Blake's Auto Salvage is located on an old airstrip. There are many dirt roads and fields lined with junk cars for miles. About a mile from the main office is a neglected airfield. There are a few old hangars still standing.


The hangar office is set up with office furniture made from automotive parts (car hood as a table, car seats as office chairs or benches, etc). Miles is sitting behind a desk, looking over some files and blue prints. Bruno "Mad Dog" Sheppard, Sly Raxx, and Cliff Dagger walk in. They all go to the makeshift kitchen area and pour themselves some coffee.


Well Mr. Miles, another day of coffee, pop tarts, and our lovely new home.


(Eating a pop tart)

Yeah! Where's this "big score" you've been gloating about?

Miles continues to look over the files.


Need I remind you that I'm the one who sprung you from that miserable prison?

(Looking up at the men)

So, you idiots better keep your mouths shut! Have you found me any usable vehicles?

The three men make their way towards the large conference table.


Yeah, we've salvaged some vehicles that you requested. I've got them all running pretty well, too.


But what are we going to use them for? We can't use these jalopies to hit a bank. We'll stick out like a sore thumb!

(Mocking Miles)

Need I remind you that we're fugitives and the cops are looking for us.

The door slams before Miles can respond. Vanessa and Nash walk in. Nash throws a large box of donuts on the table. Vanessa also sets a few plastic bags of groceries down on the table. All three men rush to grab a donut and sit back at the table.


Ah! The breakfast of champions.


Are those two vehicles and the bike running yet?


(Eating a donut)

We were just talkin' about that.


They're all running, Donut Queen.


But I do need to take the bike for a test ride, wanna be my copilot?

Vanessa scoffs.


I wouldn't bother her if I were you.

(Looks at Miles)

Miles, do you think these guys will be able to handle this?


Damn right, we can! Mayhem, I think it's time you, and stick boy here, filled us all in on what your planning.

Bruno, Raxx, and Dagger pause from eating and look over at Miles. Raxx speaks up before Miles can answer.


I agree. We're supposed to be partners in this, Mayhem, but you are the one that seems to be barking all the orders.


Yeah! You owe me, and my cousin Blake, for using these facilities here. We haven't seen any compensation since that botched attempt to get us some cash in Vegas.

Miles slaps down the blueprint papers and stands up.


Listen, you ungrateful bastards! There's a bigger plan here than any of you can comprehend.

Miles picks up the blueprints and walks over to the conference table.


Now, from these blueprints that were recovered, we can develop the same technology that my old comrade has been using. And now with Trakker out of the way, we'll be able to drive up to any bank, anywhere, in the middle of the day, and they won't have a clue of the firepower we have in these vehicles.