Since I know people are going to ask, I decided to confiscate the story "Confinement" in place of a better, more reasonable story. The further I got into "Confinement," the more it felt I was writing something that just did not add up. It didn't make sense to have Anzu where she was and Seto where he was. So I scrapped the idea and (hopefully) came up with something much better. I feel better about this story, at any rate, and I hope it reflects in my writing!

Chapter 1 : The Accident

Seto couldn't help but smile at the computer screen. Punching in the last few digits, he watched as the computer scanned thousands of lines of code, saving it to several databases. A little ping went off, indicating the process was complete, and he happily turned off the computer monitor and leaned back in his smooth, leather office chair.

It was finished.

He pulled out his cell phone and pressed the speed dial for Mokuba. Holding it to his ear, he didn't bother to wipe the smile from his face. He didn't know if he even could; if his secretary came in right now, he wasn't sure he could hold it together. Not that she was here. It was closing in around ten o' clock at night. He turned around in his chair and saw the night sky, the many stars flickering brightly. He could tell just by looking it was a crisp, spring night.

The line went through. "Hey Big Brother!"

"Mokuba," he answered. "It's done."

"What's done?"

"Our game. I finished patching that one last bug. It should be complete now."

He held the phone away from his ear as his brother shouted, "YAHOOOO! AWW, hellz yes! Finally!"

"We'll still have to beta test it the whole way through," Seto replied, though happy to hear his brother rejoicing..

"I know, I know. But we're practically done! We'll finally be releasing video games!"

Seto chuckled and nodded. "That we will."

"This is so awesome! Ooooh yeah! No more testing Duel Monsters for hours and hours and freakin' hours! Whoo-hooooo!" Seto merely smiled, listening as his brother cheered. Suddenly, Mokuba said, "We should celebrate tonight!"

Seto blinked in surprise. It would be a good night to celebrate. This was the first video game KaibaCorp would be making, but more than that, it was the first project the two brothers worked on together. Seto had been wanting to make video games for years; he knew Duel Monsters wouldn't last forever. But while he was gifted with mechanical and technological prowess, he had no idea what he wanted to make a video game about. There were so many types of video games out there. Action, horror, strategy...which one to make KaibaCorp's debut into the video gaming industry?

Once again, Mokuba came to the rescue. Seto didn't even have to ask his brother. One night, for a homework assignment, Mokuba had to write a plot for a short story. The boy came up with an outline for a sixty-chapter novel detailing a post-apocalyptic Domino City, with the central plot of the novel involving a search for items in order to get rid of the ghosts haunting the city. It won an award at his school, and Seto told him he should turn it into a novel. To his surprise, Mokuba instead asked, "Why don't we make it a video game?"

Two years and a lot of planning, organizing, coding, and cursing later, the final product now sat behind Seto on his computer as well as his enormous flash drive. It was finished. Their video game, once it was beta tested for the last time, could be released to the public. He was proud of himself for having coded the whole damn thing with only a few helpers from time to time, but more than that, he was proud of his younger brother. Mokuba had shown a knack for coming up with ingenious plot twists, and the boy's writing skill had improved significantly. It seemed like a talent was finally coming through that the boy could use in a career, and he could see his brother's eyes light up whenever he was writing. He knew Mokuba never wanted to take over KaibaCorp, and to see him have a passion for something creative made Seto surprisingly happy.

"Seto, you still there?"

Snapping out of his trance, Seto replied, "Yeah, I'm still here. And that sounds good. Are you at the manor?"

"Yeah, just working on schoolwork. We got a big project in English class, and I wanted to get it done before the weekend."

Seto smirked. If Mokuba learned anything from his older brother, it was to have a strong work ethic. The boy did things weeks in advance, yet somehow still always made time to fill his weekends with video games. "Sounds good," he said. "I'll pick up something on the way home that we can eat. Is that okay?"

"Sure, that sounds awesome!"

"What do you want?"

"Um... Let's see. What's around here...?"

Seto scoffed. "You act like we haven't lived here our whole lives. There's the ice cream place. Or I can bring some drinks home, like one of those large hot chocolates you like."

"The ones from Rudia's?! Those are so freakin' good! Oh my God, that sounds sooooo tasty right now!"

Seto smirked. "Okay, so one hot chocolate. Anything else?"

"If you're going to Rudia's, can you get me a cupcake, too?"

Seto quirked an eyebrow. "You want hot chocolate and a cupcake?" For some reason, he didn't think his younger brother needed that much of a chocolate fix.

"Hey, you said we're celebrating, and I choose to celebrate with chocolate!"

Seto chuckled. "Okay, sounds good. I'll be home in about a half hour."

"Awesome! Whoo-hoo, we finished the game!"

Seto smiled as he hung up the phone. "At least he's a happy camper," he thought as he slid his phone into his pocket. He was surprisingly happy, too, truth be told. He was excited to get away from the Duel Monsters craze and into something new. Standing from his seat, he picked up his white trenchcoat and took out his USB drive from the computer. Putting it into his silver briefcase, he grabbed it off the desk and walked towards the exit of his office, switching the lights off and taking one final look before leaving work. Strolling down the carpeted hallway, he quickly approached the elevator and pressed the Down button. The metal doors slid open, and he stepped inside and pressed the Lobby Button. The flourescent light illuminated the spacious compartment, and he leaned against the metal wall as the doors slid close and the elevator began descending.

