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It didn't take too many years for Tom to take the Minister position. In that time, several of the Voldemort haters had taken action and were imprisoned justly for their attempts on Harry's, Tom's and their children's lives.

Tom's plans for the wizarding world were moving smoothly. Harry's orphanage and apartment complex were flourishing. Ron and Hermione had married and both worked in the Ministry. Hermione was now the head of the DRCMC and Ron was moving swiftly in the ranks of the Aurors.

Every member of the Weasley family lived a very successful life. Percy was Senior Undersecretary to Tom, Charlie had become the leader of the Dragon Tamers in Romania, Bill was now Gringotts' best Curse Breaker, Fred and George had opened five other shops all over Europe and four in America and Ginny had become a reporter, tying Rita Skeeter in the award for best journalist.

Severus had taken to being a Headmaster well and Lucius didn't feel like relinquishing his post any time soon. Hogwarts was thriving. A new muggle studies class had been introduced, making the learning much more fun. This was done on Harry's order, seeing as he wanted the halfbloods and purebloods who grew up in the wizarding world to not push the muggle world away and think of them as useless.

Severus's Basilisk, Sinistra, along with Tom's Basilisk, Svetomir(he was unwilling to give the name up) and Harry's Basilisk, Sylvester, lived in the Chamber of Secrets, which Tom had admitted to having several escape routes to the Black Lake, so that they could feed when necessary. Harry was unnerved to know that a killer snake had been swimming in the lake for years and people never knew. Of course he didn't want to worry any of the students and so he kept the information to himself.

Ginny had married Neville, who was the new Herbology professor at Hogwarts. They were happy. Luna married a young man named Rolf Scamander and had two sons. Fred and George surprised everyone by both marrying a set of twins from America that preferred to dye their hair obscene colors and liked pranking as much as the twins did. Their fresh ideas helped the shop grow exponentially.

Harry was content with watching his own twins grow. Salazar and Lily were now ten and eagerly awaiting their first year in Hogwarts. What really shocked Harry and Tom, was the fact that Lily was Slytherin material and Salazar was a Gryffindor.

Then there were their other children.

The triplets: Regula, Lucia and Severina, who were seven. The younger twins: Valeria and Nero, who were five. And finally, the fraternal twins, Octavia and Nonus who had just turned three in August.

For some strange reason, Harry and Tom just seemed to create children that had to come in pairs. Harry was glad though. Each child had someone. It would be bad if her gave birth to a child that didn't have a twin or a triplet to talk to. The child would feel left out and he most certainly didn't want that.

Each child had something they were specifically good at and they all managed to make their parents proud.

Tom was shocked at having so many girls. Though they all loved him and wanted attention all the time. Daddy had to participate in every game of house and rescue that was played in the manor, because daddy was everybody's husband or prince charming. Several of them claimed that they would steal him away from Harry one day. Tom protested.

As for Harry, he was happy being with Tom. The two had very creative imaginations and made sure that their lives were never boring.

It was on the oldest twin's eleventh birthday that he and Tom brought their children to the Founders Room.

They left the children in front of the painting as they briefly spoke to their ancestors.

"Hi," Harry smiled.

The four founders greeted the two mates and inquired about the little people in front of the rooms entrance.

Harry grinned at Tom and nudged him.

"We wanted to introduce our children to you all," he said simply.

The excitement on their faces was hilarious. They expressed deep gratitude, because it had been years since they had spoken to any of their descendants children, other than Harry and Tom of course. None of the children had been introduced by their parents though, usually finding out in some obscure way about the room and gaining entrance the best way they could.

Harry stuck his head through the painting and order his startled children to say, 'Long Live Hogwarts' in Parseltongue.

A chorus greeted his ears as the nine children stepped through the painting.

The founders were surprised at the children, especially when they all spoke the language of the snakes.

Harry pushed the eldest twins forward. "This is Salazar and Lilliana. They are eleven today. Salazar is the firstborn," he smirked when Salazar Slytherin puffed up in pride, having a descendant named for him.

Harry motioned the triplets forward, "Regula, Lucia and Severina. They are seven."

He pulled the second set of twins over, "Valeria and Nero, who are five. And finally, Octavia and Nonus, the only fraternal ones in the bunch."

Gryffindor was the one to break the shocked silence, "You two sure don't waste time do you? I never thought two people could bear fruit so fast."

Slytherin slapped a hand to his face as Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw giggled behind their hand fans.

"Are all Gryffindor's so crude," Tom whispered to Harry.

Harry turned and gave his mate a smirk, "You should know that after eleven years of being with me. How do I get when you tease me, Tom?"

Tom returned the look and leaned down to kiss his husband, "Point taken, but you only get that way for me."

Harry smiled, "But of course my sexy mate. No one would ever get such a reaction from me. And when we return home, you'll experience my crudeness first hand."

With the promise of an entertaining night, Tom smiled and pulled his mate into a kiss, in front of his ancestor and his children, who all giggled at their actions.

Eternity with Harry, would never be enough.

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