The Tenrou Group Lives On -

What happens if Natsu, Mirajane, and Erza gets left behind? The guild is gone. There's only three people to protect Fairy Tail for 7 years. Theres only three members of Fairy Tail to take control and run Fairy Tail till they return. Natsu must become to the guild master until they return.

Natsu x Mirajane x Erza

Note: this is my story that I wrote (Left Behind) better explained and more details. Also as you will see there will be some differences :p I promise you, you will enjoy it.

"Damn.." Natsu groaned as he woke up. The first thing he saw was the lines of the wood ceiling above him. He knew this place very well.

"Why.. why am I in the infirmary?" Natsu asked as he tried sitting up but as he did he felt like he wanted to barf. 'Damn.. I feel like crap.' Natsu thought to himself.

Natsu started looking around the best he could without barfing. He was defiantly* in the Fairy Tail infirmary. How he got there was a bit unclear still but he knew someone was here recently. There was a nice wooden oak nightstand next to his bed. On that night stand there was a cup of medicine with a note next to it.

The note read:
"When you wake up, please drink."

"Well here goes nothing.." Natsu announced as he sat up and reached for the cup. Already while he was sitting up he wanted to barf. Natsu started drinking what was in the cup.

"Gah.. this stuff tastes disgusting!" Natsu yelled as he he finished drinking it and went back to laying down.

"Stomach feel any better?"

Natsu moved his head to the side to see Mirajane in her her regular beauty walking towards him. Mirajane was wearing her regular pink dress, high heels and hair up like normal. As Mirajane got closer to Natsu she reached out with her hand and pressed it against Natsu's forehead.

"Nope.. still hasn't gone away." Mirajane sighed with a long breath. She then walked to the other side of the room to where there was a few cabinets hanging on the wall. She opened it and pulled out a bottle.

"So.. what happened?" Natsu asked as he continued to look at Mirajane while she worked.

"Natsu.. wouldn't you know that better then me?" Mirajane replied with a giggle.

"Yeah I would think so.. but my brain is all cloudy." Natsu explained.

"Isn't it always cloudy?" Mirajane then asked with a small giggle as she poured the content in the bottle into a clear cup. As the liquid poured into the cup Natsu noticed it was a blueish syrup like substance.

"What is that?" Natsu asked as he continued to watch Mirajane. After finishing pouring the blueish liquid into a cup she put the bottle down and walked towards Natsu with it.

Mirajane placed the cup on Natsu's nightstand next to the bed he was laying in.

"It's medicine." Mirajane explained with a smile.

"Why do I need medicine?" Natsu whined as he felt Mirajane arms go under his back and start to help him sit-up. Natsu helped and was now sitting up on his bed but felt like was going to barf.

"Because your sick Natsu. Why.. well I don't know why. Maybe you could tell me what you last remember so we can figure it out." Mirajane explained and brought the cup up to Natsu's mouth.

"Ugh.." Natsu groaned and started to drink the continent of the cup as Mirajane helped hold the cup.

"Gah.. that's stuff tastes awful!" Natsu yelled.

"Of course It does. Medicine always does. Now lay down and explain to me what you remember." Mirajane replied as she undid her heels and sat on the bed. Mirajane sat Indian style right behind Natsu so when he laid down his head would be resting in her lap. Once she was ready Mirajane slowly pulled Natsu down till he was laying down with his head in her lap.

'Soft... and comfy..' Natsu thought to himself.

"So.. what do you remember?" Mirajane asked as she ran her hand through his pink hair.

"Alright.. well we were walking towards a train station up in Clover Town. My team, Team Natsu has just finished up a good job. Well before we got on to the train, we decided to go get some food. I don't know what happened after that. The only thing I remember is eating lots of food to I filled myself up then I got on the train. Now I'm here.." Natsu explained to Mirajane what he remembered. Something that Natsu noticed while he told Mirajane was that Mirajane listened to every bit of it and kept on smiling.

"Hmm.. so Erza was right I guess. You can't eat before you get on vehicles or things like that. Your motion sickness and something in the food you eat got you sick. Most likely food poisoning." Mirajane answered as she explained her best thoughts on what happened to him.

"So.. I'm sick. Great.." Natsu muttered as he once again sighed.

"I'm sorry.." Mirajane told Natsu as she looked a bit down.

"What do you mean your sorry? You've done nothing wrong Mira.." Natsu replied as he reached to her face with his hand. As he touched her warm cheek with his hand Mirajane squeezed his hand between her shoulder and cheek. She then smiled at him.

"Natsu.. this is the first time you've woken up in a week. In a few days the S-Class Mage Promotional Trial will be announced.." Mirajane explained as she looked down at Natsu. She didn't let go of his warm firm hand.

"W-what? I've got to get better!" Natsu tried to yell but couldn't. 'This is it! This is what I've waited for. I can join the ranks and become a S-Class Wizard!' Natsu thought happily in his head.

"Porlyusica checked up on you.." Mirajane announced out of the blue.

"Ok.." Natsu replied with a confused state.

"She said you wouldn't get better till another week or so. Whatever the food poison was.. it was really bad for you.." Mirajane mumbled.

"Ok.. I'll get better.." Natsu told Mirajane with a small weak smile.

"What she's trying to say, is you can't participate in the S-Class Wizard Promotional Trial." Erza announced. Both Natsu and Mirajane looked to the side to see Erza looking at them while she leaned against the door.

"W-what?" Natsu asked. He looked up at Mirajane and saw her nodding her head. "I can't participate? This was suppose to be my big year!" Natsu yelled aloud.

"I'm sorry Natsu.. once Master heard what Porlyusica said he made his decision to not allow you to go. Though both me and Mirajane are going to be staying to help you out." Erza explained as she explained to Natsu what had happened and why he wasn't going to be allowed to participate.

"No..." Natsu said as he looked up at the ceiling once again. 'I was ready..' Natsu thought to himself as closed his eyes. He tried to open them again but couldn't. The medicine kicked in. The fire dragon slayer was once again out cold while his body used the medicine to help heal himself.

