A NEW FANFIC, YAY! This one is focused around Donald, Chase and Douglas though.


Douglas had had enough. Chase had betrayed him, even after he had given him the chance to become the ultimate bionic, Adam and Bree hated him and it was all Donald's fault. Ever since he and Donald had been kids, Donald had always taken and broken his toys, manipulated him and had always been their parent's favourite. The last straw was when he had taken HIS bionic children, HIS kids.

Though he didn't show it, Douglas thought as he sat in the murky old hotel room, he did care for his kids. Adam, Bree and Chase were his kids, even though they may call him names and insult his hair and freeze him...

It wasn't fair, he was a better father than Donald but he just hadn't had a chance to show it. He was strong, fast and smart enough to be their amazing father inventor, and he had better hair!

He growled in the back of his throat, he gave one look around the 60's themed room with green curtains and put his hands in his hair to try and let out some frustration, it didn't work.

He glanced over to his ever growing pile of notebooks next to him on the rotting desk, which were filled with plans on different scenarios on how he could get his kids back. He had a rule, write them down and if you can see a problem or a solution they could use to get out of it, write it down and try and come up with a better plan or find something to overcome it. The best plan he had come up with so far was putting glue in Donald's hair gel.

He sneezed as he sighed; the dust from the room wasn't helping him think. This hotel probably hadn't been decorated in 30 years when half of this d├ęcor had been in style. It smelled of damp and had the creakiest bed ever invented.

Revenge- he craved it.

He left the comfort of the fading yellow chair, decorated with huge flowers and walked over to the old bookshelf, if he couldn't steal his kids back, maybe he could steal a good book from a hotel room. He chose a book at random and sat on the bed, and cringed when it creaked under his weight.

The book was emerald green, smelled like pencil shavings and had the title written across it in gold letters.


Doug looked at the book and remembered reading it in high school. The play was all about revenge. Wow, sounded familiar. He finished the book after five hours.

He had an idea.

He took the gun from its case. Just a little something he made the day Marcus had been made, just in case Donnie decided to take him away too.

A ray gun that was powerful enough to take out a Bionic, so it was more than enough to get rid of Donnie.

He was going to enjoy this.