Summary: Inspired by a RWBY Chibi episode. Juvia has found a new way to get Gray's attention.

Pairings: Gray/Juvia, Gajeel/Levy, mentions of Elfman/Evergreen, Natsu/Lucy, Erza/Jellal, Gajeel/Juvia friendship, implied Juvia/Cana friendship, and implied Juvia/Lucy friendship.

YouTube Prompt: General Fairy Tail tribute to Life and Death by Snow Patrol.

When Gray had asked Juvia to wait until END was defeated before they took another step in their relationship, Juvia had accepted it with grace and dignity.

(Well, she still followed him, cooked for him, cleaned for him, slept beside him, trained with him, and promptly fell into a great depression that wouldn't let her get out of bed when he just outright vanished with no word, but still Juvia behaved far better than she normally would have at such a rejection.)

And once END had been defeated, Gray asked for a little more time as he completed the 100 Year Quest with Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Wendy, Charle, and Happy. There was still evil out there and Gray wanted to ensure the world was a little bit of a better place.

(Juvia understood. She knew the fact that END turned out to be Natsu and that Gray had almost killed a fellow brother in arms haunted him regularly, and so he wanted to do some more good before moving on.)

However after the 100 Year Quest and when everyone was home and safe once more, a new evil arose and tried to take over Fiore, and of course once again Gray and Juvia had to put their relationship on the back burner as Gray focused on taking this evil down once and for all.

(Never mind that at this point Gajeel and Levy are engaged and living together, and Natsu and Lucy were doing whatever it was – clearly nothing platonic – and Elfman and Evergreen had finally gone public with their relationship, and even Jellal and Erza were beginning to cautiously date at this point.)

So Juvia accepted it once more and supported her one true love in this time of crisis, and once the big bad was finally defeated she had hoped that this time – this time! - they will finally go out on that date and have that romantic kiss she had been dreaming of.

And then another big bad was making another awful move and the world was in danger once more. It became no surprise to Juvia that Gray appeared shamefaced at her door and requested, once again, that they put a pause on their relationship as he tried to protect the world one more time.

Juvia sighed, reassured him that she would wait, and gently smiled as she waved him goodbye.

Then she slammed her door shut and let out a frustrated scream as soon as Gray was out of sight.

It has become quite clear to Juvia that Gray was, without doubt, the knight in shining armour that has stepped right out of a romantic novel. However this meant that he had the flaw of being too noble and selfless and heroic. As long as Juvia was the heroine of their story, it meant she would forever be regulated to the background as a damsel in distress in need of being protected or, if she was lucky, an ally of equal worth stuck on the sidelines supporting him, and not the centre of Gray's world where she would be.

If Juvia wanted to be the sole focus of Gray's attention, to forever have his gaze upon her, to have him follow her as she has followed him, and to bind him to her for all eternity, then she could no longer be the romantic subplot lead...

"...So Juvia decided if the only way she can have Gray-sama's attention was to do evil then Juvia shall be the evillest of evil villains!" Juvia concluded as she finished explaining her new plan two hours later in the guild building.

"Okay," Gajeel said firmly as he confiscated Juvia's glass of something that smelt lethal (knowing his best friend and the people she was close to, it was without any doubt Cana who concocted some sort of hideous mixture of booze, more booze, and even more booze with just a dash of fruit juice). "You have officially had enough to drink if you're seriously contemplating going over to the dark side for a guy."

"Why not?" Juvia slurred. "I went over to the light side for a guy after all."

"Nah, you didn't," Gajeel shook his head, "you did it for yourself because you wanted to be a better person and all that shit. You wanted to have friends, like Bunny Girl, and to sit in the sunshine proud of who you are."

"But if I was the evillest of evil villains and took over the world, would you be my loyal minion?"

"Rain Woman," Gajeel patted Juvia's hand, "I would be your absolute most loyal and best minion in your dark guild. However I don't think the Shrimp would be very happy with me if I joined you in going over to the dark side."

"Levy-san could join too!" Juvia promised brightly. "With her smarts we would be an even more deadly threat and Gray-sama would have no choice but to abandon all love rivals to focus on us."

Gajeel shuddered at the thought and not for the first time in his life thanked the Gods that each and every Fairy Tail girl had chosen to do good rather than evil. Any combination of the lot choosing 'the dark side' would undoubtedly lead to the world as they know it ending.

"Juvia was thinking we should just start out small," Juvia continued obliviously, "just a bank robbery or two to build up our reputation and then we'll branch out with some kidnappings of the magic council, no one will mind, and then we'll hold the guild hostage but they won't know until we've successfully taken over the world. By that point Gray-sama will have no choice but to focus all of his attention on Juvia until we commence a deadly battle that leads to nudity in the bedroom."

"Not a bad plan," Gajeel lied, "but how about this plan instead? I take you back to my place where you will sleep off all that booze under the Shrimp's watchful gaze. In the meantime I will hunt down this icy prick of a dumb-ass and beat some fucking common sense into that brain."

"No beating Gray-sama," Juvia ruled, "and we talk about Juvia taking over the world tomorrow when you no longer think Juvia is drunk."


Gajeel crossed his fingers behind his back and Juvia pretended to not notice the black eye Gray had when he turned up at Gajeel and Levy's doorstep with flowers for Juvia.

Her plan to be the evillest of evil villains and taking over the world in order to be the centre of Gray's world was put on hold...for now.