The next thing I knew I was at the Pokémon center. Nurse Joy was spraying something on me. Chansey was busy wheeling poke balls around on a large cart. Sherlock was sitting in the corner of the waiting room. Nurse Joy picked me up and carried me over to Sherlock.

"Make sure he gets plenty of rest. Other than that he is fine. You should get some rest too. I don't want to have to sedate you again. He is fine!" Sherlock nodded and took me from Nurse Joy's arms. She looked a bit upset with him, and he looked horrible. He looked like he hadn't slept for days. She showed him to the back of the Pokémon center, where they would let journeying trainers spend the night. He followed her and flopped down on one of the beds. He was asleep before he even hit the bed. I snuck out of the center and took a quick walk to clear my head. I did my best to tie a scarf around my neck, to show that I already had a trainer. I walked into the woods and found a clearing.

A bright light filled the clearing, and I was once again met eye to eye with Arceus.

"You should learn how to turn back into your human form," he seemed to project into my mind, "I will teach you."

"Just one question first," I said timidly, "I have been wondering... I thought I saw Sherlock die, how did he survive?" Arceus looked at me, his wisdom filled eyes peering into mine.

"The answer is simple, your friend did not survive. You forget, young Shaymin, I have created all you see before you, and much you don't see. It would have been mere child's play to revive your trainer. Even so, I was not the one who returned his life to him. Powers greater than mine control the hands of fate. Even I am not immune to its control. Like a puppet master in a play, fate may take out a character from the scene, only to bring them back later. He had passed his test, and was therefore found worthy to partake in the events as they unfolded." I was still confused but I didn't ask any more questions. We worked on transformations for a few hours, eventually I got it. I walked back to the Pokémon center as a man. When I got there Sherlock was in a panic.

"Where have you been?!" he yelled. "I've been looking under everything for you. There are trainers out there John! You could have been caught. I swear, did you even think that what you were doing might be dangerous?!" Nurse Joy looked at him strangely. He had been looking for a Pokémon. Nurse Joy turned to me.

"I'm so sorry about that. This man has been waiting here for a week for his Shaymin to wake up from a coma. The only rest he got was from when I sedated him. On the same day it woke up it ran away. He has been tearing up the center looking for it. It has been very stressful, so it is not surprising that he would hallucinate. If you could possibly help him find it, I'm sure he would appreciate it." Nurse Joy though that Sherlock was nuts, and wouldn't let him leave with me. She most likely thought that he would try to catch me in a poke ball and try to battle with me. I offered to look outside for it. I promptly changed back into a Pokémon and went back inside. Nurse Joy looked overjoyed when I returned, most likely because Sherlock would finally go now. She scooped me up and handed me to Sherlock.

"Get out." Her typically cheery voice was replaced with that of a frustrated woman finally kicking out guests that had long overstayed their welcome. "And please don't come back soon!" We left the Pokémon center; I didn't really want to turn back into a man, that would mean that Sherlock would no longer carry me. It wasn't that I was lazy, it was more of I didn't want to leave his warm arms, I never wanted to feel them grow cold again.

"Is it true?" I asked. "was I really out for a week?"

"Not quite," Sherlock answered, "it was actually a closer to two." I knew he hadn't left my side. He hadn't even put on new clothes. His pants had become black as the blood dried. His split had healed for the most part, leaving only a very large scar running across his entire waste. It was visible because his shirt was so torn. Many tiny scratches were just about finished healing. I didn't know if I looked much better though. "I suggest that we start off for the gate. Everything has been restored. We can save your daughter now. I don't think Moriarty will be too much of a challenge after "the void." We can just break down the gate." We were in Vermillion city, because the Pokémon centers in Lavender Town and Saffron City were entirely full. We took a boat to Route 21, and then continued on to Pallet town. For the second time we jumped over the fence, and continued down the forest path. We saw the gate again. Sherlock took out his Tyranitar and smashed through it. We continued down a wooded path until we found a large building. We wandered around grey rooms until we finally found Moriarty.

"My goodness it took you a long time to get here. I expected you to make it over two weeks ago." Sherlock started with Isaac. Moriarty started with a Poliwrath. It was a long battle, but eventually Moriarty won. Sherlock took out his Hydreigon. The battle was long, but in the end the two were out of Pokémon, and tied. In the meantime, I was exploring the building, looking for my daughter. I found her, she was alive, and that was enough for me. The two called a sudden death round. Each one was going to call out one last Pokémon. Unfortunately, Moriarty would only let us leave if it was me he was fighting. I looked to Sherlock and he nodded. Moriarty sent out a Gengar. He was anxious to see what I released.

"John, I choose you!" Sherlock cried. I began to change back into the hedgehog-like figure. "There you are, you are fighting John," Sherlock said smugly. Moriarty was too shocked to say anything. He tried to make excuses, but Sherlock simply brushed them away.

"Fine," he spat out, "use your pet to fight me." Neither of us had a type advantage. Gengar was faster than I was, but I had higher hit points, attack, and defense. Only about one out of every three of my attacks hit, but in the end we still won. We left with victory still fresh on our lips.

I know that no one will believe this story, but to some degree it doesn't matter. Mary is gone, and now I am raising a child, not entirely alone though. Although sometimes I think it might be better for her if I was alone, I will always have the help of the world's greatest, and only, consulting detective.

There, now no one can say that I don't write stories with happy endings.