Sorry this took me so long, this is the conclusion to this fanfiction :)

Maybe there will be a prologue to this if I get enough of a response!

Douglas, to say the least, was speechless.

How could his own invention do this to him? He knew Chase was smart but this was ridiculous.

"That's not fair!" Wow, now that he thought about it he was childish… Chase was looking at him with disgust and his brother… well he wasn't looking at him, he was looking at Chase, with pride? "This should be the other way round! You ruin everything Donnie!"

Chase stepped towards him, "Why don't you go?"

"Chase, please, he has plans for you, he will manipulate you to do what he wants forever! I want you with me, please!"

Seeing his brother on his lab floor almost made Donald feel pity for his brother, pity that he hadn't felt since his parents yelled at Douglas when he accidentally knocked over their wedding vase. When Douglas crawled towards Chase, all the pity disappeared and Donald pulled Chase away from him. "Douglas, just go."

Douglas looked up to Chase, ignoring Donald, with tears in his eyes, "Chase, son, I love you. Please come back to me. I only did this so I could see you again. I wanted to show you how much I want you, Adam and Bree back. From the first moment I created you all I knew that I'd love you whatever. I don't care if you hate me, I love you!"

Chase's eyes didn't soften. In fact they got angrier. "Leave."

Douglas stood up, wiped his eyes and turned away, "Bye, Chasey…"

Chase sat down and Donald made sure that Douglas had left before going to check on him, "Chase, I am so proud of you, you stood up to Douglas and you saved my life… I owe you big time."

Chase shook his head and hugged him, "We're even."

Donald, to say the least, was speechless.

"But I haven't done anything, you were the one who-"

"You saved my life, before I could… well, just after I was born, you saved me, Bree and Adam, we owe you big time for what you did for us!"

Donald hugged him back, "you guys made my life better. I love you Chase."

"Love you too Dad."