QUEST 3 PART 3: Dragonborn Rising

The group faces off against the forces of the great dragon Mirmlunir, can they survive his wrath? Well, just keep reading and you'll find out.

The large Blood Dragon charged from the air, preparing to strike the four down with a mighty blow. The group scattered in multiple directions, attempting to avoid danger.

"RUN AWAY!" the Eds shouted.

Sarah, on the other hand, stood in place. She leapt into the air, grabbing hold of the Dragon's head, slashing with her sword. Mirmulnir looked at the Nord on his face, and then made a sound that resembled laughter. With a single swing of his neck, he flung Sarah into the side of the tower. Luckily, she was able to get back on her feet and try again.

A blast of fire erupted from Mirmulnir's jaws. Sarah was quick to pull out her shield, protecting her from harm. But for how long?

"Great Divines above," Double D said as he watched, "that shield won't hold forever. We have to help her!"

"Have you gone insane?" Eddy asked.

"Yes I have." Said Ed.

"I say we beat it," Eddy continued, "and live while we have a chance."

"Really Eddy?" Double D asked, "You're willing to let her die just to save your own skin? Where's your sense of humanity?"

"Must have left it in my other shorts." Eddy said smugly. He attempted to walk away, but was stopped by Ed pouncing on him.

"Please Eddy," Ed said, "if Sarah dies then she will go to Sovngarde and then she'll tell Mom, and Mom will tell Dad, and Dad will say 'not now woman, I'm trying to enjoy my afterlife!'"

Eddy sighed.

"Fine." He said annoyed. "Let's go save Sarah."

Sarah was holding well enough, as her shield slowly began to melt under the heat. From the distance, a torrent of arrows pelted at Mirmulnir's face, interrupting his focus. He turned his head to look at his three attackers. Double D released a double hand-lightning attack on the Dragon, even hitting him in the eye, causing a temporary blindness.

Ed charged in with his battle axe, hitting Mirmulnir in the jaw. The reptilian beast shook off the frost on his face and glared in rage.

With a single massive wing beat, he took to the sky above them. Double D went to check on Sarah.

"Are you alright?" he said.

Sarah looked a Double D in an odd way, like a woman would look at her husband during the day of their wedding.

"I'm a lot better now, mage boy," she said in a flirtatious matter.

"Wha-what?" Double D said in confusion.

The conversation was interrupted by a stream of flames heading their direction. The four fled for cover as the attacks from the Dragon above chased after them.

"Any ideas, brain-box?" Eddy said to Double D, sarcastically.

"Aim for the wings Eddy!" he answered, "Aim for the wings!"

They found cover behind some rubble that was once pieces of the tower. Eddy took aim and fire repeatedly at the wings of the mighty beast. While not hitting deep into the monster's flesh, it was beginning to throw off his balance in the air.

Double D concentrated a large patch of grass and shrub bushes a few feet away from them. He blasted a Fire spell, catching the plants on fire. Finally, the Dragon's flight was thrown off and he came tumbling down, landing in the flaming patch of vegetation.

Mirmulnir struggled, the flames causing him pain as he tried desperately to get back up. He lay on his back, unable to escape the fire.

"Ha!" yelled Eddy, "How do you like it, flame guy? Not so tough now!"

Mirmulnir inhaled, and then exhaled a chilled mist. The frost breath formed ice, which melted instantaneously in the heat, putting out the flames. With the fire gone, he got back on his claws. He stood imposingly as burns covered his hide.

"Oh come on!" Eddy yelled.

Foolish mortals, the dragon said, only Ed understanding him, you shall all meet your demise by my claw!

"Not today, scaly beast from the underworld!" Ed yelled.

Ed charged in once more. Sarah joined him in the charge, as any warrior would do. Scales and claws clashed against metal as they exchanged blows.

Eddy launched arrow after arrow at the monster's wings, tearing the membranes. The dragon tried to fly away, but thanks to the holes in his wings, he couldn't get enough lift. He was grounded until his could get a chance to heal.

The Dragon stomped his foot on the ground, knocking the warriors off balance. Sarah managed to leap into the air before the attack, lunging at the beast. She managed to slice off one of the Dragon's horns, only to be swiped away by the reptile's sharp claw.

She landed on the pile consisting of her, Eddy, and Double D. The Dragon inched closer towards them, making growling sounds as he moved.

By Akatosh's breath, Ed heard him say, you are worth sport. But I have no more time for games, my master awaits results. Soon, Alduin shall reign supreme.

