Daryl looked down at his hands, mystified. He did not understand how it came to this and how he was supposed to go on with his life now. How was one person able to change everything he believed in and make him see the good in people that he was not able to see in the past. It was a hard thing to think about and even more difficult now that it was his life. He was used to people treating him like scum, or ignoring him all together. He didn't blame them for it, it was his decision to follow Merle around and not make much of himself other than a hunter and being able to fix cars. He couldn't blame his good for nothing father, his brother or anyone except himself. When push came to shove, he shoved her right out the door and ran away. He gave her no option but to live her life alone. He knew she would find someone else. She was young, beautiful, pure and strong. Stronger than he would have ever given her credit for.

The real question that he had left for himself was if he could let her go. The man who never relied on anyone for anything in his life. The man who had so many demons fighting their way out. The man who left when it would mean laying down more than he was willing to give. The man who was afraid but would not voice it. Could he change that and let her in? The girl who saw past his walls and saw him for who he was and not who he had been. The woman who left him more broken from him leaving than he had ever been in his life?

Daryl picked up his phone and looked at the background of the beautiful blonde angel that he knew and had grown to love. As he put it back on the ground, it started to ring. When he looked at the screen, another pic of the beautiful angel came up with the name Bethy. It came down to one final question. Should he answer the phone or let the call go to voice mail. ..