Chapter 1: Encounter

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Cold and bright. That's how it felt, this time, every time… Confusion. His mind was blank.

"We have a new mission for you." A voice said next to him while his eyes tried to adapt.

"Details?" Monotone, soldier.

"You will inject this serum into the target without her realizing it. Then you will visit her again. In private. Your body is fully functional. Seduce her, bed her as often as possible. Repeat this until you get further instructions."

"Who is the target?"

"Natasha Romanoff, also known as the Black Widow."

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The first part of his mission had been easy. Even sneaking into S.H.I.E.L.D. had been a breeze. The target, just back from an assignment, bruised and exhausted, had reported dutifully before she let the doctors patch her up again. A perfect chance.

Now he followed her through the night. She walked aimlessly, or so it would seem to most people. Passersby and cars decreasing in number until finally she stopped in a dark alley, sighing. "You trailed me since headquarters. What do you want? I am not in the mood for a fight, but I will gladly show you your place, if that is what you wish for."

He remained silent, coming up with a plan that would work on her.

Another sigh, then she turned around, and froze." You...?" It was merely a second of confusion until her calm mask had settled upon her face again, eyes analyzing him quickly and thorough. "Usually it's me who tries to seek you out. Have we changed the roles in our game of cat-and-mouse?" His silence bothered her more than it should have.

The spider was good, he gave her that. Remembering some of their encounters, the soldier felt a raw need pulsing in his veins, images of her using the variety of her skill-set flashing through his mind. It was crucial for his mission to feel aroused. He swallowed and took off his mask slowly, his eyes fixed on hers.

"James?" Natasha knew he still had to be in there somewhere. He was the one who rescued Steve from drowning and she certainly didn't want an argument with Rogers about hope if she didn't use this chance now.

His breathing quickened as he stalked toward her, all the predator she knew he was. "Natasha…," he moaned as he came closer.

What did he come for? If he wanted to murder her, he would have already done it. So… Of course, she realized, he felt lost, betrayed and there were more than one reasons to save him. "Come here," she said carefully.

Yes. She took the bait. His hands grabbed her shoulders, pushing her against the wall, while his lips started to devour her...

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