"Ugh.." Natsu moaned as he slowly opened his eyes. 'Still in the infirmary..' Natsu thought to himself as he looked up at the wooden ceiling above him.

Natsu slowly pushed himself up as sat up. He looked around, first he checked the nightstand in case there was more medicine which luckily there wasn't any. Next thing he did was finish looking around, there was no one else in the room and the room still looked the same from the last time he was awake.

"Hey.. stomach isn't feeling to bad.." Natsu announced as he placed his hand on his stomach. He moved his legs off the bed to the side so he was now sitting up right with his legs touching the floor.

Natsu attempted to stand up and didn't last long as he fell forward to the ground with a thud.

"Oww." Natsu breathed as he was laying face down on the cold stone floor.

"Natsu.. Natsu!" Mirajane yelled as she opened to the door to see what had made the sound. When she did enter the room Natsu was laying head down on the cold stone floor. She right away rushed over to him to make sure he was alright.

"Hey.. you ok?" Mirajane asked as she helped flip him over.

"Yeah. Just woke up and tried walking. Couldn't even stand for a second.." Natsu responded and groaned.

"Well you shouldn't be surpsied, you havmt eaten in a week. The only reason why your pretty much alive is because Porlyusica made some medicine to give your body the nutrients to keep it running." Mirajane answered with a small giggle over Natsu's antics.

As Mirajane finished talking. Natsu's stomach agreed. It even grumbled.

"Well.. how's your stomach feeling? If it's ok, I could go make some soft food for you." Mirajane asked as she offered to make some food for Natsu.

"I think it's ok.. when I sat up I didn't feel like I wanted to barf." Natsu answered and smiled at her even though he was still laying flat on the stone floor.

"That's good.. I'll help you to your bed and I'll cook you up some food." Mirajane informed Natsu and stated helping him up. Once she was up she helped Natsu by sitting him up and then helping him stand up. Natsu had to lean heavily on Mirajane to get back to his bed.

"Damn.. not having any food has made me weak.." Natsu muttered.

"It's alright Natsu. It's normal, once you eat most of your strength will return." Mirajane explained and started walking to the door as she left to prepare to make Natsu some food.

"Again Natsu.. I'm sorry." Mirajane whispered before she left the room. Natsu fully heard it. It wasn't a dream for him. He was actually going to have to not go to the S-class Mage promotional exam.

"How is he?" Master Makarov asked Mirajane as he watched her leave the infirmary.

"He woke up and is pretty weak right know. Though that's manly cause of not eating any food for so long." Mirajane explained as she walked to the bar and went behind the counter. She then disappeared into the door behind the bar. She went to go cook some food for Natsu.

"I'm still pretty sad for Natsu. He was so happy that he had a chance to be in the running." Erza mumbled with a sigh as she was sitting at there usually bench with Gray and Lucy.

"Yeah.. even though I hate his guts it's still got to suck for him. He was easily the strongest person out of the participants." Gray complained as he was surpassingly sad for his rival.

"Yeah.. he had a really good chance at making it.." Lucy huffed and sighed.

"Of course now that Natsu can't be a participate it will be Gray, Juvia, Elfman, Cana, Freed, Levy, Mest, and Max." Erza explained.

"Should be interesting.." Gray sighed. "Tomorrow we set sail for Tenrou Island. Fairy Tails sacred Island." Gray breathed.

"Yup.." Lucy sighed as she would be joining them also to Tenrou Island.

As Lucy finished talking the door behind the bar opened to reveal Mirajane carrying a plater of food towards the infirmary.

"I'll be back. I'm gonna go check on Natsu." Erza announced as she watched Mirajane walk into the infirmary.

"Alright.. make sure you say hi for us to." Lucy called out as Erza who was already walking towards the infirmary.

Once Erza opened the infirmary door and went inside she looked around. In the far side of the room near the window Natsu was sitting up on his bed. Sadly though he was only still able to keep half of his food down.

"I see.. your still not better." Erza announced as she walked up to Natsu who was now barfing and Mirajane who hand the plater of food in her lap. She was trying to help Natsu in any way she could.

"No.. damn this sucks!" Natsu complained as he held his stomach.

"I know Natsu. But it's almost gone. Just a few more days. Once you eat and take your medicine you most likely will fall asleep and the days will just pass by." Mirajane explaining with her soft kind voice.

"Well your lucky at least.." Erza mumbled as she looked at Natsu.

"What you mean?" Natsu asked. Natsu then looked,over to see Mirajane put the plater of food down on the night stand and stand up. She then went to the other side of the room and opened the cupboard like last time. She pulled a bottle and a cup. Mirajane then opened the bottle and started pouring the blueish syrup in the cup.

"O, god not that stuff again." Natsu complained.

"Natsu.. I'll make you a deal. If you drink that without complaining ill tell you why your lucky." Erza exclaimed.

"Ok... deal." Natsu muttered as Mirajane walked over to Natsu and sat down next to him with the cup of blueish like syrup.

"Ugh.." Natsu sighed and started to drink it in gulps.

"Agh! This stuff tastes horrible!" Natsu fussed as he finished the medicine.

"Alright.. the reason why your lucky is because both me and Mira are going to be staying here to keep you company." Erza answered with her answer ,to,why he was lucky.

"O.. I guess thank you.." Natsu said with a smile as his eyes started to droop once again.

"Good night Natsu.." Mirajane whispered and watched as Natsu's head hit the pillow and was out cold once again.

"Once he's better he's gonna be mad.." Erza explained to Mirajane with a sigh as she watched the now snoozing dragon sleep.

"Yeah.. but there's nothing we could do about it. It's master's decision." Mirajane replied back and walked towards the infirmary door. Before she left she looked at the pink haired dragon slayer once again and left with Erza.

"Hmm..?" Natsu moaned as someone was tapping and calling him.




"I don't want to wake up.." Natsu mumbled.

"Sorry Natsu.. you need to wake up. It's been two days. Though the good thing is your probably going to feel a lot better." Mirajane responded and started pulling on his blanket.

"Fine.." Natsu sighed and pushed himself up. He right away sat up without his stomach hurting.

