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Chapter 15: Insight

Lucario ran out of the hallway and into the mansion's living room. He frantically looked around for Greninja, but she wasn't in sight. In fact, he had searched the entire mansion and even used his aura powers to find her. But his friend was nowhere. She was gone.

Lucario sighed and slowly walked over to the couch and sat down, burying his face in his paws. What am I gonna do? He asked himself in despair. I can't even find Greninja now. How am I gonna apologize? Even if I do find her? I can't just say they told me into spying; I still could've disagreed. Damn it! I can't believe how badly I messed up...

"Yes, you made quite a stupid decision." Lucario immediately looked up. Mewtwo stood at the entrance to one of the hallways. His purple eyes were narrowed at the aura pokemon in disappointment. "You going off and peeping on the female smashers while they dress. I expected better of you."

Lucario scowled and turned away. "I don't need you telling me what I know I did. Even if it was wrong." Mewtwo saw how upset the younger pokemon was and he closed his eyes.

"You really should've made the better decision." He said quietly. "You've really hurt Greninja deeply. I could literally feel her pain by just the emotions in her head."

Lucario snapped around and faced the legendary. "You knew? You knew she was a girl? This whole time?!"

"Yes." Mewtwo replied. "I'm a psychic-type, Lucario. How can I not know? But that doesn't matter now. What does matter is you just completely shattering your best friend and love interest of all trust she had in you."

"You knew about that too, huh?" Lucario sighed and looked at the ground. "I feel terrible about hurting her. I'll never live with myself knowing that. But I can't find her now, how can I tell her how much I was wrong?"

Mewtwo was silent for a moment then finally replied. "She went to the lake. But before you go after her, you have to think. If you were to go there, there's a six percent chance that she'll let you approach her, fifteen percent chance that she'll run away, and a seventy-nine percent chance that she'll beat the shit out of you."

"Wow, Mewtwo. You really know how to make someone feel better..."

Mewtwo held up his hand. "I'm not done. If you go and find Greninja, you have to set things straight. Connect yourself to how she feels and use those feelings to explain how much you were wrong for your actions. Use the emotions from within your heart and tell her you're sorry and promise that you'll never do anything to hurt her again."

Lucario blinked and let his words sink in. He's right. I have to set things straight! He stood up from the couch with confidence beaming from him.

"Thanks Mewtwo." He said to the psychic-type. "I owe you one."

Mewtwo gave a small smile. "It's my pleasure."

Lucario nodded and then turned and ran out of the mansion to find his friend.

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