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Chapter 1

Air rushed right last, brushing against the scarf that flapped in the wind. A frog-looking creature perched on top of an orange dragon-looking one as they flew in the air. The dragon was the pokemon, and returning veteran smasher, Charizard. On his back was none other than the pokemon, and newcomer, Greninja.

Master Hand had decided to cut Red, Ivysaur, and Squirtle from the upcoming smash tournament, but he let Charizard be in it as his own fighter. Red and the other two were disappointed by this, but they congratulated their friend for making it back.

And then, Master Hand came to the decision to let another join the roster, and that pokemon was Greninja. He had sent Charizard to the Pokemon regions to give the frog pokemon her invitation and bring her over. Once Charizard had done that, Greninja had accepted the invite and now they were heading back to the mansion.

Greninja watched the land below them, many thoughts were buzzing through her head. Wow. I've actually been accepted into the Smash Bros tournament as a smasher! She said to herself. That's...that's just incredible. It's such an honor. But what am I gonna do as soon as I get there? How would the other smashers greet me?

She started considering these thoughts when Charizard suddenly spoke. "You excited to be in the new Smash tournament?" He asked. Greninja snapped out of her thoughts.

"Oh, uh, yeah. I am." She responded quietly. "It's amazing to know that my skills are good enough to be accepted."

"Yeah, I know." Charizard chuckled. "Especially when you're on your own. That just proves how good you are. I'm gonna dominate this tournament, that's a fact for sure!" He went silent for a moment and then spoke again. "'ll kinda suck not being able to fight with the others...Especially Ivysaur..."

Greninja leaned over a little so she could barely see his face. Charizard's eyes glowed with disappointment. She tilted her head in wonder.

"Is Ivysaur a close friend to you?" She asked. There was no answer. Charizard took a moment of hesitation and finally responded.

"She's...a great friend." He said then added hastily. "But that's all! A friend!"

Greninja spotted the slight reddening forming on the fire pokemon's cheeks and couldn't help but smile behind her tongue scarf. "If you say so..." She said with a humored chuckle.

The conversation ended there and Greninja went back to watching the land below them, getting lost in her thoughts. The first thing that came to her head was friends. Friends... She said to herself. Greninja wasn't a very open pokemon. She preferred to be quiet, reserved, and, though she hates to admit it, kind of shy. Greninja was a mystery to other pokemon back at the Kalos region. No one knew a thing about her except that she was fast, strong, quiet, and a skilled fighter. Her gender wasn't even known, and she wanted it to be that way.

Greninja knew that if she revealed her gender, people would judge her strength and fuss over her, which she didn't want. She wants to be known as strong and capable of handling things herself. So she won't tell the smashers her gender.

And as for friends. I can cope on my own. Greninja said to herself. Friends aren't necessary for now.

(Page Break)

Charizard's wings seized from flapping as he landed on the ground. Greninja looked in awe at the large mansion that stood before them. Smash Mansion.

"Well, here we are." Charizard said with a grin. "Smash Mansion: home of the smashers." Greninja snapped out of her trance and hopped off his back. She was impressed by the looks of the mansion. It was fairly large and looked pleasing. The yard also looked beautiful; being vast in size and covered with green grass and trees. It was a quite a sight.

The two pokemon walked up the porch and in front of the doors. Greninja began to feel nervous. What would the other smashers be like? What would they think of her? She glanced over the exterior of the mansion once more and began to relax. The smashers would most likely be friendly toward her. This place would be peaceful. Her life here would not change. It'll be normal.

All of a sudden, a large firework shot right out a window next to the porch, causing Greninja to jump in surprise. Clinging to it was none other than Roy, who was squealing as the firework shot straight across the yard and into the air. Then, Pichu's head popped out of the now broken window and watched the general fly around.

"Hold on Roy. Don't let it explode without us!" She shouted and hopped out.

"Pichu, wait!" A voice called and Yoshi tumbled our after the pokemon.

"Turunabow!" Kirby said with delight and flopped out as well. Greninja watched with wide eyes as the three ran off after Roy. Charizard then leaned over and whispered to her.

"Yeah, this place tends to get...nutty." He said. "Prepare for the worst." Greninja took a moment to let his words sink in. Deep down, she had a sick feeling that living at the mansion won't exactly be normal...

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