"Last round.." Mirajane explained as she handed Natsu a cup of blueish liquid.

"Not this stuff again.." Natsu whimpered as he looked at it.

"Well.. once you drink it I can make you lots of food. Is that a good deal?" Mirajane asked as she smiled at Natsu.

"Food!" Natsu yelled and brought his head back and gulped it down.

"Thank you." Mirajane whispered and kissed Natsu's forehead as she took the cup away from him.

As Mirajane left him most of Natsu's face started turning red from Mirajane kissing him on his forehead.

"You gonna come?" Mirajane asked as she stopped at the door and turned around to look at Natsu.

"Yeah.." Natsu responded and got out of the bed. He stood up and made sure he wasn't going to fall straight on his face again. 'Hey.. I don't feel like I'm going to barf.' Natsu thought to himself and started walking towards Mirajane.

Once he got to the door he left the infirmary for the first time in a week and went to the main area where all the Fairy Tail members were drinking. As he started seeing people a few of them stared at him. Natsu looked down to were they were staring out and realized why they were staring at Hm, He was only wearing his normal trousers and his scarf.

'Well that a good reason why I'm getting scared at..' Natsu thought to himself with a small laugh.

"So Natsu. While you were sick did you somehow get Gray's habit?" Macao asked as he saw Natsu come out from the infirmary.

"No! I'm not a pervert!" Natsu responded back and yelled at him.

"Right.." Wakaba countered with a laugh.

"Natsu.. how are you feeling?" Erza asked as she was at a bench by her self eating her favorite strawberry cake.

"Good. Not barfing at least." Natsu answered with a small laugh. Natsu walked over to where Erza was sitting and sat in front of her on the bench.

"I'll be right back Natsu. I'm going to go get some food for you." Mirajane explained with a smile and walked behind the bar. She then went into the kitchen to start cooking. While Mirajane cooked Natsu and Erza began to talk.

"So. The group for Tenrou Island already left?" Natsu asked Erza.

"Yes, a few days ago in fact. Though for some reason we haven't heard from them yet. We we're suppose to." Erza answered Natsu and went back to eating her cake.

"Alright.." Natsu responded back and slumped In his spot.

"Don't get down on it Natsu. It wasn't your fualt. Maybe it was good that you didn't go. Maybe something would of happened if you did." Erza replied as she saw Natsu looking down.

"Yeah maybe. But don't worry. We all could do something fun while we wait for them to come back." Bisca announced as she got up from her seat and walked towards Natsu and Erza. She then sat down next to Natsu.

"Yeah maybe." Natsu responded back and then his stomach growled.

"But I think we first have to get your stomach fed." Erza said as she giggled a little bit.

"I think so to." Mirajane responded as she left the kitchen with a tray of food in her hands. She then left the bar and walked towards were Natsu, Erza, and Bisca were all sitting and talking.

"One flaming steak and fire shot." Mirajane exclaimed as she placed the food in front of Natsu. She then placed the now empty tray on a different table and sat down next to Erza.

"Smells awesome!" Natsu yelled and dove into the food.

"I still don't get how you can eat something on fire." Bisca sighed as she watched Natsu eat some of the flaming steak which was on fire.

"Dragon Slayer Magic.." Erza responded and also watched as Natsu ate.

Natsu didn't care that all three women who were sitting by him were watching him eat. He was just hungry and wanted to eat till his stomach was full.

"Ahh.. that hit the spot!" Natsu sighed with a full stomach. "Thanks for the food. Mira!" Natsu responded and thanked Mirajane.

"Welcome any time." Mirajane answered with a bright smile.

"So.. what know?" Erza asked as she was a bit bored. She wasn't in the mood for a job as most of there team was gone.

"No idea.. I'm a bit bored also. Not many things to do right know." Mirajane sighed as she looked at Erza and Natsu.

"Hmm.. really no idea. We've all explored Magnolia long ago so I really don't know." Bisca announced as she added on to things that they have done.

"Maybe... no. We've done that. Umm.." Natsu said as he started to think.


The doors slammed open to show two men from the Magic Council. As soon as they got inside they stood there trying to catch there breath.

"You two ok?" Wakaba asked as he looked at the two people from the magic council.

"Yes.. but your friends aren't.." One of the men announced. He had a scar on his right side of his face.

"What do you mean they aren't?" Erza asked as she stood up and begun to get worried.

"We were on Tenrou Island." the other man answered and started telling them what happened. He told them how he had Doranbolt disguise as Mest and go to Tenrou island with the main group. He then started telling them how Grimore Heart showed up and then Zeref was there. Lastly he told them about Acnolgia and how he destroyed Tenrou Island.

"Master.. Lisanna.. Elfman.. Gray.. Lucy.. and everyone else. There all gone?" Mirajane asked with a raspy voice. Tears were beginning to roll down her face.

"I'm sorry, but yes. Anyone who went to Tenrou Island is gone." Doranbolt answered and looked down at the ground. Everyone in Fairy Tail were shocked and at the verge of crying. There family had just been lost.

"That can't be true! There's no way Master Makarov could get beatin!" Romeo screamed at Doranbolt and Lahar the two men from the Magic Council.

"If you don't believe us will take you there for proof." Doranbolt yelled back to Romeo. He was tired, angry that he couldn't save them, and just wanted to go home at this point.

"Calm down.. no one takes this kind if news good." Lahar told Doranbolt as he tried to clam him down.

"Romeo.. calm down. I don't think that the Magic Council would lie to us about this." Natsu told Romeo as he walked up to him. Natsu's hair was covering his eyes and he just wanted to break down and cry. But his pride told him to do that later. He needed to comfort everyone else. Natsu then rested his hand on Romeo head as small tears ran down Romeo's face.

"Thank you Lahar and Doranbolt. We appreciate the news and about what happened to them. It means a lot." Erza told Lahar and Doranbolt as she also was on the verge of tears but knew she couldn't cry yet. She had to be strong for everyone left in Fairy Tail.

"Levy!" Jet and Droy cried as they hugged each other.

