances a few seconds ago. We are still his biggest threat but he keeps on pulling back."

"You don't think that Danny's still influencing Dan do you?" Jen asked.

"That seems logical." Tucker said. "Danny's got a killer will power."

"Do you think we could use that will power to make Danny break himself off from Dan?" Conner asked.

"It's worth a shot." Sam said. "But I suggest weakening him first. Morph and call on your Zords. I have a feeling you guys will need them."


On Mesogog's Island, the reptilian leader himself was raging. The Green Ranger was now free from his control… again and the Power Rangers still weren't destroyed.

Sending the child to that infernal universe was to make sure he stayed under his control. But as it seemed his dark side was still partially in control of his actions.

"Plasmius!" Mesogog called out.

Mesogog was beyond pissed at the moment. Since Plasmius had joined him in his battle to defeat the Rangers, his plans seemed to be failing a lot more often. Because of him three of the Ranger's had been allowed to evolve their powers and more things happened in the favour of his enemies. Mesogog was actually starting to believe that Plasmius was betraying him.

"Yes Mesogog?" Plasmius said as he appeared from the shadows.

"Your plan failed." Mesogog growled. "The Rangers are still alive and the Green Ranger is free from our control."

Plasmius mentally smirked while he physically scowled.

"That shouldn't be possible. I had Daniel in our grasp… your grasp." he said. "He shouldn't have been able to break free from our control."

"Well he is free." Mesogog growled.

"Don't worry. I will send a fierce warrior to end them all." Plasmius said.

"And what might you send that would give us better results?" Mesogog asked.

Plasmius smirked. "Well the Rangers have their own Zords. I believed that it was time we got our own." Plasmius said.

He then flew to a large battle armour. It was silver with Green designs covered on it. On the chest there once was a logo with a Green F inside but now there was a purple V.

"It's only in its testing phase and I believe this will be the perfect test to try it out." Plasmius said.


The Rangers were now suited up and they were standing on their Zords' heads with the exception of Tommy. Conner stood on the head of his red Tyrannozord, Ethan on his blue Tricerazord, Kira on her yellow Pterazord, Cassidy on her pink Steggazord, Kimberly on her pink Pterodactyl Dinozord and Jen on her (formerly her father's) White Tiger Zord.

They then saw the volcano they had just exited from explode as something emerged from the burning ground.

They all paled as they saw a giant mechanical Dragozord. It was mostly green as expected but had black wings, black spikes and a black horn. To be honest it made the other Dinozords look like harmless toys.

And standing on top of the Dragozord in a completely badass 'I'm cooler than you fools' was Dan himself in his ranger uniform.

Even though they couldn't see his face they knew he was smirking.

"So today this battle ends. No more interruptions, no more stalling. Either the majority of you die or I am ultimately defeated." Dan said with an evil laugh.

Dan then jumped into the cockpit of his Zord as the others jumped into their Zords and the Megazord formed.

The torso and tail of the Tyrannozord then spun around as the head of the Tyrannozord went to the chest area and the tail went to the area where the left arm would usually be. The Tricera Zord then attack to the other side of the torso and became the right arm as a human looking (but still robotic) head grew on top of the torso. The Pterazord then flew in from the sky as its head then separated from its body, the body of the Pterazord folded together and clipped onto the Tyrannozord head while the Pterazord Head split and landed on the Megazord head as a black and yellow helmet. The Steggazord then opened up and landed on the Megazord back acting as a somewhat shell.

"Thundersaurus Megazord!" Conner, Ethan, Kira and Cassidy yelled inside the combined cockpit of the Megazord before the Tyrannozord head roared.

(AN: I tried to the best of my ability to describe the Megazord coming together and if you didn't quite get it just search the Megazord transformation for Power Rangers Dino Thunder on YouTube. Bear in mind that the pink Steggazord in this fanfic was my way of making the Steggazord fit onto the Megazord.)

Kimberly and Jen's Zords didn't combine and make a Megazord.

