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Tris's POV:

Pain screeches through my body. Tension builds up in every muscle, wanting to break free. The last thing I remember was being shot by David in the room beyond the death serum. And I certainly remember shutting off its effects. The one question I'm asking myself is: How the hell did I survive the death serum? I must be resistant to the lot of the serums, unlike most Divergents.

Tobias steadies his way into my room and mutters, "Thank God you're okay." He strokes my hand, his gray eyes piercing into mine.

"I'm fine. What about you?"

"Are you serious? You're asking about me when you were shot, twice, and almost didn't survive a room full of death serum. The real question is: Are you okay? And I want your real answer."

"Well, if you want a real answer, then no. My arm hurts, my neck aches, my back feels like it's about to snap in two, and my legs are numb. Otherwise, yeah, I'm pretty good."

Tobias laughs and mutters, "Would this make you feel better?" Then, he leans in, and presses his lips to mine, gently.

I pull away just long enough to whisper back, "It always does." He pulls himself closer, but is careful of my wounds. He kisses my lips then moves on down to my throat, and to my tattoos, and around to my neck. Every time his lips touch a part of me, I shiver, electricity brewing at his touch.

Tobias pushes himself away from me to say, "Why did you go into that room?"

To be completely honest, I really have no idea why. Why did I sacrifice myself when I could sacrifice someone who wanted to die, who wanted to rid of his guilt and "repay" me. I decide to answer with, "I guess the Abnegation in me reminded me that I loved Caleb and didn't want him to die."

He grins back, and brushes his lips lightly to mine. "I'll be back later. Got to go help out with the brainless Bureau people."

I flash him a smile, and wave goodbye. With a tingling feeling left all over me, I ponder on why I went in instead of Caleb. I know that I don't want to die, but did I just feel like I could defy everything? Like I could just ignore the fact that you don't even need to drink death serum to be dead, let alone go into a room with pounds of it, and have no protection. But then it hit's me. Once somebody told me that you sacrifice yourself for people you truly love. That's what my mother and father did. They sacrifice themselves for me, because they loved me, and didn't want me to die. And, obviously, I haven't yet.