"I guess we're gonna leave. Is sorry again for your losses." Lahar explained and left the Fairy Tail building with Doranbolt.

"Lisanna.. Elfman.." Mirajane cried. Natsu sat down next to her and wrapped his arm around her. He then pulled her head to his chest and hugged her. Mirajane continued to cry but now she cried on Natsu's warm muscular chest.

Erza also helped comfort the rest of the Fairy Tail guild members as they cried for the members that they lost. It was a sad day for Fairy Tail.

"Alright I'll talk to you tomorrow.." Natsu told Erza as he left the guild doors. He had a sleeping Mirajane in his arms as he walked towards her home. Since they were told that everyone on Tenrou Island wasn't coming back. Mirajane had been crying. She had lost her sister again and know she lost her brother on top of that. Mirajane ended up crying her self to sleep in Natsu's arms.

Lucky for him Mirajane's house was just down the street so he was already arriving at the house. Natsu took Mirajane's keys from her pink purse she always had and unlocked the door. It was a bit tough but he was able to do it while caring Mirajane bridal style.

"Wow.. I haven't been in here for a long ass time.." Natsu mumbled as he bumped the door open with his back. Natsu then turned around, closed the door with his foot, and walked in. It opened up to a nice warm living room. There were two couches facing each other and a few pictures on the walls. Of course there were more things to look at but Natsu was tired to he walked out of the room and looked for the stairs.

From being in the house a few years back he knew that Mirajane's had the masters bedroom which was upstairs. Once he found the stairs he walked up them. He walked down the small hallway at the top of the stairs and opened the door which was already ajar.

"Wow. Was not expecting this." Natsu whispered as he looked around her room. It was all pink. She still had some stuff from back before she turned to a nicer Mirajane not the demon Mirajane. Mirajane still had her chains and goth stuff laying around. But what interested Natsu most was a single picture. A picture of him just sitting on her night stand facing her bed. "Weird.." Natsu muttered and walked to her bed.

Natsu then placed Mirajane on her bed and undid the cover from under her. He then undid her heels and threw them in the floor. After he brought the blankets over her and started getting up to leave.


Natsu looked back at Mirajane to see her eyes partially open and looked at him.

"Please stay. I need you." Mirajane whispered and grabbed Natsu's hand.

"Ok.." Natsu replied and started undoing his shoes. He then walked around to the end as Mirajane watched him to make sure he wouldn't leave. Natsu then got on the other side of the bed and got in. As Natsu laid down, Mirajane pulled her self up and rested her head on his warm bare chest.

"Thank you.." Mirajane whispered and kissed his chest before closing her eyes once again.

Natsu stayed silent and looked up at ceiling like he did when he awoke at the infirmary. 'What's going to happen to Fairy Tail?' Natsu asked himself and closed his eyes. But he couldn't sleep. There were to many things bothering him.

Who will be the guild master, who will run things, and how will Fairy Tail survive?

Those thoughts kept running through mind. Natsu yawned and tried to closing his eyes to go to sleep again. Lucky for him he finally was able to go to sleep.


"Natsu.. you better wake up or I'll kiss you.."

"Mm.. let me sleep for another 5 minutes." Natsu mumbled and went back to sleep.

"Alright.." Mirajane sighed. Mirajane then moved and straddled Natsu. "Do remember when I'm alone with someone I'm sometimes the demon.." Mirajane whispered in Natsu's ear. Mirajane then pressed her lips against Natsu's lips and quickly broke it.

"You kissed me.." Natsu mumbled as he was now wide awake and staring into the eyes of the innocent looking Mirajane, who was by the ways till straddling Natsu. It had looked like she was enjoying it also.

"Yup.. I did warn you." Mirajane replied with a smile. Though the smile was a fake smile Natsu noticed and already knew why.

"I promise you. Will get through this." Natsu said as he wrapped his arms around her and tightly hugged her.

"I don't know.. right now I really don't think so." Mirajane replied and buried her face into Natsu's chest.

"Yes we will." Natsu answered back and continued to hug her.

"Now come on. You get dressed and will stop by a place to eat. Then will head to the guild to see what's the plan. We have no guild master at the moment." Natsu huffed and then on que both of there stomachs grumbled.

"Alright you win this one, but the next one I won't let you win!" Mirajane teased as she got off of Natsu and walked into her bathroom. Natsu watched as Mirajane started pulling down her panties and took them off under her dress. She then turned around and started closing the door.

"Sorry.. I will love to do more but you haven't earned it yet." Mirajane explained with a wink and finished closing the door.

"That was hot.." Natsu gasped as his face was still red. He hadn't been able to see Mirajane's naked but he did see her take her panties off. Though sadly that was all he was able to see due to her dress.

"Ahh.." Natsu sighed as he walked with Mirajane towards the guild hall. He noticed Mirajane was still wearing a fake smile but he did understand why.

"Agreed.. it was a good breakfast. Hit the spot where we needed it and now we can figure out what we are going to do at Fairy Tail." Mirajane responded as it looks like she was thinking the same thing as Natsu. Who will be the guild master, who will run things, and how will Fairy Tail survive?

"Yeah.. It will be interesting." Natsu sighed once more. This day will be hell for them all.

"Morning everyone." Mirajane announced as she opened the doors and greated everyone who was still there. They were all still looking down and sad. It also looked as if no one got any sleep because of being depressed.

Natsu also greeted everyone but got the same responses like Mirajane. No one was in the mood.

"Good you two are here." Erza called from her seat. She was sitting on a bar stool and it looked as if she was waiting for them.

"Alright, now that everyone is here we need to have meeting. The meeting will be about the future of Fairy Tail." Erza responded and stood up as she Egan to walk. She walked to the stage as she made sure everyone left in the guild heard her.

"Really.. never would of that we would have a talk like this.." Wakaba sighed and looked at Erza.

"Doesn't look like we have no choice." Macao answered and drank more of his beer even though it was still early in the morning.

"I can't believe something like this happened.." Bisca cried and Alzack was next to her trying to comfort her.

"First things first. To make sure Fairy Tail survives we will need two things. For us to grow stronger and a new guild master." Erza explained without trying to cry. She had already been trying her hardest to hold back her own tears.

