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"Dinosaurs roamed the Earth during the Mesozoic era. Humans were not alive then meaning the dinosaurs never did get to 'Meet the Flinstones'."

Tai couldn't tell if the narrator's droning monotone added or took away from the video's poor attempt at humor. Whenever a teacher played a video in class, most students considered it a blessing. Tai, on the other hand, dreaded classes spent in the dark with only one very boring, educational source of entertainment. He could never sit still and just watch or even put his head down to get a quick nap. He always ended up fidgeting and losing his patience which lead to him taking drastic measures.

Tai tapped his fingers along his desk and eyed the rest of the class. A majority looked zombie-like as they stared at the screen without expression. Matt was among them. In the seat to Tai's left he slouched with elbows to the desk and both hands placed below his chin dutifully keeping his head pointed to the screen.

Tai leaned toward his friend, pursed his lips together then pushed them out with a dull popping sound. Matt didn't react, so Tai did it again… and again… and again. He couldn't tell if hours of slamming his guitar with the amp at full volume had finally caused Matt to go deaf or he well and truly was ignoring him. Either way, Tai diverted his attention back to the video with a sigh.

"Paleontologists have no proof of what color dinosaurs really were. They could have been green and brown but they also could've been red or maple… or bisque… or periwinkle… or chartreuse..."

Considering Agumon, Tai should've found a video about dinosaurs at least a bit interesting, but he couldn't bring himself to watch. Tai was one to live in the present, not listen in awe to stories about the past.

The narrator continued listing colors for awhile. Bored again, Tai picked up his pencil and lobbed it toward Matt. It bopped his elbow then fell to the floor and rolled across the room. Matt's eyes followed the pencil then he looked toward Tai inquisitively.

Tai made eye contact then made the popping noise again.

Matt rolled his eyes but copied Tai's noise albeit a bit louder. A few students glanced over then Sora, in the desk in front of Matt, twisted around in her seat and gave them both a measured warning glare before turning her attention back to the video.

The glare only encouraged Tai as he reached his foot across the aisle to tap Sora's sneaker then proceeded to smack his lips three times at a much more risky volume.

Sora whipped around and hissed, "You'll get us all in trouble!"

"Miss Takenouchi!" their teacher called. The lights went on, and the whole class's eyes were drawn to her. She sat up straighter in her seat and went beet red.

"Yes, Mr. Kawano?"

"Did you want to share with the class why you are talking during our fascinating film about the dinosaurs?"

Matt asked sarcastically, "This isn't about the color cycle?"

"I thought it was about the Flinstones!" Some kid in the back piped.

The teacher hit the TV remote against his desk. "Dinosaurs, class, dinosaurs! There will be a quiz!"—cue a collective groan from the whole class—"Now Miss Takenouchi, care to share why you're speaking?"

"Uh no, sir. I wouldn't."

The teacher blinked. "Oh… alright." He hit the play button on the remote and the video resumed.

"The Tyrannosaurus Rex was big. Very big. Large even. Approximately 15 to 20 feet tall and 40 feet long. Most people picture them as green or brown, but the Tyrannosaurus Rex could have been red or maple... or bisque... or periwinkle... or chartreuse..."

Still turned around to face the two boys, Sora hissed, "Thanks for getting me in trouble."

Tai put his hand over his heart. With the smallest hint of a smirk that he couldn't quite lose, he said, "Sora, I formally, sincerely and profusely apologize."

She looked pointedly at Matt. "And you?"

In response, Matt merely smacked his lips causing Tai to burst out laughing and the teacher to turn the lights back on.

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