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First and foremost, I would like to thank the author Gabriel blessing for providing the inspiration that gave birth to this story, for if it wasn't for his story "Highschool SAO", which it's a really good story and I suggest you to read it, this work would probably never had come into existence.

Those who have read his work will immediately notice that the first chapters are heavily based in the beginning of "Highschool SAO", but as the story progresses the similarity will decrease more and more until finally stopping around chapter four.

Secondly, this will be a crossover of HighSchool DXD and SwordArtOnline, in which to save Asuna, Kirito makes a pact with Rias and joins her peerage.

Timeline wise the story will start after the "Volume 1 - Diabolus of the Old School Building" of DxD and the "Volume 4 - Fairy Dance" from SAO.

Thirdly, this will be my very first story, so criticism will be appreciated. As long as you explain why you think something should be changed, with good reason, I'll try to listen.

Lastly: I do not own either "HighSchool DxD" or "SwordArtOnline"


Fall and Rebirth

'How could it end like this?' Kirigaya Kazuto, also known as Kirito the Black Swordsman, grimly thought as he stood watch next to a bed in a hospital room, cursing his own powerlessness.

After everything he had accomplished, all the challenges met and conquered, after diving into a whole new world, all just for the chance of saving her. After finally defeating all that stood in the way between them, succeeding against impossible odds and freeing her from her prison, it had all been for nothing, for Yuki Asuna, his beloved Flash, still laid unmoving in her hospital bed.

After conquering the WorldTree and defeating Sugo Nobuyuki in the world of ALfheim, freeing Asuna from the chains that had bound her, Kirito had immediately sought her in the real world.

But just as he met her for the first time in flesh and blood, just as he truly embraced her for the first time, just as everything seemed to be finally over, in that single moment of happiness, it happened. In but a single moment, his happiness, his entire world, was shattered.

For Nobuyuki, knowing that with the awakening of Asuna and the other three hundred SAO players he had imprisoned for his own selfish goals his own end was nigh, had sought to end the one he believe was the cause of his own downfall.

Barging into Asuna's hospital room to see her, the one who was supposed to be his betrothed, his gateway to a life of power and luxury, in the arms of the one who had made all his plans into nothing but dust, Nobuyuki charged, knife in hand, seeking to end the one who had crushed his plans into dust.

Seeing the danger coming to strike the back of the one she loved, Asuna found what strength was left in her limbs, weakened for years of inaction, and shoved Kirito away from the blade, taking the hit meant for him. Enraged Kirito disarmed and restrained Nobuyuki while the doctors tried to save Asuna's life.

After handing Nobuyuki to the police and waiting for what felt like an eternity outside the operation room, Kirito heard the news with dread. The damage of being stabbed in conjunction with her already weakened state had pushed Asuna into a coma.

And now, standing by her side while being incapable of doing anything to save her, fearing that her life would end at any moment, that she could be gone forever before they could truly be together, before their lives could even begin, Kirito for the first time in all his life made a wish.

He wished with all his being that Asuna could get better, that he could see her smile once more, that he could embrace her and assure her that everything would be fine.

He wished with absolute fervor that there would be a way to save her, uncaring about dangers or consequences, for he would willingly sell his soul to the Devil himself just to see her open her eyes.

And in that moment, without him even noticing, a strange pamphlet that had laid forgotten in one of his jacket pockets started to shine with an out worldly red light.

An apparently ordinary pamphlet bearing what appeared to be an occult magic circle and a single sentence.

'May your wishes be granted.'


Peacefully drinking a cup of tea in the Occult Research Club clubroom Rias Gremory couldn't help but softly laugh at the antics of one of the newest members of her Peerage, Hyodou Issei.

Her dear [Pawn], who after failing, again, to make a contract with a human was freaking out do to Kiba's good natured offer to help, having somehow convinced himself that the offer was in fact an attempt by her [Knight] to go out in a date with him, and so Issei was fervently trying to avoid him.

Watching Kiba tease her overenthusiastic new Peerage member Rias wondered exactly why Issei had reached that particular conclusion after hearing the offer for help, or why he even thought Kiba was homosexual in the first place.

With a small smile playing on her lips Rias decided that she probably would never know the answer to that particular question, but it was certainly entertaining to watch their antics.

Gracefully taking another sip of her tea Rias thought about the new perverted little brother that had joined her family.

Issei had really turned out to be quite the find, even if at first glance he looked like nothing more than a pervert. His determination to protect his friends no matter what and 'never say never' attitude, combined with his sacred gear [Boosted Gear] made him quite a dependable ally, and she was sure that, with the right training, the new adorable perverted little brother of her Peerage would one day become a force to be reckoned.

Her musings about her perverted [Pawn] were cut short when the magic circle in the center of the room started to react, signaling that someone desired to form a contract and that the level of the wish was so high that she herself was being summoned.

