Fairy Curse
Chapter twenty-two- Regrets and wishes
Erza :

Erza sat atop the roof, just above the window of the infirmary, she stared out towards the sunset, her scarlet hair blowing in the cool evening breeze. She felt tired, her eyes unwilling to stay open, but no matter how much she wanted to sleep she was always awoken by the smallest of things, the tweet of a bird, or a child's voice from the street below.

She thought about going back inside, but all that awaited her in there was misery, the boy fighting for his life on the bed was no longer recognizable, his charcoal black hair and thin deathly pale features made him look like a complete stranger, and Erza couldn't bare to see him like that, she couldn't bare to see Lucy like that either.

She was taking it hard, Erza understood why, Natsu was everything to her; he was the reason she came to this guild, who knows what would have happened to her if he hadn't come to save the day. He had saved her life so many times throughout the years they had been together, he taught her what friendship was, what a true family should feel like. He was the one who stuck with her through thick and thin, who fought until the end to save her, he even did everything he could to save her future self, because he loved her.

There was no use in denying it, Erza used to find it funny how both of them refused to show their feelings, but now she just wished she had told them sooner. What if they never get the chance to tell each other how they feel?

The fact that this was happening was crushing Erza, not in all the time she had been with the guild had something so tragic occurred. Who were those people who dared do this to her precious guild mate? They hadn't really thought about it yet; the man with the hood, and the blonde one with the scar. Who were they? Why did they do that? What could they possibly gain by trying to kill Natsu and then run away?

Erza crushed the weed she was holding in her fist as she thought of the men. If only she had reacted faster, she could have stopped him before he even laid one finger on Natsu, they could be having a party like they always did when they got back from a quest.

Natsu should be engulfing the fireplace and stuffing himself with chicken and cake. Lucy should be gossiping with Levy about how much the little bluenette fancies that tough looking Gajeel. Gray should be running from Juvia, who only wants some attention. Elfman and Evergreen should be sneaking off to go shopping or whatever else they do when they aren't around the guild. And Erza, she should be watching them all with a fond smile.

Erza screamed and punched the tiles of the roof, the clay shattered and several of the tiles slid down the roof and into the gutter. Why was she so weak? Why couldn't she protect those most precious to her?

Erza kicked the loose tiles further down the roof before she hauled herself up and jumped down into the window. The heart monitor beeped slowly, it sent pangs of disgust through Erza, and she hated it with a passion.

Lucy was sat on the stool next to Natsu's bed, but she had dragged it forwards so it was closer and was resting her head on Natsu's bandaged stomach, she was wide awake though, her eyes unblinking and petrified, like any minute the world would end, and Erza had no doubt that her world would end if Natsu died.

Erza hated to watch her like this, the dark circles around Lucy's eyes made her want to knock her unconscious and drag her to bed. But she knew doing that would only make the poor girl even more unstable, so she left her there, with a grimacing unconscious Natsu tied to the bed posts like an animal. Lisanna was here when Erza came in, but now she had disappeared, maybe a toilet break.

Erza felt sorry for Lisanna, she really did, Lucy was showing the most emotion, but Lisanna was probably feeling pretty bad too. Her best friend was dying before her and her siblings weren't even here to comfort her. Who else did she have to talk to?

Erza really wasn't sure about Lisanna and Natsu's relationship, she knew that they had been inseparable when they were younger, but was it anything more than friendship? She had heard rumours that Gildarts had spread, apparently Lisanna wanted to marry Natsu.

Glidarts, he should be back around about now, they had called him a while ago when they had come back, and he said he was only a few days away. There won't be any bells for him this time though, so if he accidently combusts someone's house then it's their loss.

Erza walked down the stairs and into the guild hall, it was eerily quiet, Mirajane wasn't behind the bar serving drinks. Natsu and Gray weren't fighting, Juvia wasn't cheering for Gray as they created a huge mess around the guild hall. No one was joining their fight and playing music, there was no dancing on the tables or drinking whole barrels of alcohol.

Cana was behind the bar; her hair fell over her face as she lazily poured The depressed Macao a drink, they sat there in silence. The hall was dark and cold, the light from outside was dull and the candles remained unlit. A few of the guild members played a half-assed game of cards in the corner.

Erza knew one thing from this, the guild would never be the same without Natsu.

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