"I think we should start with the second thing first." Jet proposed.

"Yeah.. who ever will be the new guild master should help make the decision of how Fairy Tail survives." Droy added to what Jet announced.

"Okay.. so. Does anyone have any ideas of who should be the fourth Fairy tail guild master?" Erza asked as she looked at everyone.

"I think that's easy. It's you." Wakaba answered and then pointed at her.

"I though about that actually but I honestly don't think so." Erza sighed.

"W-what?" Bisca asked in surprise. In her eyes, Erza was always a leader.

"Your the strongest one here Erza." Alzack almost yelled at her.

"Your right. But that won't make me a guild master. You need to be strong and you must be able to bring the best out of everyone. To make people smile when everyone is sad." Erza answered and them smiled. That what Master Makarov always did. He wasn't just strong, he made people smile when they were down. He was a heart of the guild, just like a certain pink haired dragon slayer.

"She's right. We need someone to become the heart of Fairy Tail and make sure we never give up, to keep moving forward." Mirajane exclaimed and looked at everyone in the guild.

"Natsu.." Romeo whispered he had been listening to what Erza was saying.

"What was that Romeo, I didn't hear you?" Macao, Romeo's farther asked.

"Natsu. He's the heart of this guild. We've all seen it. He can make us all smile while were down. He can make us strong and never give up!" Romeo yelled as a tears ran down his face.

Natsu looked up from where we was siting when Romeo said his name the second time.

"Natsu.. hm.. I think Romeo is right." Wakaba replied and smiled. He then looked at Natsu.

"Natsu the heart of Fairy Tail, Makarov has even said that he was." Bisca muttered and then looked at Natsu.

"He will always be here for everyone in Fairy Tail." Mirajane whispered as she smiled at the memory of the last night. Natsu was there for her and stayed with her the entire night.

"Are we all in agreeance then?" Erza asked all the remaining Fairy Tail members.

"Yeah!" everyone cheered. There fighting spirit was trying to stay alive from the heartbreak that was the day before.

"Alright then. Natsu please come here." Erza asked and watched as Natsu stood up and walked to the stage of Fairy Tail. He then stopped right next to her.

"I can't beleave I'm going to say this but as of today, I here by say Natsu is the the fourth Fairy Tail guild master!" Erza yelled to make sure everyone in the guild heard her. As she finished saying that everyone was smiling for real once again even Mirajane and Erza.

"I might be stupid sometimes.. sometimes quick to a point. But I will promise you all one thing. I will never give up on anyone." Natsu yelled and raised his right hand in the air. He the made the well known Fairy Tail hand symbol. As he made the symbol everyone else raised there right right and made the same.

In his heart he didn't know if he was truly the best pick.. but at the end he decided to just to go with it and help everyone else in Fairy Tail.

"Who are we?!" Natsu yelled.

"We're Fairy Tail!" everyone in the guild screamed with tears running down there faces.

"We will never give up!" Natsu yelled and made sure everyone knew.

"Alright now that we have our fourth guild master I think it's time we think about how to keep Fairy Tail alive." Erza explained as she helped quiet everyone down. They all wiped away there tears and got focused again.

"So.. the only way Fairy Tail might survive is that we get stronger and show that Fairy Tail can survive. With the Tenrou group gone.. we are not many anymore, many guilds will try to take Fairy Tails spot. They will try to crush us and make us look week. In the following week I can bet you the magic council will announce in the newspapers about the accident. Meaning Fairy Tail needs to show itself sticking up. I know that it's a painful time right know, but we must keep Fairy Tail alive!" Erza explained to everyone in the guild. In there hearts they were still hurt and it would take a while to move on. But they also knew that they just have keep Fairy Tail alive. For everyone's sake.

"For Fairy Tail!" Erza yelled.

"For Fairy Tail!" Natsu shouted.

"For Fairy Tail!" Mirajane cried.

"For Fairy Tail!" everyone else in the guild cried or cheered.

"It's time to get stronger. Let's show everyone how strong Team Shadow Gear is!" Jet yelled and Droy nodded in approval.

"Let's train?" Alzack turned around and asked Bisca.

"Yeah let's train!" Bisca yelled and hugged Alzack who went very red.

"Let's train.." Natsu muttered and smiled.

"I agree.." Erza sighed. Both her and Mirajane would have to be the guild master advisor. Natsu would need lots of training and learning.

"Tonight we party and remember are friends.. tomorrow Fairy Tail is reborn a new!" Natsu yelled.

"Hey.. I'm liking this new master." Wakaba sighed with a laugh as he picked up his mug. Tears quickly ran down his face like many other Fairy Tail wizards.

"Yeah.. he might be young, but I think Nastu will keep Fairy Tail alive and running." Macao replied with a laugh and joined Wakaba with a nice cold mug of beer.

As they started to drink people once again started laughing and smiling. Fairy Tail wasn't in the best position at the moment but they were going to make it.

"Me and Bisca are going to go hunting and start training." Alzack proudly announced. It was now night time and most people were out cold or deciding what they were going to do.

"Alright, good luck." Natsu told them as he nodded in approval.

"Hopefully we can use the regular Fairy Tail members to keep this place running from the money the guild gets. Also because most of us will be training we won't need to worry about many repairs." Mirajane agreed and explained.

"What about you Natsu? What's your plan?" Bisca asked as she looked at Fairy Tail's master. She was still tying to get used to calling him Master Dragneel not Natsu.

"I'm going to stay around here, probably train with Mira and Erza. From what Erza told me, we still need someone signing off of jobs for every else." Natsu replied as himself and Erza already had a small talk. It was mainly the plan they had talked about.

"Alright that sounds good." Bisca answered with a smile. "Will be gone for a few weeks maybe a month. If you need us just send us a message." Bisca then added and waved goodbye as she started leaving.

"Good luck!" Natsu hollered and waved back.

"Alright.. that's Bisca, Alzack, Wakaba, Macao, Romeo, Droy, Jet, Nab, Reedus, and Laki all gone." Erza mumbled as she read names off of the list. They were all training and growing stronger.