"Now we have to figure out who is going to beta test this game..." Seto hated finding beta testers, but it was a necessary evil in his field. It wasn't that he felt beta testers were incompetent (although some were); he was more concerned with keeping his work secret. Beta testers could go to other corporations and tell them what Seto and Mokuba had been working on for the past few years, making a good amount of money in the process. Allowing strangers in was a dangerous process. He wondered if he should just do it himself, but then again, that would probably waste quite a bit of time. He had to worry about other things with the release of this game, after all. Making sure they could make enough copies. Determining market strategies. Posters, advertisements, it all had to be done.

The elevator came to a halt, and Seto watched as the doors opened once more. Grabbing his briefcase, he took a sharp right and exited through one of the hidden back doors which led to KaibaCorp's underground garage. Inside it felt damp and a bit chilly, but he could hear the sounds of downtown even from his position. It was a Friday night; everyone was out.

He approached his motorcycle and deftly tied the briefcase to the back. He didn't normally ride his motorcycle, but he felt good tonight, and whenever he felt good, he had the desire to ride. It was one of the few thrills he took pleasure in. Speeding down freeways with no one knowing it was him thanks to his black helmet and tinted visor, it felt like he could sometimes outride his problems. To make it easier on him, he took his trenchcoat, packed it tightly into a ball, and stuffed it into the compartment underneath his seat. He then straddled the black, leather cushion and clasped on his black helmet. He realized he was all in black, yet he would have his lights on, and just to be sure, he turned on blue lights which illuminated the sides of his motorcycle, making him easier to spot him from a distance. He liked the thrill, but he never left anything to chance. Turning the key in the ignition, which he obtained from his pocket, his heart skipped a beat when the engine revved to life underneath him.

"Time to go celebrate," he thought aloud. Pushing the motorcycle back a bit, he sped through the garage, looked both ways, and soon came out into the street. The flourescent lights of the towering buildings shone down on him, and the sounds of cars and people immediately filled his ears. The wind brushed past him, hitting against his shoulders, making him feel alive. "Easiest way to get to Rudia's would be to keep heading north, I suppose. Though it'll make for a lengthy trip home." Seto would usually mind the task, but it was a momentous occasion this evening, and he wasn't going to let a half hour motorcycle trip ruin it. In fact, the idea of riding for an extended period of time brought a smile to his face.

He continued driving down the street, passing all sorts of shopping centers, movie theaters, and restaurants. The sidewalks seemed to be packed with couples, friends, and families, all spending a night out enjoying the city. Music from the nearby clubs pounded through doors, and he even saw a few fights as he went block after block after block northward. Glancing down at his speedometer, he made sure to slow down a bit before continuing. He didn't want to test himself here in the city.

He soon came to a halt at an intersection and took a look at his surroundings. A large jewelry store stood on the corner to his right, while a McDonalds towered on his left. Across the street, he could see a clothing boutique and a small French cafe. "Okay, looks like I have two more blocks north, then I can head-"

A sudden noise caught his attention. Looking up, he glanced around to see the typical line of cars going left and right. The light above still held red for him, and across the intersection, the cars remained still. Turning around in his seat, he looked back. His eyes widened.

A sleek, white car was heading down the street in the middle of the lanes, swerving in and out. The driver was speeding...badly. Whether he was drunk or reckless or just trying to commit suicide, the driver was bumping into all sorts of objects before passing along. People were shouting curses out their windows at him, and Seto heard a few people crying out on the sidewalks. "Shit!" Seto revved the engine, hoping to be able to pull to the side. The car behind him was antsy, too; the driver yelled out the window at him to get out of the way, that the crazy driver behind them would surely hit them if they just stood there. Seto, ignoring the red light, pulled forward a bit and narrowly turned right-

-but it was too late.

He felt the car behind him hit the tail end of his vehicle, sliding him momentarily out of control. He gripped the handlebars tightly and cried out as his motorcycle slid to the ground. He could feel asphalt against his leg. He bashed straight into a parked vehicle, the car which was behind him now sitting out on the street and blocking traffic. A few more cars collided. Seto could hear car horns, alarms, people shouting, but all he could think of was the pain.

The pain in his arm. His torso. Moving down to his leg. He was jammed between two cars. His breath hitched in his throat. He slowly pushed his arms forward and felt a bone snap. He cried out again. It hurt. God, it hurt. Fortunately, someone was already coming to his aid. He watched as a group of people pulled the motorcycle from him. He fell limp to the ground and cried out once more. It was so hard to breathe. "Someone call the police!" a woman shouted. A man seemed to already be doing so, for he had his phone out and was dialing. Another woman rushed over to Seto. "Are you all right?" she asked.

Seto felt his body going numb. His torso felt caved in, and he wondered if it was blood or sweat he felt sliding down his chest. Closing his eyes, he groaned in pain and fell forward. He heard the second woman shout, "Sir, please, stay awake! Someone will be here right away!"

But he couldn't. The pain was too much, and he quickly sank into oblivion.