"Well then let's begin." Dan said inside his Dragozord.

The next few minutes were a power struggle between giants. The Thundersaurus Megazord was constantly changing between the Tricera punch, the Ptera-rang, the Tyranno Drill and the Stegga Shield, while the Pink Pterodactyl and White Tiger gave their fair share of attacks. The only problem was that those attacks were completely in effective.

The Dragozord took no damage and to make matters worse when it started attacking all hell broke loose.

Its attacks were so powerful that neither the Rangers nor their Zords stood a chance. The Megazord collapsed back into the Dinozords and the Rangers fell out.

"My chance." Dan said before he jumped out of his Dino Zord.

As the Rangers got up and Tommy rushed to their aid a green blur dashed past them multiple times and dished damage onto them.

The next thing they knew they were receiving a lot of attacks from the one Green Ranger.

Eventually the Rangers powered down from exhaustion as Dan walked closer to them.

"A pity after, all this you will be defeated on your knees. After you're power increases and out constant battles you still haven't learned anything." Dan said. "Pathetic."

"Danny you don't want to do this." Jen said.

"I'm not sure how many times I've said this but I'm Dan." Dan said.

"Danny we know you're still in there." Kimberly said. "Fight it, use your will power and fight him."

"Yeah you can't let that monster control you." Ethan said.

"You're a hero." Cassidy said. "I've heard all the rumours of the Phantom of Amity Park. This isn't you. The Phantom however is you."

Dan's body began to spark with electricity.

"You are a bright kid with a bright future ahead of you." Tommy said.

"Yeah, where's the guy who likes to play video games and dream of going into space?" Conner asked.

Dan growled as more energy sparked off of him. "He's not here. He will never be back." Dan growl. "The Danny you thought you knew is gone and will never return."

"Except for the fact that he lives in you." Kira said. "We are smart we've seen the way you act. You allowed Conner, Ethan and I to improve our powers so that the fight would be fairer."

"That wasn't me." Dan growled. "Why would I want a fair fight? I'm evil."

"Oh come we all know that isn't you." Kira said. "You've shown attributes of Danny. You showed that you actually somewhat care for Dr O and Dr Hart as well as Jen."

"I don't care about them. I only care about myself." Dan all but yelled as more energy began to spark off of him.

Kira then decided to take a leap of faith. "I also know that you have a crush on me just like Danny does." Kira said. "That's why when you faced me you used less aggression and bloodlust. Like Danny, you have a crush on me… and Danny I… kinda like you as well."

There was nothing but silence.

"You do?" Danny's voice came out.

"Yeah I do." Kira said.

Conner, Ethan and Cassidy just let their jaws drop. Never in their lives knowing Kira had they seen her be so… girly. They all knew each other from primary school even though they hardly chatted to each other and never in their lives did they imagine Kira Ford, the schools toughest and most independent girl to actually say that. They would actually faint if their lives weren't hanging in the balance.

A lot of energy then discharged from Dan/Danny's body as Green Ecto waves flew off of Danny's body.

They then saw his suit cracking as if it were being peeled off.

Then it shattered and two Danny's were thrown onto the ground. The Rangers looked and saw Jazz standing there in the Fenton Ghost Peeler with Sam and Tucker in the Spector Speeder behind.

They then looked to the two Danny's who stood un-morphed.

One had raven black hair and icy blue eyes. He was in his own Rangers civilian uniform. Where upon he was in a green jacket with a dragon on the back and a white Shirt with the Dino Thunder Logo on top. He was also in black pants that had a single green stripe running down each side and he wore white boots.

The other Danny or in this case Dan had pale skin, jet black hair and midnight blue eyes. His attire was similar to Danny's but was still different. Dan wore a dark green jacket with a dragon on the back and a black shirt with a red Dino Thunder logo on the front. He was also in black pants and black combat boots.

"I'm… I'm free." Danny said with a smirk. "I'm no longer confined."

"And so am I." Dan said as he stood up.