"That just leaves us three to run Fairy Tail and any other embers left of Fairy Tail to make the money to keep Fairy Tail alive." Mirajane sighed. This was going to be hard on all three of them.

"The best course of action would be one of us train with Natsu while the other stays here getting things done and helping anyone who arrives. So were basically switching off." Erza suggested a plan to Mirajane.

"It's a good plan. But who goes first?" Mirajane asked with a smile. She didn't want to admit it, but she wanted to be first. For some reason in the past few days she had begun to enjoy spending time with Natsu while she worked on overcoming the death of her brother and litter sister.

"A battle.. it's been a while since we've had a fight." Erza suggested and evilly smiled.

"Alright.. but don't think your stronger then me. I'm still Fairy Tail's demon." Mirajane agreed and looked at Erza.

"Natsu will be the one who watches the fight to see who wins, let's go." Erza explained and started walking towards the back of Fairy Tail. Mirajane and Natsu followed her and left through the back door. They were now in the back behind Fairy Tail.

Behind Fairy Tail there was a nice sized field then there was water beyond that. At the moment all the grass was green and the trees surrounded the field. Though that was going to change when Erza and Mirajane start to fight.

Erza walked to the right side of the field and Mirajane walked to the left side of the field. They were ready to fight.

"On go you start!" Natsu yelled.

"3." Natsu shouted.

"2." Erza shouted.

"1." Mirajane shouted.

"Go!" Natsu, Erza, and Mirajane all shouted.

"Requip: Black Wing Armour!" Erza yelled and requiped into her Black Wing Armor. The armor has black with silver trimming that also has silver crosses in several of the places. It has a revealing silver-edged breastplate and plates flanking her hips that reach down to her waist-guard. The waist-guard leaves the front of Erza's body exposed, with her groin covered by dark imbuement. She also has large plates guarding her legs. She has two wings that have black metal 'arms' acting as the wings leading the structure. But the parts used to fly are composed of a membrane-like material. Erza's hair is also tied in a ponytail.

"Take Over: Satan Soul!" Mirajane yelled and started her take over. When Mirajane is in her Satan Soul take over her eyes becoming darker and her eyelashes growing longer with a dark, thin marking in a light zigzag-style crossing her right eyes vertically. Her hair becomes wilder, jutting upwards and getting curlier, with the front ponytail growing longer. Her teeth becomes like Natsu which are sharp canine teeth and her lips become covered in dark lipstick. Her forearms and hands are covered with scales and each sprouting a fin-like protrusion on its outer side? She also grows a large, stocky tail which is made out of scales. Her clothing changes to a red and black skimpy one-piece suit revealing her arms and legs. It is also open on the front and the back which exposes most of her belly and shows a very wide cleavage. She also has a spiky collar which is tied around her neck by a cravat tie. Her shoulders are tied in some thin belts protruding from her one-piece suit. Her feet are covered by matching high-heeled thigh-high boots. She lastly dons a pair of gauntlets covering the back parts of her transformed arms.

"Let's go!" Erza and Mirajane both yelled as they took off from there spot. Both of them left a ditch were they pushed off of and met each other in the middle of the field.

Boom! As there fists connected a blast between was set off and pushed them both back.

"Hmm.." Mirajane announced as she tried thinking of a plan as she flew into the sky's.

"Already running away?" Erza yelled and started flying into air after Mirajane.

"Course not you should be the one running!" Mirajane yelled and flipped upside down and aimed her self at Erza.

Before Erza could even realize it, Mirajane was next to Erza and hitting Erza's face with her fist.

"Gahh!" Erza screamed as she was rocketed down to the ground and hit the ground flat. Erza right away started to get up.

"Heh.. you've grown week Mira." Erza announced as she stood up and smiled which pissed Mirajane off.

"Soul Extinction!" Mirajane yelled as she started to charge a attack.

"No you don't! Moon flash!" Erza yelled and flew up into the air. She quickly got to Mirajane and slashed her two times making a x before Mirajane could finish her attack. From Erza's attack Mirajane fell back but recovered before she hit the ground.

"Damn.. that hurt!" Mirajane screamed.

"Just give up.. you won't win!" Erza yelled and flew down to Mirajane.

"No way in hell!" Mirajane smiled and pushed off to meet Erza with her fist.

Crack! As Mirajane hit Erza in her chest Erza's armor begun to crack.

"Requip: Purgatory Armor!" Erza yelled and landed on the ground as her Requip finished. Erza's Purgatory armor is a black armor covered in spikes. When using the armor her hair becomes styled in a very prominent spikes pointing out wards in every direction. Her right eye is also covered by her hair as it shows a devilish shadow obscuring her upper part of her face.

"Now were talking!" Mirajane yelled and smiled that she had to make Erza use one her strongest armor sets.

"I don't know why. I shouldn't have been surprised that I had to use this armor. But let me show you how weak you are against this armor!" Erza yelled and rushed forwards to Mirajane has had gracefully floated down to the ground.

Erza swung her spiky sword at Mirajane but Mirajane just barely was able to block it with her claws. Mirajane then pushed it back at Erza.

"Don't think so." Mirajane yelled and jumped back away from Erza.

"Hmm.." Erza mumbled as she stood in her place like Mirajane. Both of them were deep in thought thinking of a way to beat each other.

"Requip: Armandura Fairy!" Erza yelled and requiped her armor. This was Erza's strongest armor. It is pink armor with a simple breastplate joined to the collar. The armor has many wings shaped decorations. The armor's weapons of choice are a pair of identical swords, sporting large and decorated hand-guards reminiscent each of a pair of wings. Also with the blades protruding near the hilts to house addition decorative motifs.

"It looks like simple armor, but it isn't. It's her strongest armor." Natsu whispered to himself as he continued to watch the fight. Things were heating up and he knew in the new few minutes this fight would end.

"I see.. your trying to end this. So let's end this!" Mirajane yelled and pushed off towards Erza.

"Yes.. let's end this!" Erza screamed and mimicked Mirajane. Erza pushed off towards Mirajane.

