Summary: Mira confronts Lucy about the loose ends in her novel and demands a sequel (or rather what I think Mashima needs to tackle if he ever writes a sequel to Fairy Tail).

Pairings: Mira/Lucy/Cana friendship, implied brotherly Zeref/Natsu, implied Anna/Zeref friendship, implied Cana/Booze, implied Dragon Slayer family feels, and implied Natsu/Lucy.

YouTube Prompt: Natsu/Lucy video to 'Turning Pages' by Sleeping At Last.

Lucy barely sat down at the bar when Mira suddenly slammed her novel down onto the piece of wood between them. Lucy glanced down at the book to see it was her very own novel that she had just published a mere three months ago.

She gulped audibly.

"I want a word with you Lucy Heartfilla!" she snapped crossly. Instantaneously Lucy stiffened as she tried to stammer out an excuse or an apology or a general plea but before she could Mira's face melted into a warm smile. "I insist you write a sequel right now! I want to know what happens next!"


For one horrible moment Lucy had feared that Mira was going to call her out on the blatant plagiarising of their own lives.

She didn't really have anyone's permission after all but so far no one seemed bothered by the obvious.

"Oh," Lucy smiled sheepishly, "well, I'm not sure. I think I kinda tied things up rather neatly."


"What!" Lucy cried out indignantly. "No there isn't!"

"Erm," Cana spoke up from the side, "yeah there is. Like for a start there's even no logical explanation how Ferez went from wanting his brother Haru to live to becoming this demented murder-y arsehole who doesn't care about his brother."

"He was cursed!" Lucy protested. "Obviously curse twisted his mind."

"The guy wept at the sight of his brother one moment," Cana said exasperated, "and then is suddenly all right with the idea of him dying the next."

"It was hardly within moments," Lucy grumbled, "there was eight years between those encounters. A lot of character development had happened."

"Pfft!" Cana snorted dismissively. "Yeah, unseen character development."

Lucy flushed at that. There was little she could do about the lack of character development after all so little had actually been understood about Zeref.

Even Anna couldn't understand Zeref's actions in the end.

"Speaking of which," Cana continued, "if he was an emperor why was this guy hanging out on a little island being all broody?"


Lucy didn't know what to say. She had absolutely no idea after all that one definitely made no sense to her either. She couldn't even say it was just a Dragneel brother thing because Natsu really wasn't the broody kind….he preferred to just punch things and yell a lot, preferably at Gray or Gajeel.

"All of that aside," Mira butted in impatiently, "there is still a lot of things left unresolved. Like Maximus' father Evan who vowed to have revenge, to take the ultimate light magic, and steal Maximus' powers and…what? He just vanished into thin air after the tournament never to bother the guild ever again? Where is he? What is he planning? Will anything in the Dyer family ever be resolved?!"

"I don't know!" Lucy said irritably. "Maybe Iv- erm, I mean Evan just fell in a ditch and died after his own evil guild was disbanded."

Cana sniggered at that. "Give it up," she advised Lucy as she took a sip of her drink, "we all know the book is about us. You didn't hide it too well, I mean, come on, Lana?!" she gestured at herself disbelievingly. "You didn't even try on that one!"

"Speaking of which," Mira said sweetly, "when is Lana going to get a love interest?"

"Lana has a love interest," Cana said defensively, "it's called the perfectly chilled alcoholic beverage."

"I think Lana needs to resolve her Daddy issues before her liver dies from alcohol poisoning."

"Lana has resolved those issues," Cana said tightly, "she drinks for the pleasure of it."

Sparks of irritation and anger flew between Mira and Cana causing Lucy to stiffen in fear as she barely suppressed a squeak. Lucy then hastily began to shuffle away from the danger zone in case she got caught up in the crossfire.

"Ano…" she said nervously as she desperately tried to defuse the situation, "it was very difficult to develop each and every character, you know? I had so many. I never got to flesh out all of the characters backgrounds."

"There you go then!" Mira said cheerfully as she broke away from her pointed glaring battle with Cana to smile at Lucy. "You can make up for that with prequel novellas! Those are so popular nowadays!"

"But good luck actually finding those stories," Cana added unhelpfully, "because some people round here are extremely tight-lipped about their pasts. Does anyone actually know what Bickslow's surname is?"

Mira and Lucy shrugged.

"But that reminds me," Cana continued, "another loose end that makes no sense is Ellie's ancestor Helena suddenly appears out of nowhere and she and Ellie don't speak at all. I mean Ellie's mother died to bring over the Dragon Riders from the past and instead of sticking around to explain it to Ellie and give her guidance, she disappears."

"Yeah," Lucy mumbled uncomfortably, "that's…a sticky plot point."

And not one she really wanted to think about.

"Speaking of pasts and that," Mira said, "it was blatantly made clear in the later chapters that Haru, Gene, Juliet, and the Twins all knew each other and then seem to conveniently forget each other. What's happening there? Were their memories wiped? Will they ever remember?"

"Does Natsu even remember last week?" Cana snorted. "I think you have to remember the central character's idiocy on that point. And in all fairness 'Juliet' was way too young, so were the Twins, it's only 'Gene' that doesn't have an excuse."

Lucy flushed and fidgeted uncomfortably at the air quotes Cana was snarkily using whenever she said a character's name.

All right, all right, she gets it! She wasn't subtle at all when it came to stealing their lives for her novel.

"But that's a crucial plot hole that needs resolving!" Mira cried out passionately. "As is the fact that Grumpy is never reunited with his parents, Charlene never finds out that the Cat Queen is her mother, we never find out what is in Ellie's future self's diary, or who Gerrard's family is, like a lot of the other characters but seeing as Gerrard is Eliza's love interest I find it crucial, not one single couple got together, and Ellie has yet to still talk to Helena about their shared past, or reveal exactly what she did with that demon book, or go and find her Mermaid Charm!"

Mira narrowed her eyes pointedly at Lucy.

Lucy shifted even more uncomfortably at that.

Okay, she had to admit that she was totally procrastinating on some things while she was writing her novel but she needed the collect her thoughts on all the bonkers things she went through the last eight or nine years before she was ready to set out on her new quest.

"Have you even spoken to Anna?" Mira prodded. "It was all very awkward the last time you two were in the same room together."

"I just don't know what to say to her!" Lucy burst out. "What do you say to your great, great, great, great, a dozen more greats, grandmother that abandoned her role as Clan Leader, her daughter, and spirits, which all led them to their destruction by the way, just so she can guide and then promptly abandon your friends to the future i.e. your time period?!"

"….what moisturiser do you use?" Cana suggested eventually.

Lucy snorted and dissolved into silly giggles with Mira and Cana at that one. She suddenly felt a little lighter and was about to slip away to find Natsu and give him a hug (because a reminder that it was totally worth all the crap her family went through to get him here in this time and alive was well needed) when Mira suddenly picked up her novel and waved it under Lucy's noise.

"It still needs a sequel!" she insisted. "You have loose ends to tie up, characters to still develop, plot holes to fill in, and goddamnit! I WANT MY NALU KISS!"

….Lucy never thought it was a more appropriate time to go on a hundred year quest until now.