Spiderboy Meets Chuck.

The Super and the Spies.

Chapter 2

"Spread out and search for those three energy sources. Whereever in the store they are, we'll find them." Ghost Face said as his men disbanded, spreading out through the Buy More. Mason's eyes widened in realization as he figured out exactly what Ghost Face and his men were after. They were after him, Skye and'Bee! Mason quickly turned to Skye, a slightly paniced expression on his face.

"Skye, they're after us! We must still be giving off cosmic energy. We have to takethem down, now!" Mason said with a determined look on his face. Skye nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, okay . . . But what about 'Bee? He's in the home-theater room all by himself, in human form and he can't transform!" Skye said in a slightly worried tone. Mason raised a hand, signaling her to stop talking.

"I'll go get him now, don't worry about him, or me, just find somewhere safe to 'heat up'. We'll be right behind you." Mason said before going into his stealth mode and racing over to the home-theater room, phasing through the glass wall before exiting his stealth mode in front of Bumblebee, scaring the currently human autobot scout.

"Primus Mason! Don't do that!" Bumblebee practically hissed at his boyfriend as Mason transformed back into Spiderboy. The red and black supderhero quickly snapped his fingers, transforming Bumblebee back to his usual black and yellow mech-self.

"Sorry, but we're in trouble sweetspark! Ghost Face is here! And he's looking for us!" Spiderboy said as the home-theater room's glass door opened, revealing one of Ghost Face's men. Spiderboy quickly fired a web-shot at the man's mouth so he wouldn't be able to call for back-up before quickly firing another webline at the man's arm, dragging him in almost instantly just before knocking him out.

"But, how'd he find us?" Bumblebee asked with a raised optic as he looked out into the rest of the store from behind the home-theater room's curtains.

"They tracked our energy signals from when we fell out of the reality portal, that's the only way they could have found us." Spiderboy replied before pausing for a moment. "Hey 'Bee?"

"Yeah?" Bumblebee asked with a raised optic, turning to the red and black superhero, who had a slightly nervous expression on his masked face.

"No matter what happens, I want you to know, I will always love you. And I don't want you to ever forget that." Spiderboy said before quickly raising his mask and kissing the black and yellow mech on the cheek, sending some cosmic energy into the mech on contact. Just in case something happens to me. Spiderboy thought as he pulled his mask back over his face. "You ready sweetspark?"

"As ready as ever." Bumblebee said with a confident grin before Spiderboy took a hold of his hand and turning both himself and the black and yellow mech invisible as they exited the home-theater room and made their way to the Nerd Herd desk.

"Sir, we can't find the source of the signals anywhere, but they are definitly in the store." One of Ghost Face's remaining five men said, making the mercanary growl in annoyance.

"Then search harder! We can not leave without thouse sources!" Ghost Face boomed at the top of his lungs as Spiderboy turned himself and Bumblebee visible again just before Flameshadow flw into the room.

"Lookin' for us Ghost Face?!" Spiderboy said with narrowed lensed eyes.

"Sir, they are the sources!" One of the soldiers stated, showing Ghost Face the scanner he had in his hands. Ghost Face grinned under his mask.

"Take them down, but don't kill them, we need to know how they're like this." Ghost Face said as he began to exit the Buy More. "I'll get the transport ready." Spiderboy smilied under his mask.

"Alright guys, let's take 'em down!" Spiderboy said loudly before something from the back of the store triggered his spider sense. The red and black superhero quickly looked towards the back of the store, his lensed eyes widening in surprise at what he saw.

Earlier . . .

Chuck quickly walked down the stairs into castle, excited to see his wife-to-be on his lunch break. The nerd herder looked around the main room of the base, confused to not see Sarah there like they had planned.

"Sarah?" Chuck called out as he walked through castle, looking for the deadly spy of his dreams.

"In here Chuck!" Sarah replied from the firing range area of the base. Chuck smilied at the sound of Sarah's voice as he made his way to the firing range. Just as the nerd herder arrived at the firing range Sarah exited the area, meeting Chuck half way. "So, we still on for Subway?" Sarah asked right after kissing her loving boyfriend on the cheek, making the nerd herder blush just before a loud booming noise thundered throughout the base as well as a large shockwave, causing both Chuck and Sarah to fall to the ground.

"SARAH?! Sarah, what was that?!" Chuck yelled in a paniced tone as he and Sarah scrambled to their feet before racing to the Buy More security cameras.

"Oh my god." Sarah said in a surpirsed tone as she watched the live security feed of Ghost Face's men spreading out through the Buy More.

"Find me those energy sources!" Ghost Face boomed as his mask came into view of the camera, activating the intersect almost instantly. All of Ghost Face's files flashed in Chuck's head in half an instant before he vame back to reality.

"Hoo! Hoooh! Wow! Um . . . Sarah, this guys is one of the most dangerous people in the intersect!" Chuck said nervously as he noticed the home-theater room's sercurity camera the instant that Spiderboy knocked out one of Ghost Face's men. "Oh, and those guys from last night's security footage are back!" Chuck said, showing Sarah the live footage of Bumblebee and Spiderboy.

"C'mon Chuck, we've gotta take care of this!" Sarah said before handing the nerd herder a trank-gun and a bullet-proof vest.

Now . . .

"It's about time you two showed up!" Spiderboy called back to Chuck and Sarah (who were wearing S.W.A.T. uniforms and facial masks to protect their covers) as he punched one of the soldiers across the face.

"Everyone drop your weapons!" Sarah boomed as one of the four remaining soldiers snuck up behind her, about to shoot the C.I.A. agent in the head.

