Summary: Inspired by 30 Rock. Fairy Tail never stops at just one party.

Pairings: General friendship feels and some hinted Natsu/Lucy.

YouTube Prompt: Fairy Tail tribute to Again by Black Stone Cherry.

Lucy was in awe.

It was her very first Fairy Tail party which was being thrown in celebration of hers, Natsu's, Gray's, Erza's, and Happy's very successful first mission together that saved the lives of all the Guild Masters including their own. It was equally flattering and exciting, and Lucy couldn't help but feel giddy as she absorbed the sights of the fantastic splendour before her.

They were literally greeted by the party when they entered the town as Mirajane went all out and threw them a street party with the entirety of Magnolia also invited. The streets flowed with food and booze as everyone danced, hugged, and kissed with joy.

It was quite late in the night when Natsu (who had been making a point to dance on every table with anyone he can get his hands on including Lucy's landlady!) suddenly threw an arm round Lucy's shoulder.

"Hey!" He grinned. "Are you going to the after party?"

"There's an after party?!" Lucy exclaimed.

"Sure, Magnolia Mayor wants to shut this down so the kids can sleep," Natsu shrugged, "so we're moving this to Gray's place. Fairy Tail only plus some other guests who fancy it, you're up to it?"


The after party at Gray's was less extravagant as the guest list was heavily watered down to just Fairy Tail and some of Fairy Tail's closer friends from Magnolia. It was shocking to meet Wakaba's wife who glowered at them all disapprovingly until Cana forced a wine cooler in her hand.

There was less room to dance and Lucy tripped over some of Gray's stray clothes that had been left abandoned in the middle of the floor more times than she can count but it had still been great fun as she got to dance with Cana, Levy, Erza, and Mirajane.


There were lots of loud groaning and grumbling as the music shut off and everyone muttered amongst themselves as Lucy twiddled her thumbs wondering if she ought to go home now. A quick look at the nearest clock told her it was almost one in the morning and she had a very long day travelling home (after getting lost TWICE) and partying for most of it.

"Oi Lucy!" Natsu called out. "After after party at the girls' dorm, you up for it?"

"We're having an after after party?!"

Natsu nodded and grinned and before Lucy could think of protesting she found herself outside of town with an alcoholic beverage of some sorts being forced down her throat by Cana. They partied for what felt like an eternity in the foyer of a gorgeous building that apparently was Erza's and Cana's and Laki's and Levy's home.

There was fairy lights strung up everywhere and they glittered brightly as Lucy spun round and round dancing with various guild members and getting drunker and drunker as Cana kept passing her different drinks.

Lucy lost track of time completely as she sat down on the stairs feeling dazed and dizzy.

Natsu appeared out of thin air as he suddenly slammed himself down beside her and made Lucy jump.

"What are you screaming about, you weirdo?" Natsu looked amused but before Lucy could answer (an angry retort about him scaring the life out of her was just on the tip of her tongue) he yawned loudly. "Erza is kicking us all out, apparently she's tired," Natsu looked derisive at that despite the fact he was clearly tired as well. "so we're now having an after after after party at the guild building. Mira said she'll open it up for us."

"If Erza's tired don't you think that's a sign we should all go home and sleep?" Lucy asked dryly. "Erza isn't exactly someone I would say lacking any stamina."

"Pfft! Erza's a neat freak like you," Natsu snickered, "she's only saying she's tired because she's pretending to be polite. In reality she's sobered up enough to realise how much we trashed the foyer and wants us gone so she can clean up. She'll probably join us in a couple hours."

"Hmm..." Lucy hummed. "I'm really drunk right now, I think I should go home and sleep myself."

"C'mon Luce!" Natsu whined. "We're going to see the sunrise and Mira said she'll cook us breakfast. You don't want to miss that, do you? You don't want to be known as the weak one, do you? Only Romeo and Master have left the party!"

Lucy eyed the room and had to admit that Natsu had a point. Although only Cana seemed to be the lively one of the guild right now, every other member (who wasn't away on a job or were Romeo and Master) were sluggishly getting ready to go to the after after after party. Lucy didn't really want to be the odd one out. She didn't really want to be known as the weak one either. It's bad enough that she's already the magically weaker one out of her team, to admit she was weaker in other aspects of the guild lifestyle would be far too humiliating.

"All right," Lucy caved to the peer pressure, "let's go and party some more."

"Yosh!" Natsu pumped a fist in the air.

He then snatched her wrist and yanked her up before literally dragging her out to the next part of this never-ending party.

The last thing Lucy remembered was being handed a shot by a beaming Mirajane and toasting alongside the rest of the guild in celebration of her recent victory...

….and then suddenly she woke up to find herself sitting in the stuffy infirmary room while clutching Natsu's hand. Natsu looked terrible as if he had suddenly been hit with multiple waves of motion sickness all at once.

It didn't stop him from shooting her a weak grin though.

"Look Luce as soon as I finish getting my stomach pumped I promise we'll have an awesome time at the after after after after party."