Summary: Inspired by virtually every Cartoon ever. Natsu has a shoulder devil and a shoulder angel….

Pairings: Implied Natsu/Lucy, sort of, and Natsu/Happy friendship.

YouTube Prompt: Natsu/Lucy video to 'Deuces Are Wild' by Aerosmith.

Natsu stood there indecisively.

To take or not to take…..that was the question.

If he took them, he would very likely get into trouble ad Lucy would give him the biggest Lucy Kick of his life, but if he didn't take them then he would forever be known as a coward by the rest of the guild and that was a shame he didn't want to live with.

After all he wasn't the Truth or Dare King for nothing.

"Hmmm….." he mumbled hesitatingly, "should I take them or not?"


Natsu almost choked on the red puff of smoke that smelt like brimstone and came from his left shoulder. He twisted his head to meet the eye of a miniature version of himself. This little version of Natsu had little devil horns poking out of his messy pink hair as reddish scales covered part of his skin and formed a tail that poked out of his baggy black trousers. He also had a matching pair of wings made from the same kinda of scales, wore a red jacket that was unbuttoned in order to show off the scales decorating his abs. He also, for some reason Natsu couldn't comprehend, carried round a little pitch fork.

"Take them!" Little Evil Natsu goaded him. "Go on! You know you want to!"

"Yeah, I do," Natsu scratched the back of his head, "but if I do then Lucy won't forgive me."

"…..Natsu," Happy sweat-dropped, "who exactly are you talking to?"

"Screw her!" Little Evil Natsu cheered. "Lucy will get over it. Come on! You don't want that icy prick to win Truth or Dare, do ya? You're the King for a reason!"

"Oi!" Natsu barked at his shoulder evil. "Don't talk about Lucy like that! But you're right….." he gave a half shrug, "I really don't want Gray to beat me at Truth or Dare…."

"See!" Little Evil Natsu smirked. "You do want to take them. So you should. Like the awesome Dragon you are!"


Once again Natsu almost choked on the puff of smoke that appeared over his right shoulder. Only this time it was pure white and smelt like musk. Natsu twisted his head to see another miniature version of himself wearing a long white t-shirt and nothing else for some perverted reason! There was a pair of big feathery, white, wings attached to him and a golden halo hovering over his head while he held a little golden harp between his hands.

"….I agree with Devil! Natsu," Little Good Natsu said solemnly, "you should take the knickers."

Natsu almost collapsed face first at that.

"HANG ON!" He roared furiously to his right shoulder. "AREN'T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE MY GOOD SIDE TALKING ME OUT OF DOING BAD THINGS?!"

"Natsu!" Happy sobbed. "You're really beginning to creep me out, who are you talking to?!"

"Hush Happy," Natsu said distractedly, "I am talking to my shoulder devil and my shoulder angel as they guide me through my moral crisis."

"Oh," Happy blinked, "well that's all right then. Carry on."

"I hate to say this out but the big one has a point," Devil Natsu drawled out, "aren't you supposed to be disagreeing with me?"

"Nah," Angel Natsu yawned, his halo slipping off to the side, "let's face it. When have we ever behaved? Being naughty is much more fun."

"….I like you," Devil Natsu grinned mischievously, "well then you heard the good guy, go and take those panties!"

"Ooh!" the Angel Natsu cooed in awe. "Take those weirdo satin lacy ones. That will really show the stupid icy prick!"

"Yosh!" Natsu punched his fist in the air. "My shoulders are in agreement! We're stealing Lucy's panties!"

He immediately regretted this as he felt a dark, sinister, aura appear behind him as the air around him chilled and the hairs on the back of his neck raised to attention.

"Natsu!" Lucy growled with barely repressed fury. "…LUCY KICK!"

Natsu, his shoulder devil version, his shoulder angel version, and Happy all went flying into the canal and landed with a solid –


"You see what happens when you listen to him!" Both Devil Natsu and Angel Natsu shouted as they pointed to each other. "You get into trouble, that's what!"

"Hang on!" Natsu protested. "You were both in agreement with one another. It was both of your faults!"

"Yeah," Devil Natsu crossed his arms defiantly, "but you're an idiot. You should know by now not to listen to yourself. If you wanted actual moral guidance you should have consulted Erza's shoulder angel!"

To make things worse Angel Natsu nodded in pious agreement with his shoulder devil as he too indignantly crossed his arms.

Natsu groaned piteously as he sank to the bottom of the canal.