"Look out!" Flameshadow called out to Sarah in mid-air before firing a fireball, hitting the soldier in the chest, forcing him to fly backwards into one of the large ovens. "You alright?" Flameshadow asked Sarah with a raised eye as she landed next to the blond haired, blue eyed C.I.A. agent.

"How did you do that?!" Sarah asked in a confused and shocked tone.

"I'll tell you later Sarah, but right now, let's just focus on the mission, alright?" Flameshadow said before looking over to Bumblebee and Spiderboy, who were fighting off two of the remaining soldiers.

"Just like ol' times, right Spider?" Bumblebee asked with a raised ptic as he leaned back with his arms up as if he was boxing. Spiderboy smilied as the black and yellow mech punched the soldier across the face.

"Sure is sweetspark. Just like fighting 'Cons. Speaking of which, helm slam?"Spiderboy asked as he broke the arm of the soldier he was fighting. Bumblebee grinned as he nodding slightly before he and the red and black superhero knocked the soldiers' heads together, knocking them both out.

"Can someone please explain what's going on?!" Chuck blurted out as he tranked the last soldier before racing over to the nerd herd desk, meeting up with everyone else.

"Not here, we'll explain down in castle." Spiderboy said before his spider sense went off again. The red and black superhero quickly turned to the Buy More entrance to see Ghost Face in a large black armoured truck staring right at him. Spiderboy narrowed his lensed eyes as the mercanary drove away from the scene.

. . .

"Wow, so this is castle. I've always wanted to actually be in here." Spiderboy said, his fanboy-ish nature kicking in as the group entered castle.

"Yeah, it is isn't it?" Chuck said with a smile as everyone got off the stairs.

"So, you said you'd explain everything once we got to castle, so explain." Sarah said in a slightly impatient tone as she, Chuck, Spiderboy, Bumblebee and Flameshadow sat down around the large table in the middle of the room. Spiderboy merely nodded in response.

"My name is Spiderboy, this is Bumblebee and this is Flameshadow," Spiderboy began, gesturing to Bumblebee and Flameshadow as he spoke. "we're superheroes from my home universe . . . Well, except for 'Bee, he's from another universe.*" Spiderboy said (read any of my Spiderboy Meets Transformers: Prime stories -MD), looking over at his black and yellow boyfriend.

"Um . . . Can you please get to the point?" Chuck asked in the most polietful tone he could make. Spiderboy nodded slightly.

"Well, to be honest. We have no idea why we were sent here. But I do know that something bad is on it's way, and we have to help you." Spiderboy said with slightly narrowed lensed eyes.

"So you guys just came here?" Sarah asked with a slightly confused expression on her face.

"Yeah, basically." Spiderboy anwsered.

"And you have no idea what the bad thing your here to help stop is?" Chuck asked. Spiderboy paused for a moment, thinking if he should tell the two C.I.A agents about his connection to Ghost Face.

"Actually, I do know one thing about it." Spiderboy said before pausing for a moment. "Ghost Face will be a part of it."

"Wait . . . How do you know Ghost Face?" Chuck asked in a concerned tone with a slightly confusd expression on his face. Spiderboy sighed, knowing he had to tell them now.

"Because he's my father." Spidebroy said with a saddened expression as flashes of his mother's death flooded into his mind. Both Chuck and Sarah looked at Spiderboy wide-eyed.

"What?! He's your father?!" Sarah said loudly. Spiderboy paused for a moment, taking a deep breath before speaking.

"Yes . . . and no. Like I said before I'm from another universe, so everything between me and Ghost Face doesn't exactly apply here. And besides, my past with that man is already complicated." Spiderboy said, crossing his arms.

"How so?" Chuck asked, leaning back in his seat with his arms already crossed.

"Mason, you don't have to say anything." Bumblebee said, placing a hand on the red and black superhero's arm. Chuck's eyes widened in realization, making him sit upright in his seat.

"You were in the Buy More earlier! Before Ghost Face showed up!" Chuck began before looking over to Flameshadow. "So if he's Mason, then you're Skye!" Flameshadow didn't say a word. Spiderboy merely smilied.

"Yep, and now, I think you should sit down, and listen to my history." Spiderboy said, leaning back in his seat.

. . .

"Wow. That must have been . . . difficult to get past. And not just having a secret bad guy father, but having your clone sister kill your mother. I don't know how I'd handle all of that." Chuck said with a slightly saddened expression.

"It was honestly. But I can never let it keep me down. My mom wouldn't want me to stay down and accept defeat, she'd want me to keep fighting and that's exactly what I do every day, in my universe and others." Spiderboy said with a slight smile under his masked face, remembering all of the good, yet brief, times with his mother.

"So, what do we do now? Until Ghost Face strikes again we have no way of finding him." Flameshadow said with a slightly confused expression. Spiderboy paused for a moment before shrugging.

"I have no clue. I guess we can just have a look around, see if he might track us down." Spiderboy suggested as he got up from his seat.

"No. You're not doing that." Chuck said as he got up from his own seat. Spiderboy gave Chuck a stern-ish look.

"Chuck, this might be the only way we can catch Ghost Face and put his down for good! All I need to do is emit some cosmic energy and he'll come runnin' to get it, and when he does, I'll take him down and then we'll leave." Spiderboy said, crossing his arms with a slight smile under his masked face. "Now, let's go catch this fucker." Spiderboy said as he went to prepare for the mission ahead.

End of Chapter 2!

Hope you guys are enjoying this crossover so far! I know I am. Anyways, stay tuned for more chapter (which are comin' soon!) and take care everyone! PEACE!