Danny then glared at Dan and Dan glared back.

"Looks like we can't morph." Dan said.

"Power's divided and we can't access it." Danny said. "So only one of us can come out on top."

"Do you have the guts to kill me?" Dan asked.

"Kill you no, get rid of my multiple personality disorder and kick some serious ass. No problem." Danny said as he cracked his knuckles.

"So shall we do this the Phantom way?" Dan asked as he cracked his knuckles.

"I don't see why not." Danny said with a smirk.

Sam, Tucker and Jazz had now moved closer to the Ranger.

"You guys are in for a show." Tucker said as he pulled out some popcorn.

"Alright, I'm Going Ghost." Danny and Dan yelled as they raised their arms into the air.

Twin white halos appeared on Danny's waist while twin black halos appeared on Dan's waist. The halos then split and travelled up and down their bodies. The white halos changed Danny's outfit into a black long sleeved shirt with a white DP logo on the chest and black long sleeved pants with a white hoodie with no sleeves and a Black DP symbol on the back. He also has white gloves, a white utility belt and white boots. He also had Snow white hair and glowing green eyes. (AN: He could walk through walls, disappear and fly. He was much more unique than the other guys. Sorry couldn't help myself) The black halos changed Dan's outfit into a black long sleeved shirt with a red DP logo on the chest and black long sleeved pants with a red cape with a black DP symbol on the back. He was also in red gloves, a red utility belt and red boots. His skin was pale blue with stark white flaming hair and glowing red eyes.

Both combatants faced each other as silence passed between the Rangers.

Never has they seen Danny or Dan look so… awesome.

The two then flew towards each other at high speeds. And began to clash.

The battlefield was filled with ecto blasts as the two fought for control over the Dino Power.

Dan flew to Danny with the intent of taking him down with raw power but Danny was clever in the way that he anticipated Dan's attack and countered and threw him into the side of the volcano that had just erupted.

"Sloppy, very sloppy." Danny said with his usual wit coming back.

Dan then growled and came back at Danny but the heroic halfa avoided him and attacked from behind.

"Did you know that blind aggression leads to only failure." Danny asked.

Dan then teleported behind Danny only to be met with a spinning kick and en ecto blast.

"Dan you know all my moves right?" Danny asked. "So why do you keep walking into them like that?"

Dan was getting angrier and flew back to attack Danny but he teleported before Dan could harm him and appeared behind him and punched him. Danny then teleported next to Dan as he turned and around and punched him again.

Danny continued teleporting to different sides of Dan as he turned and hit him.

He was merely laughing and mocking the evil halfa.

When Danny teleported next he had a surprise for his double ganger in the form of a Fenton Thermos.

As soon as Dan saw it his eyes filled with fear. He had lost this battle.

A loud "No!" was heard as he was sucked into the thermos.

"Adios Amigo." Danny said before he threw the Fenton Thermos into the air and shot a lot of green Lightning at it.

The Fenton Thermos then exploded and Green energy flowed out of it and into Danny.

Danny then flew back to the ground before he turned back into human just to be surrounded by the others.

"Wow nice battle." Kira said.

"Thanks. I knew I had to make a show since I was back to being me." Danny said with a shrug.

"So do you think you're ready to join the team?" Conner asked.

"Dude it would be my honour." Danny said.

The two rangers then shook hands.

"Guys I hate to break up this touching reunion of Rangers but the City is being attacked by a giant Fenton Exoskeleton." Sam said.

"No doubt created by Vlad from our parent's designs." Jazz said.

The Rangers then smirked and looked at their Zords.

"Alright then," Conner said as he stopped shaking Danny's hand. "You guys ready?"

"Ready." Everyone else replied.

"Green Ranger!" Danny yelled as he threw the gem into the air. The Dino Gem then morphed into a green dragon morpher before he caught it in both his hands and thrust it forward. "Dino Power!"

