Bit of a plot twist in this one, ENJOY!

It felt like an illusion, or a nightmare, Chase fell into my arms and started shaking. He took that deadly laser for me. It felt like I had been hit by a truck when all of this processed through my mind, I looked up at my brother, who like me was in shock. Douglas dropped the gun and ran over to me and Chase. I shuffled back from him, he wasn't going anywhere near my son again.

"Chase? Donald, let me see him, I can help!" He looked like he was going to burst into tears. I felt nothing, all my emotion was put onto the sixteen year old in my arms, who seconds before had been full of life. I had to do something.

I scooped Chase up in my arms and ran with him in my arms down to the lab. I knew I had to detach myself to help him, but I couldn't help but blame myself for this. He wouldn't have had to take that laser for me if he knew I could-

"Donald," I turned around to see my selfish little brother, looking smaller than ever behind me in the entrance way of the lab, "I didn't mean to. I swear."

I rolled my eyes at him and turned my head back to Chase, I pulled up his x-ray on the monitor, the blast had hit his ribs and had near enough crushed him internally, but it was healable with...

With my Bionics.

Something that I've never let loose to my kids, Tasha, Douglas or even Eddy was that I, Donald Davenport had installed myself with bionics.

My powers included: Teleportation, invisibility, healing, mind manipulation, molecular kinesis, a force field and lasers installed in my hands.

I suppose you're wondering when I did this to myself. Well, here goes, back when I took Adam, Bree and Chase away from my brother, I knew that he was going to try and get them back one day. I couldn't risk the kids' safety so I installed Eddy. However, one night when Eddy shut off, I heard someone break in. It wasn't Douglas, it was a gang of teenagers trying to break in. I fought them off but only just, so to take extra precaution I installed myself only with the necessary bionics.

I could have fought Douglas off, but my mind blanked the minute Chase jumped in front of me, it's my fault but I can heal him. I just don't want my brother seeing.

I saw Chase's heart rate drop. I panicked; I started the healing process instantly, not caring if Douglas saw. Minutes later breathed a sigh of relief when I saw Chase starting to recover.

However, Douglas, much to my dismay, saw everything.

"You have Bionics?!"

"Yeah, and I wouldn't have had to use them if it wasn't for you!" I yelled back.

"You never told me..." He paused, "do Adam, Bree and Chase know?"

"No! And they won't know, ever. Not until they have to."

"So you healed him?"

"YES, DOUGLAS!" I yelled, I couldn't help it, he knew this and he kept asking the same stupid questions!

We both remained quiet, both sets of our eyes locked on Chase.

"I'm sorry."

I turned around and looked at Douglas. "You're sorry for nearly killing my son?!"

"Donnie, he's my son."

"When he wakes up we'll ask him then, shall we?"

"Fair enough, but will he want a father who's an even bigger liar than before?"

I blinked, "what did you just say to me?"

Douglas smirked, "give me my son back, or I'll tell him what you really are."

So were you expecting Daddy Davenport to have Bionics?