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Harry Potter was not having a good day. In fact it was very bad. He had two dilemmas and couldn't possibly discern which was worse. One; he had awoken in a forest with no recollection of how he got there and two; he was seeing the forest from seven different angles and was getting a splitting headache because of it.

Harry couldn't make heads or tails of the situation. It was like he had seven pairs of eyes and it was driving him mad!

He heard a rustling nearby and suddenly, he was clearly gazing upon a small green garden snake. He was seeing the snake from mostly the same angle and he sighed in relief. The vision was shaking and he could feel the headache subsiding. He raised his head and glanced around, to see several snakes beside him, but for some reason they weren't looking at him. They were still staring at the snake. He looked down, only to see scales, black as midnight.

His gaze returned to the foreign snake, §You there, tell me what I look like.§

Harry noticed that his demand came out in a hiss of Parseltongue.

The snakes eyes widened. §You have seven heads, Lord Hydra. You're black as night with bright green eyes. It is an honor to meet an ancient,§ it answered, bowing its head.

Harry's mind was in a while. Hydra? As in a multiple headed snake that whenever a head was cut off, two more would grow back. The mythological creature said to have acidic blood and great speed? He was a Hydra? That would explain the seven different angles.

§Why do you call me Lord?§ he asked the small snake.

§The great Hydras are considered better than even the Basilisks. They are rare and are very powerful. Only the most powerful can attain a human form. The larger they are, the more powerful they are and you are quite large My Lord,§ the snake explained.

§But I was born human,§ Harry stated in confusion.

The snake's head tilted, §That rarely ever happens My Lord, unless you are a wizard?§

Harry nodded, §I am.§

§You have come into your inheritance then. Was your hatch day recently?§ the snake asked.

Harry nodded and his vision swam as the other heads nodded with him, blurring his sight. It was his sixteenth birthday.

§If I might suggest, you should close your other eyes and just focus on one head, My Lord.§

Harry shot the little snake a confused look, before closing his eyes and concentrating. He could feel his consciousness as it was connected to his other heads. The strange thing was that only his head had a brain. The others were just empty shells that he could use to scout for reasons he didn't even know yet. Still, he could manipulate his will through them, because they were a part of him. Their lack of soul and brain made him the main head. He could see through the eyes and probably taste the food he'd eat with the other heads.

He opened his eyes and was relieved to only see on angle of the little snake before him.

§Is there any way I can return to my human form?§ he asked the snake.

§Possibly My Lord. If you concentrated your magic, maybe you could.§

Harry tried to envision himself as a human and growled in annoyance when nothing happened. This was going to be annoying. Could he even access his magic in this form?

He looked at a nearby tree and thought of cutting it in half. He was shocked when a bluish light appeared and the tree was split in two, the top half crashing to the forest floor with a loud thud.

Okay, so he could use magic in this form. Could he possibly join all of his heads together to make just one head?

The little snake watched as the seven heads glowed green before they clumped together and only one head remained.

Harry was relieved that he could see clearly now. That whole seven head thing was uncomfortable and he didn't feel like learning how to use them at the moment.

He looked at the helpful little snake, §Thanks.§

It bowed once more, §Anything for My Lord.§

Harry glanced back at his body, to see it spread about the forest floor, curling around the trunks of the trees. He was huge! A small bit of pride hit him then. Even though he was the shortest out of all of his friends(hell, even Ginny was taller than him) he wasn't small when he was a snake. He had issues with his height, it was a sore subject for him, but at the moment he was content to know that he was enormous and content to know that he wasn't the smallest anymore.

Harry moved forward, trying to get used to the feeling of his body slithering across the ground. It was certainly an odd experience and unlike anything he had ever felt before. Though he could feel the lumps of the rocks beneath him, he felt no pain. It as like his scales were armor, protecting him from the dangers around him.

He lifted his large head and stuck his tongue out, remembering that that was how snaked scented. He could scent exhaust not too far away and knew that that was populated area and that he couldn't go in that direction for fear of capture. Muggles were terrified of everything and wizards would see him as some object to be won. He had read once that Hydra's were rare and if someone did a blood test on him and found out what he was, he'd be screwed.

The little snake followed him as he moved through the forest.

§Do you know where you are going My Lord?§ it asked.

Harry paused and looked at the little thing. §Far away from people. Do you have a name?§ he asked.

The snake nodded enthusiastically, §I am known as Sylvanus, My Lord.§

Harry nodded, §You can call me Septimus for now.§

Harry continued on, moving away from the humans and deeper into the forest. He'd find a way to change back somehow and his new comrade was going to be a great help.

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