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A kote is a kendo glove according to the internet. Also Yolei breaks the fourth wall. Also also I have the Matt/TK request, Reversing Waterloo, and my own little drabble all partly written so here's hoping I'll get one of those up soon

This is a continuation of 005


Barefoot and wearing exactly one kote, Cody sprinted into the Inoue Convenience Store. "I came here as fast as I could!" he said, out of breath. He slid the marshmallows to Yolei who promptly stuffed them beneath the counter.

"Thanks!" she said cheerily then went back to straightening the candy display.

Cody paused. "…So are you going to explain?"

"Explain what?"

"What emergency you were in the middle of that required marshmallows?"

"Oh! A customer wants marshmallows, and we don't sell any."

"And you couldn't tell him that because…?"

"Because we all have to lie sometimes! Jeez, Cody, there was a whole episode where you learned that!"

He blinked. "An episode?"

Yolei failed to respond. A middle-aged man came up behind Cody and asked, "Where are the marshmallows?" She recognized his gruff voice.

Yolei looked from left to right before sliding the marshmallows out from underneath the counter. "Here, they're on the house."

The man looked confused but satisfied nonetheless. When life gives you marshmallows, you make a s'more and don't question it. "Oh, great, thanks!" He paused. "Uh, these are open and half-empty."

"Cody!" Yolei said accusingly.

Her young friend put his hands up defensively. "You never said you were going to sell them!"

"I thought they were free," the man said.

"They are," Yolei assured.

"So you're not really selling them."


"One last thing."


"They're open."


"You can't sell an open bag of marshmallows."

"But I'm not really selling them."

"Touché." The man snatched the bag from the counter and walked backwards out of the store, maintaining eye contact with Yolei the whole time.

She waved half-heartedly. Cody grumbled something along the lines of "what convenience store doesn't have marshmallows" and stormed out

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