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One Year Later

I glared at Tatsumi as he held my sippy cup above my head and out of reach, grinning like a sadist.

'You son of a...!' I thought annoyed to myself while attempting reach out for my cup. This isn't the first time something like this has happened. Ever since that silent declaration of war about a year ago, Tatsumi and I have been going at it non-stop. Sometimes, he'd hide one of my favorite stuffed toys away in the fridge and try to put the blame on me, or even going as far as burning it (don't ask how). Other times, I'd be the one to get him into trouble using sabotage or just plain tattle tale.

Misaki, who was normally the one to break us up (besides my new mother), thought the whole thing was stupid. At first, she found the whole thing amusing, but as time passed, the constant whining and yelling quickly got old. And she wasn't the only one who felt this way.

Our parents were getting a somewhat tired of us constantly going at it. One time, it got so bad that they had to separate us for few days. While one of us were in our room or outside, the other would be in the living room or where ever the other wasn't at the moment.

Tatsumi was often scolded for picking fights with his little brother (aka me) and had often ended up taking it out on me, creating a never ended cycle.

Basicly, what I'm saying is the Tatsumi sucks. And I hate him.

Well, maybe not hate but-

I attempted to stand in an effort to get my cup back only to fall flat on my face due to my lack of mobile skills. Tatsumi laughed at me, looking down on me as if I were just a peasant and he were king. I growled and grabbed both his legs from the back of his knees and pulled them towards myself. He gasped in surprise and fell to his knees in front of me. I prepared to tackle him when seemingly out of no where, two strong hands wrapped themselves around me and picked me up.

"Tatsumi! Are you picking on Naoto again?" Dad scolded. Tatsumi turned his head, avoiding eye contact with him.

"No," he lied.

"Tatsumi..." Dad warned.

Tatsumi said nothing, suddenly finding the carpeted floor extremely interesting.

Following conversations were getting easier for me by the week. Maybe babies were just fast learners or something, I don't know. Though, it does help when I've heard this conversation far too many times to count.

I held out my hands for my sippy cup and whined. Dad noticed what I was reaching for and narrowed his his at Tatsumi.

"Tatsumi," he started "give me Naoto's cup," he ordered. The boy flinched a bit and held out the cup for him to take.

I was handed the cup back and began to happily sip from it. I toned out what the outside world after that, happy that Tatsumi was getting punished.

Oh, that poor boy. Famine said with false pity. I snorted.

'Poor? Him? He got what was comming to him,' I thought bitterly, nibbling on some crackers.

Haha. But it must be hard for him, no? I frowned.


The boy might feel neglected in someway, no? I crossed my arms and huffed.

'Then It's his own fault.' I told him, annoyed. The disembodied voice sighed.

So naive.

I ignored him.

Misaki, who had just gotten back from school, pick up the remote that was sitting next to me on the couch and flipped the channel. Not that I minded or anything. Those kiddie shows sucked. Though, they were helping me with my Japanese, so I just that's a plus.

I yawned and stared at the TV with a nonchalant expression on my face. Man, I was bored. I looked around the living room for any thing to do, when a mirror caught my eye. I looked at my reflection.

'Nothings changed much,' I thought, remembering the last time I saw my reflection. I had dark brown eyes and hair that had grown about half an inch since I last saw it. It was long enough to cover most of my ears and I'm pretty sure my new parents were going on about me getting a hair cut. My eyes were narrow, making it seem as if I just didn't give a fuck.

About 3 weeks ago, our family went out for a walk in the park and if my Japanese was correct, I constanly being mistaken as female. Misaki and Tatsumi found it funny and my new parents often found themselves awkwardly trying to explain to people that I am not a girl.

I didn't mind at first, since I originally was a girl, but eventually, it got old.

As I turned my head back to the screen, I heard foot steps coming from behind the couch and turned my head. It was Dad all dressed up for work.

"Okay, kids, I'll be home before dinner tonight! Behave yourselves for your mother, alright?"

We nodded.

"Okay! See you later!" he yelled as he headed out the door. 'Where's Mom?' I wondered. She normally saw him off.

Washing maybe? Famine guessed.

I mentally shrugged. 'Maybe.'

I watched as my father walked out the door.

My father.


The only reason I had started calling these people family was because it would bring unwanted attention otherwise.

You keep telling yourself that, child.

I ignored him.

As I turned my head to watch whatever it was Misaki was watching, I heard small footsteps coming form behind the couch.

Probably Tatsumi trying to escape his punishment again.

I kept my head facing the TV but listened in on what Misaki was saying to Tatsumi.

"You're gonna get in trouble for coming out of your room." The eldest Oga sibling signed. Tatsumi ignored he and sat beside her.

Oh boy. I just know he's gonna be a hand full when he gets older.

You don't know that. He might mellow out a bit.

"TATSUMI!" an angry cry was heard from the middle Oga's room. Said Oga flinched.

Oh, what it must be like to be a middle child. Famine wondered feeling real pity for the boy this time.

I snorted.

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