That was quite unusual since her being a High Class Devil meant it took a very powerful desire to call her forth and those desires were never mundane. Last time she was summoned was to find Issei dying in the floor after all.

Saying her farewells to her Peerage Rias stepped through the glowing circle to find herself teleported to what looked like a hospital room.

Looking around Rias braced herself, for she had a feeling this task would be heartbreaking, they usually were when she was summoned to such a place. Hearing a loud exclamation followed by the sound of a chair hitting the floor she focused on the one who had summoned her here.

The boy looked to be fifteen or maybe sixteen years old, with slightly long but neat black hair, black eyes as dark as midnight and an androgynous face. He also looked thin, far too thin to look healthy, like he was coming out of a long illness.

She noticed that as she had been taking his appearance the clearly distressed boy had moved himself to stand between her and a girl with long brownish chestnut hair who was laying unconscious on the bed, as if to shield her with his body, she also noticed the girl was even thinner than the boy.

"Who are you?" the boy asked, looking unnerved but ready to act at the smallest action against the girl.

Rias couldn't help but allow a small smile to appear on her face at the fierce protectiveness that was clear in his tone. It was obvious that he deeply cared for the girl, especially if, as she suspected, his wish involved her.

"Greetings." She said smiling as she tried to calm the boy. "I am Rias Gremory. And I am a Devil."


'He is taking this surprisingly well.' Rias thought with slight bemusement. 'Most first time clients would be either screaming and running away in panic or firmly denying my existence as a hallucination by now.'

After explaining the situation to the boy, which was always a tricky situation with new clients, what with having to convince them that: yes she was a Devil; Yes she was real; No they were not going insane, and no she wasn't after their souls.

'Although the last isn't always true, since sometimes depending on the wish and the human making it, the price could be their souls, but that appears only really rarely and is extremely illegal to accept, but I'm getting sidetracked.'

"So you are a devil then," said the boy with growing understanding, as he watched the black flames dancing in her palm, formed from the power of destruction that resided deep within her very being.

"And you can grant wishes, right?" He asked, a desperate hope entering his tone as he looked at the girl on the bed.

"For a price, yes." She said waiting for the fear and panic that always followed this statement and that she would have to placate. "The price varies according to the wish and the client making it. But if you pay the price and it's within my powers to do so, I shall grant your wish."

'Why do first time contractors as a rule always think I'm after their souls? I even tell them that I'm not in my introduction speech, but they always go back to it anyway, human stereotypes concerning Devils are truly annoying.' She thought with a hint of annoyance, waiting for him to have his panic attack so they could proceed with the contract.

But to her surprise what appeared in the boys face was not fear, neither was it panic. For after one last look so full of longing to the girl in the bed that her heart ached, his face was filled with nothing but determination, so powerful, great and unbreakable that she knew that no matter the price, he would pay it in a heartbeat.

"Save her, and I shall pay whatever price you ask." He said with a certainty capable of shaking the very foundations of the earth, not the faintest trace of doubt on his eyes.

Approaching the bed to examine the girl more closely Rias took in her appearance. She was extremely weak, her injuries and weakened body making it look as if a single touch could shatter her.

It was clear she would need extensive healing, and while normally performing such high level healing to a human would be extremely difficult, Rias knew someone in her Peerage that could make his wish possible.

"What are you doing?" the boy asked in concern, while a red circle appeared before her.

"Calling a friend." She answered with a smile, and in a flash they were no longer alone in the room.

"R-Rias-sama?" asked a small girl with long blonde hair and green eyes, her newest Peerage member, Asia Argento, wielder of the Sacred Gear [Twilight Healing], a Sacred Gear capable of healing Humans, Angels, Fallen Angels and even Devils.

After explaining the situation to Asia, Rias stood back while Asia examined the girl in the bed.

"Will it work?" The boy asked, concern and hope obvious in his voice.

"Yes." Asia answered with a kind smile. "I've used my Sacred Gear in cases similar to her own and this condition is within my powers to heal, she should make a full recovery."

"Excellent" Rias nodded while smiling reassuringly. His look of utter relief making her fell almost bad for what she had to say next. "But before saving her we have to discuss the price."

Even if this was something she really wouldn't mind doing, and even if she truly felt for this boy and his plight, she was still summoned here as a Devil to do a Devil's work, and so it was necessary to demand payment.

"Name it." He said without a moment of hesitation, his eyes locked with hers, his face showing nothing but unflinching resolve.

"Just a moment," Rias smiled while she grabbed her cell phone, happy to see his conviction. "I just have to load my app…"

Rias had to hold a giggle at the boy's expression upon hearing her words; she was certain that if this had been an anime the boy would have just face-faulted to the ground.

"You see the price of the wish through a phone app…?" He asked, disbelief and incredulity evident in his voice as he gave her phone a dubious look.

"Of course! The Underworld likes to be progressive in such matters; this allows us to always place the correct price to a client's wish." She said like it was the most normal thing in the world, while holding her amusement from her voice.