Before he could blast another flame, he felt a great pain in his tail. He swiveled his head to see Ed with his axe cutting deep into his scaly tail.

"Your master will get nothing," Ed yelled, "for I, Ed, bringer of bacon, shall stop you Mirmlunir!"

The Dragons stood in confusion. How could a mortal know his name? How did he know about Alduin? It's simply impossible!

Unless he can understand him, which means….

The Dragon scolded as he turned to face Ed. Then a strange sound escaped the monster's mouth, one that almost sounded like a real human word.

"Dovakin." Mirmlunir said.

All of Mirmlunir's attention focused on the Altmer in front of him. If this mortal was what he thought he was, then the top priority was to deal with him. Ed and the Dragon charged at one another.

Mirmlunir used his claw to slam Ed into the ground. He prepared to blast his foe with a torrent of fire. Ed struggled, but was able to grab hold of his axe once more. Using all of his might, he swung the axe into the Dragon's neck.

Mirmlunir screeched out in pain as blood spilled from his neck. Ed swung the axe once more, this time removing the Dragon's head completely. The hulking reptilian body thrashed about, spasming as the nerves fired their final electrons. Then in one great heap the body fell to the ground.

Mirmlunir was slain.

The remaining soldiers, who took cover earlier, came out of hiding. Even Irilith came to see the outcome. But they didn't expect what happened next.

"You did it big lug!" Eddy said, "Dragonslayer Ed- I like it."

"I for one am just glad you're alright Ed." Double D said, "And thank the Divines it's all over."

"I feel funny guys." Said Ed.

Everyone watched as the corpse of Mirmlunir began to glow. Tendrils of light emerged from the body, attaching themselves to Ed. Ed's chest began to glow brighter as the body disappeared.

"Could it be true?" a soldier said, "The Dragonborn has come?"

"What do you mean?" Double D asked, "What just happened?"

"He must be the Dragonborn," another soldier replied, "born with the soul of a Dragon, a master of the words of power."

"Like FUS?" Ed asked.

As Ed uttered the last word, a powerful pulse emitted from his lips, blasting a few rocks away. Everyone around stared at this feat. It was true…

Ed is the Dragonborn.

Not too far away, sitting in the last tree in-between the forest and plain, a Wood Elf oversaw the events.

"Son of a Birch!" Jonny said, "Looks like you were right about that one Plank, he is the Dragonborn."

He stood in silence, as it was Plank's turn to speak.

"Of course we have to," Jonny answered, "that's why it exists in the first place. We have to tell them before it's too late."

Another pause took hold.

"Don't give me that attitude," he said, "you did too sign up for this. Now let's go!"

Jonny darted off, leaping from tree to tree until he faded into the darkness.


Near the edges of the Cliffside, not too far from Helgen, an Imperial camp was busy with activity. Soldiers darted around, training and preparing weaponry. They practically didn't notice the three hooded figures just walking into the campsite.

They made their way to a tent near the center, allowed in by the guard. Inside the tent was General Tullius at his chair, looking over the letters from his superiors. He turned to see the hooded figures come in.

"Excellent," he replied, "you're on time."

They sat at the tale inside, the Tullius continued.

"Alright, I'll get down to it; Helgen was attacked during an execution and many of the prisoner's bodies were not found. They escaped, and from what I hear, you three are the best bounty hunters this side of Tamirel."

The general threw a handful of portraits onto the table.

"The main priority," he continued, pointing to one of the portraits. "Is this man here: Ulfric Stormcloak. He was wounded fairly badly during his capture; odds are he didn't get far. 80,000 gold for him- dead or alive."

The middle figure took hold of the portrait, keeping it for future reference.

"And these," he said, pointing out the other three, "are common criminals that escaped us."

The three figures looked at the portraits. The faces were of Ed, Double D, and Eddy.

"2,000 gold for each of them." He went on, "do you think you can retrieve these men?"

"Ooh," said the figure to the right, "this one looks like a real man!"

"Dream on," said the figure to the left, "HERE'S how you get a real man: tall and goofy!"

"Do we have a deal here or not?" Tullius interrupted, "Can you catch them?"

"You know what they say about Kankers," said the middle figure, revealing her Red, curly-hair covered face. "We always get our man."

A/N: Sorry for the short chapter, I thought this would be a good place to end the quest. There may be a short hiatus for this story, as I am working on two fics at once, but I'll try to get chapters out as much as possible. Until next time!