'Funny, I've never seen a funfair. I wonder if I ever will... Probably not. Thanks Douglas.'

Chase thought about this in what he saw- or didn't see as the darkness.

'Am I dead? Did Douglas actually kill me? What about Mr Davenport? Did I save him or did I just distract Douglas for longer. What about Adam and Bree, will they have to go on missions without me? Will Leo replace me as Mission Leader?'

He sighed- or the equivalent of sighing when you're not sure if you're dead or not.

'Is this heaven? I guess I'm not really human and I never really believed the thought of heaven or Hell but a Bionic human equivalent, isn't that a little out there?'

All of a sudden, Chase felt a sharp pain in his chest and heard what sounded like a heart beat in his head. The darkness slowly turned to a bright white light; he heard Donald and Douglas arguing. "Give me my son back, or I'll tell him what you really are."

'What who was?'

Chase groaned, the two Davenport brothers' eyes shot to the source of the noise.

Donald was the first to speak; "Chase, are you okay?"

Chase nodded his head and looked at Douglas, "Why is he still here? What happened after he-"

"Chase, I have to tell you something." Donald interrupted, "I should have told you a long time ago."

Despite the serious situation, Chase grinned. "A neutron walked into a bar and asked how much for a drink and the bar tender said, 'for you, no charge?' Because a neutron has no charge..." He saw his father's face "... because it's neutral?"

"Your precious uncle has bionics." Douglas burst out with

Donald looked down during what felt like eternity, until Chase laughed. "I know."

Douglas looked up, "What?!"

Chase shrugged, "Not that hard to figure out, he's always there when we need him, I guess Eddie tells him and then he Geo-leaps to us. He has amazingly persuasive with his buyers and Leo and Tasha and somehow manages to make us feel better whenever we feel ill. I had a feeling that Dad was bionic but I was always afraid I was just being stupid."

"He is not your father!" Douglas screamed, "I am! I always have been! All he did was steal you and manipulate you and ruin you with compassion! You all could've been so much more!"

Chase got up from the lab table, "Douglas, do you really want to fight two bionic people who you've annoyed immensely today. Because I don't like your chances ."

Douglas backed away, "I'll get you back for this Donnie."

Chase stood in front of Donald, "No, you won't."