"Fairy Piercing Sword!" Erza yelled and started charging her attack as she ran towards Mirajane.

"Satanic Blast!" Mirajane screamed and started charging her attack. Slowly by surely a small ball of purple magic formed in Mirajane's hand as she charged it.

Boom! Both attacks collided in the middle of the field.

"A tie.. thought so. Since the begging of the fight they both have been even." Natsu sighed as he looked at the collapsed Erza and Mirajane. From there attacks there was a massive creator deep in the middle of the field.

"Well.. I better go help them." Natsu sighed and stood up and started walking towards Erza and Mirajane. Once Natsu got to them. He noticed Erza was no longer in her armor and Mirajane wasn't in her take over. Natsu then picked both of them and rested them on his shoulders. One on each side.

Natsu then started walking towards Fairy Tail again to bring them home to rest.

"Ow.." Erza moaned as she slowly opened her eyes to a bright light. Her muscles were sore and her chest was killing her. Erza slowly sat up to look around and find out where she was. She looked up and saw a wood ceiling, she looked to the right and saw Mirajane sleeping in a bed, and then she looked to the left to see a window. Erza then looked straight in front of her to see Natsu out cold sitting on a chair.

"Natsu.." Erza whispered and it finally set in how she got here. Natsu had carried her and Mirajane in after there battle. 'Damn.. we must of been tied..' Erza thought to her self and sighed. She was still equal with Mirajane.

"Damn.." Erza heard Mirajane moaned and Erza looked to the right to see Mirajane waking up.

"What happened?" Mirajane asked as she saw Erza looking at her.

"Looks like our fight needed with a draw." Erza answered.

"Ok.. but how did we get here?" Mirajane then asked.

Erza used her head and looked in front of her. Mirajane then did the same thing and then saw the sleeping dragon slayer.

"Natsu.." Mirajane whispered like Erza.

"From what it looks like, after our fight he carried us in here." Erza explained.

"Well... that does explain a few things." Mirajane replied and giggled before she grabbed her chest. Just laughing a little bit hurt her.

"Mm!" Natsu moaned as he stretched his body. Natsu looked up and saw Erza and Mirajane awake.

"Morning." Natsu told them and got to his feet and stretched.

"Morning?" both Erza and Mirajane asked.

"Yeah.. morning. That's what I'm say in the morning." Natsu sighed and continued to look at them.

"Morning.. it can't be morning. The fight was in the early afternoon." Mirajane stated as she was trying to figure things out.

"Yeah it was. Once I brought you both back you were both out cold and we'll now were here. Since the fight both of you have been sleeping. That fight must of taken a lot out on both of you." Natsu responded.

"O wow... I didn't think we would sleep for that long." Erza sighed and tried getting out bed.

"Damn.. that hurts." Erza muttered and laid her head back on her pillow.

"You two are stuck here for a few days, I'll run things and come here if I have questions. Alright?" Natsu stated.

"Alright.. just remember If you need any help come talk to us." Mirajane explained and watched Natsu leave the infirmary.

"A bit quiet but it shouldn't be bad." Natsu spoke aloud as he traveled to the main area where people normally drank there beer at. Now there were only a few people left here.

"Master Dragneel." a wizard that Natsu didn't know said as he walked up to him.

"Yeah?" Natsu replied.

"I'm taking this job, is that ok?" the wizard asked.

Natsu looked at the job and the wrote the job down on the log book that was under the bar. He wrote down the jobs name, the wizards name, and where the job was it.

"Alright your good to go." Natsu replied and let the man go.

Once the man was gone, Natsu jumped up onto the bar and sat down indian style like how Master Makarov did. He then started to think.

'A lot of things, we have to train, keep Fairy Tail alive, make it stronger, and make sure it grows.' Natsu thought to himself as he continued to think.

'The first one is easy.. I'll be doing that first. Keeping Fairy Tail alive just means having the members of Fairy Tail do there regular stuff, should be easy. Making it stronger is already is in progress, everyone is getting stronger. Making sure it grows would be the tough one. Maybe sometime later I can ask Erza or Mirajane.' Natsu thought to himself as he thought of any things that needed to be done.

"We'll time to start." Natsu announced aloud. Natsu then started doing push-ups till he couldn't do anymore. The training had begun.

"Go again!" Erza screamed.

"Fire Dragon Roar!" Natsu yelled and sent out a massive stream of fire at a fireproof target that Erza had setup. Erza and Natsu were training that day while Mirajane was watching the guild. They made a agreement that Erza and Mirajane would switch out every other day. So today was Erza's turn and tomorrow was Mirajane's turn.

"Requip: Black Wing Armor!" Erza screamed and switched to her armor and hit a close target with her swords. She then un-requiped her armor. This was her 27th time requiping and her magic was getting ready to run out.

"Come on.. we need to do it again till were out and were fast enough!" Erza yelled faintly as she was also exhausted.

"Fire Dragons Flame Wall!" Natsu yelled and made a wall out of his flames. This was one of many new moves Natsu had made with the help of Erza and Mirajane. There focus was to help Natsu work on defense as he mainly had done offense attacks.

"Requip: Heavens Wheel Armor!" Erza yelled and requiped her armor. Her goal at the moment was to fasten her requip time. Once she requiped to her heavens wheel armor she un-quiped it off.

"Water.." Natsu muttered as he finished his defense attack and started walking towards a wooden table where both he and Erza had there gear. There gear were a few towels, water, and a few snacks. There plan was to train all day.

"I agree.." Erza sighed and knew her body wanted water. Her throat was dry. Erza followed Natsu over to the bench and grabbed her water bottle. She then started to drink some water to rehydrate her self.

"Ahh.." Natsu sighed and sat down on the bench. He then drank some water also like Erza.

"Now that our magic is been depleted almost we can work on the next part. We need to work on growing stronger." Erza spoke aloud and looked at the near by boulders.

"So what's the goal?" Natsu asked Erza.

"Carry that boulder up the hill and slowly bring It back down." Erza explained to Natsu.

"Alright you get one and I'll get the other one." Natsu replied to Erza and stood up. Natsu then started walking over to the boulders.