Asia patted him sympathetically on the shoulder, a look of understanding on her face. "It surprised me too when I first saw it!"

The answer she received after inputting the wish into the app made her eyes widen in disbelief, her amusement immediately disappeared as she looked at the screen making sure she hadn't seen it wrong.

"One more moment please." Rias asked while retyping the wish, shaking her head in an attempt to clear her mind, but the result was exactly the same.

"What is it?" asked the boy looking at her closely, fearing that there might be a problem. "No matter the price, I will pay…"

Rias looked at the boy seriously."The price for your wish is for you to be reincarnated as a Devil and join my Peerage."

"Join your Peerage?" he asked in confusion, clearly not understanding what was being asked.

"Ah…" Asia said nervously, noticing Rias distress and taking up the explanation. "It means…"

As Asia explained to the boy what a Peerage was and what would be expected of him if he joined, Rias observed him intently, trying to understand how such an unusual price could have come to pass.

Not all people had the same worth and the price could vary greatly between two humans with the exact same wish, and while being asked to serve the Devil as payment for the wish was not that uncommon, it was usually reserved for people with extraordinary skills and talents, or someone who possessed a Sacred Gear, if someone like that made a wish of some magnitude, then serving the Devil who would grant said wish was usually the best price to be had for both parties.

But this effeminate looking boy before her was, to the best of her abilities to determine, completely ordinary.

He had no aura of strength, no hidden powers, no Sacred Gear and while his thin body had some muscles, it was far from the body of an athlete. He was just ordinary, and the thought that he might posses hidden talents or had done some heroic deed was practically zero.

Despite that, the app used to judge a wish's worth had been developed by none other than Ajuka Beelzebub, developer of the Evil Piece system and one of the Four Great Satans and to this day it was never reported to have made a single mistake.

She could do it. She still had two pieces left from her set, so she could reincarnate him, and she would admit that she was curious. What made this frail looking boy worth so much that the price for helping the girl was that he serve under her Peerage?

"Well?" she asked after Asia finished her explanation."Now that you know the price, are you still willing to make your wish?"

"Don't worry mister client. Rias is a really kind Devil and has taken great care of me ever since I became a member of her Peerage!" Asia immediately chimed in, trying to put his fears at ease.

He stood perfectly still, trying to find an answer to the matter at hand, conflict obvious in his eyes. The impasse lasted until his eyes drifted to the girl in the bed, the conflict immediately disappearing the moment his eyes rested upon her silent form.

"Do it." He said without a single trace of doubt in his voice, his eyes resolute. "I don't care if you're kind or cruel, a saint or a Devil. If you can save her, I will willingly serve you for eternity; it's a cheap price to pay for her life!"

"Good. You have strong eyes, firm and undaunted; your conviction will serve you well." Rias said approvingly, concluding that it didn't matter if he lacked in skill or power, she could always train him later. His willingness to sacrifice for the sake of another, to keep those dear to him safe no matter the cost, his desire to protect, was something that she as a Gremory deeply approved. He would make a fine brother for her Peerage."What is your name, you who seek to serve me?"

"Kirig…"he stopped as if thinking about something before apparently making a decision, resolve filling his form."Kirito my name is Kirito."

"Very well Kirito, let's grant your wish" Rias said, smiling while gesturing for Asia to heal the girl.

After the tense long negotiation and dramatic revelation of the price the task itself was over almost anticlimactically fast, with Asia's [Twilight Healing] reverting all the damage done to the girl's body.

"Ki……kun?" She asked, her voice was barely a whisper but Kirito heard her as he immediately kneeled at her side, his hands grasping her own.

"It's over Asuna, it's finally over."He said while embracing her, tears in his eyes.

Rias smiled, touched by the young couple's love. "Come Asia let's go find a doctor." she said guiding a teary eyed Asia out of the room, giving them a moment to themselves.


Later, after the doctors had marveled at Asuna's miraculous healing and when she had fallen fast asleep holding Kiritos hand. Rias approached him, having already sent Asia home.

"Thank you." Kirito said without letting go of Asuna's hand, looking at Rias with eyes filled with gratitude and determination."For what you did I shall gladly serve you."

Rias was glad, she approved of his actions and mindset, he would be a great addition to the family of her Peerage. "Are you ready?"She asked with a smile.

Nodding in answer he let go of Asuna's hand and stood by her side, his eyes resolute.

Extending one hand holding a crimson chess piece that was shining in a brilliant red light, she said the ritual words of reincarnation.

"I order, in my name Rias Gremory. You, Kirito. I, resurrect you back to this soil as my servant, and have you reborn as a Devil, be delighted with your new life!"

And with those words the crimson piece floated to his chest and entered his body, a warm feeling enveloping him completely for a single moment before suddenly vanishing.

Kirigaya Kazuto, also known as Kirito, the Black Swordsman, the Beater, hero of the floating castle of Aincrad, had just been reborn as a devil.


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