Green lightning then surged from the sky and hit into him. The green energy then formed a ring around his wait before it turned white. Danny then jumped into the air and spun slowly as the rings travelled up and down his body changing his everyday clothes to a green and black spandex looking combat armour that allowed great durability alongside flexibility. He then landed as golden armour and a green helmet, with a dragon's face, landed on him.

"Dino Thunder, Power Up, Ha!" Conner, Ethan, Kira, Cassidy and Tommy yelled.

The five rangers were surrounded by white energy before the Dino Ranger logo appeared on their chests. They then back-flipped into the air while red lightweight armour that allowed mobility flew from around and stuck to Conner, blue lightweight armour that allowed mobility flew from around and stuck to Ethan, yellow lightweight armour that allowed mobility flew from around and stuck to Kira, black lightweight armour that allowed mobility flew from around and stuck to Tommy and pink lightweight armour that allowed mobility flew from around and stuck to Cassidy. They all landed on the ground before helmets made of similar materials flew onto their faces.

"It's Morphing time." Kimberly and Jen both yelled.

"White Tiger power!" Jen yelled as she was surrounded by white energy that turned into her uniform.

"Pterodactyl Power!" Kimberly yelled as she was surrounded by pink energy that turned into her uniform.

"Tyranno!" Conner yelled.

"Tricera!" Ethan yelled

"Ptera!" Kira yelled

"Brachio!" Tommy yelled

"Stegga!" Cassidy yelled

"Drago!" Danny yelled.

"White Tiger!" Jen yelled.

"Pink Pterodactyl." Kimberly yelled.

"Alright we're ready to morph into action…" Conner said.

"Eight working together to fight evil…" Tommy said.

"And Stop Mesogog…" Ethan said.

"And Plasmius…" Kira said.

"And all their monsters…" Cassidy said.

"From taking over our planet, Earth…" Jen said.

"And ruling the universe with evil." Kimberly said.

"Hang on villains. We're not backing down cause were the…" Danny said.

"Power Rangers." They all yelled as a random explosion appeared behind them and they adopted battle poses.

The eight Rangers then jumped into their Zords. The Thundersaurus Megazord was formed and another Megazord was formed using the Dragozord, the Pink Pterodactyl Zord and White Tiger Zord.

The White Tiger Zord split in half and became two legs as the Dragozord attacked to the legs. The head of the Dragozord then folded into its chest leaving behind a more human looking (but still robotic) head as the Pink Pterodactyl Zord landed on the chest of the Dragozord.

The Thundersaurus Dragozord was now complete.

The two Zords then travelled to the city with the intent of stopping the lasted threat to Amity Park and Reefside.

Sam, Tucker and Jazz also followed in the Spectre Speeder.


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He didn't understand, why was he alive? He should have been dead after that blast but he wasn't. He was weaker. That much was true but not destroyed.

"I sparred you but that came at a horrible price."

Dan looked up and saw someone walking out of the shadows. He had stark white hair and midnight blue eyes. He was dressed in a fancy black suit.

"Vlad Masters?" Dan asked.

"Yes my boy." Vlad said as he transformed into Plasmius. "I saved you for a reason. I don't plan on working alongside Mesogog for long. I plan to betray him and rule the world and I think you could help me. That is why I originally helped to create you. So that we could do this."

Dan was confused. "Is that why I'm different?" he asked.

"Yes." Plasmius said. "I put my blood in the Dino Gem when I created you. You are technically my son. By blood."

"Well then father what do you have planned." Dan asked.

"We destroy the Power Rangers. We destroy that Idiot Mesogog and we take the world as our own." Vlad said. "With these."

He handed Dan an I pad which was showing live footage of a factory where a whole bunch of Robots were being assembled or were already standing in line ready to be used.

"The Fenton Exoskeletons." Dan gasped.

"Yes. And I have a good idea for our first pilot." Vlad said.

Only then did Dan notice what a behind him. A sarcophagus of forever sleep.

Dan then smirked.


Kira: Crap.

Dani: Oh my god.

Shadow: Somebody get me a mother f***ing table to flip