Erza watched Natsu at first and just admired him. 'I don't get it.. why am I so happy when I'm around him?' Erza asked herself and stood up. Erza then followed Natsu over to the boulders and prepared her self to carry one up the hill.

"Here we go!" Natsu yelled and picked up the large boulder. Natsu then started his climb up the hill.

"Ugh.." Erza moaned and joined Natsu. Erza picked up a boulder and started going up the hill.

"Soo tired.." Natsu moaned as he slowly and painfully walked towards Mirajane's house.

"This is going to hurt tomorrow but it was worth it!" Erza happily sighed.

"Yeah.. but tomorrow morning is gonna suck!" Natsu yelled and threw his hands up in defeat. Tomorrow morning was going to suck because of all his sore muscles.

"Well it looks like you two had a good training day." Mirajane laughed as she walked up to them. With her was Kinana, Fairy Tails other waitress.

"Well I'll leave you with Master Dragneel and Erza, good luck!" Kinana announced and started walking home.

"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow!" Mirajane yelled and waved good bye to Kinana.

"So.. how was the guild?" Erza asked Mirajane.

"Good. Just the regular jobs, things, and people drinking beer." Mirajane replied with a laugh.

"That's good.." Erza sighed and reached Mirajane's house.

"Well I'm gonna head home you two. If you need me to just come get me." Natsu told Erza and Mirajane. Natsu then started heading back towards the forest where his house was.

"Hey.. Natsu." Mirajane called out to Natsu

"Hm?" Natsu replied.

"Um.. can you stay the night at my house?" Mirajane asked as her cheeks went red.

"Hey.. I was going to ask him that!" Erza yelled at Mirajane.

"Snooze you lose and also my place is better for him! I can help him by giving his a massage so his muscle aren't sore the next day!" Mirajane yelled back at Erza.

"Ugh! Fine! Night Natsu." Erza yelled and waved at Natsu then left towards Fairy Hills.

"What was that all about?" Natsu asked.

"O nothing." Mirajane replied and grabbed Natsu by his arm and walked with him towards her house even though he never gave her a answer.

Mirajane and Natsu finished walked to Mirajane's house and right away went in. Once they were inside the house they both went up the stairs and went to Mirajane's room.

"Take your cloths off, I'll give you a massage before you hop in the shower." Mirajane stated as she went into her bathroom and grabbed some oil. Mirajane then closed the bathroom door and switched to a random outfit. The outfit was a pair of black work out pants and a white tank top, something comfortable to walk around in.

When Mirajane opened the bathroom door and left she was a bit surprised. Mirajane's face also started going red as she stared at the bare Natsu, even though he still wearing a pair of boxers. 'Wow..' Mirajane thought her self and she stared at all of Natsu's muscles.

"Hey.." Natsu said as he smiled at her.

"Hey.." Mirajane replied and slowly started walking over to him.

"Lay on the bed with your stomach down, Im going to start with your back." Mirajane explained to Natsu and watched as Natsu got onto the bed and laid down. The next thing. Mirajane did surprised herself and Natsu. Mirajane also got on the bed and sat down on top of Natsu. Mirajane was on top of Natsu so she could easily work on his back.

"Mira.." Natsu said as his cheeks went a bit red with Mirajane on top of him.

"Don't think of it.." Mirajane told Natsu and poured some of the massage oil into her hand. Mirajane then placed her hands on Natsu's back and started a small massage.

"Damn... that's feels good.." Natsu moaned as if he was in heaven from Mirajane's cold hands running down his back with the oil. Mirajane went to every part of his back and used her soft hands to massage him.

"Alright.. turn over." Mirajane asked with a even redder face. Mirajane then got off his back and went to the side as Natsu flipped over.

Once Natsu flipped over, Mirajane once again sat down in him as she straddled him.

"Mira.." Natsu moaned as he felt Mirajane once agains straddle him but this time it was more different because of where she sat down him.

"Getting excited aren't we?" Mirajane asked with a giggle as she drizzle some oil onto Natsu's chest. She could easily feel something hard beneath her which was now poking her butt.

"Not my fault.." Natsu replied with a embraced look.

"Your male.. that's what happens when males feel something good or see something they really like." Mirajane stated and started rubbing and massaging Natsu's chest.

"But.." Natsu started to say.

"No buts or else." Mirajane said with a devilish smile.

"Else what?" Natsu asked.

"This." Mirajane replied and started grinding down on his 'hard' part.

"Mira..." Natsu moaned but got quickly silenced by Mirajane's lips.

"Mira?" Natsu asked as he stopped the kiss and saw Mirajane staring into his eyes.

"I'm sorry.. sometimes the demon side of me likes to come out. Specially with what's happened." Mirajane said with a sigh and hopped off of Natsu.

"You don't need to be sorry.. If you need to let the demon out just tell me, I'll be there for you." Natsu told Mirajane with his classic smile.

"Thank you Natsu.. now go take a shower. I want some sleep tonight before we train tomorrow." Mirajane said to Natsu and tapped him on his nose.

"Alright, I'll be back in a bit." Natsu replied and walked to Mirajane's bathroom and closed the door. A short while later the water turned on.

"Natsu.." Mirajane sighed. She was enjoying being with him. He was the only reason why she hasn't gone mad and don't something stupid. The only reason why she wasn't thinking of Elfman and Liasanna all day and crying was because of Natsu.

"Natsu.. you've become my world it looks like." Mirajane laughed and smiled.

"Just don't leave me.." Mirajane announced out loud and looked out the window into the dark night.

"Even if you told me to, I wouldn't leave you." Natsu whispered in her ear and rested her head next to her.

Mirajane looked over to a Natsu and saw him smiling at her.

"Thank you." Mirajane whispered back and turned her light off on her night stand.

"Good night Natsu." Mirajane announced aloud into the dark room. She was easily able to feel Natsu's warmth so she didn't need a blanket.

"Good night." Natsu replied and wrapped his arms around Miraajne. Natsu then held Mirajane tightly to himself and let sleep take his mind over.

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