QUEST 4 PART 1: After the Dragon

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Everyone stood in awe at Ed, as his identity was confirmed. He was the Dragonborn.

"Whoa," said Eddy, "Since when could you do that?"

"More importantly," Double D asked, "how did you do that?"

"Like this Double D," he answered, "FUS!"

The blast of force launched from Ed's mouth, knocking Eddy over.

"Hey!" Eddy yelled, "Cut that out!"

From a nearby mountain, a sudden burst of sound was heard. In a way, it sounded like Ed's shout.

"Who?" Ed asked.

"Come with me boys," Irileth said, "We must report to Balgruuf."

The boys and Sarah followed suite.

"Did you see the way Ed killed that Dragon?" Eddy asked. "We could totally market that! Ed: Dragon slayer for hire. I like that."

"I didn't see nothin'," Sarah said, "I was too entranced by Mage-boy's bravery over here."

"Um," Double D shook as Sarah leaned on him with a smile, "Personal space…please?"

"Look out Ed," Eddy said, "I think your sister has the hots for Double D."

Sarah hit Eddy on the cranium hard enough leave him paralyzed.

"MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS SHORT STUFF!" Sarah yelled as she walked past him.

Ed slid up to Double D.

"Happy day!" Ed said, hugging Double D. "Can I be best man? Pleeeeease Double D?"

"Personal space PLEASE!" Double D yelled.

The troop made their way to Dragonsreach, into the Hall of Jarl Balgruuf. Irilith explained what happened by whispering into his ear. All the while, Sarah reunited with Jimmy, telling him all of the details.

"I see," the Jarl said, "Then if this story is true, your Altmer friend is truly the Dragonborn."

"Thanks Mr. Exposition," Eddy said, "We get it. Can we go now?"

"Young man," Balgruuf continued, "You don't seem to realize what's going on here. The Dragons returning to Skyrim, the arrival of the Dragonborn, these are all signs. The End Times have come."

"Are you suggesting Ed is some kind of omen of doom?" Double D asked.

"On the contrary," Balgruuf said, "It is said the Dragonborn is a good omen, for only a Dragonborn can kill a Dragon. Your friend has a great destiny ahead of him."

Double D and Eddy looked over to Ed. He had his hindquarters inside a steel helmet, spinning himself around like a top.

"When you mean 'great destiny'..." Double D began.

"Well," Balgruuf said, "I suppose intelligence isn't always necessary. Perhaps you two should guide him to High Hrothgar, home of the Greybeards."

"Retirement homes scare me guys," said Ed.

"Wait," Double D asked, "You mean thee Greybeards?"

"You know them Hood-head?" Eddy asked.

"Heard of them?" Double D continued, "My master knew them personally. They're masters of a powerful magic few mortals have even heard of-The Voice! And now I finally get a chance to meet them in person!"

"Idol worship ain't healthy Double D." said Eddy, "Material needs are overrated."

"Before you go," Balgruuf said, "There is the matter of your reward."

"Reward!?" Eddy said, pushing his friends aside, "Now that's what I like to hear. Lay on the gold your majesty!"

Balgruuf handed Irilith a set of three bronze rings. She handed each Ed a single ring.

"I dub thee Thanes of Whiterun," he said, "With this, you shall receive your own Houscarl, and the right to purchase property here in Whiterun."

"Achievement unlocked." Said Ed.

"This is quite an honor," Double D said as he placed the ring on his finger, "Thank you, Lord Balgruuf."

"Please," Balgruuf said, "stay in the city tonight. It would be dangerous to go out at this time; the Trolls are more active out there during sundown."

"Good advice," Double D said, "We'll leave first thing in the morning."

"Oh, by the way," The Jarl said, "I almost forgot. My friend here mentioned one of you is gifted in the ways of magic. In the opposite room lies the lab of Farengar Secret-Fire, our finest Mage. He may have a few tricks that may be of use to you on your quest."

The three bowed their heads as they left.

"Just once could someone one give us a decent reward?" Eddy complained.

"No they can't." Ed answered.

The three boys left the hall, leaving only the Jarl, Irilith, Sarah and Jimmy to occupy it. Jimmy was repairing the rips and tears of Sarah's armor as she continued the story.

"And then," she said, "Blood spurted out of its throat like a grapefruit!"

"Why must you torment me?" Jimmy asked, "Gore really soils my spirits."

A small boy came up to the two while they spoke.

"Excuse me," he said, "parchment for a 'Mr. Jimmy?'"

Jimmy took the letter and unsealed it. He gazed at it for two seconds.

"What's it say Jimmy?" Sarah asked.

Jimmy became jumpy at her question, he began to sweat.

"Uh," he answered franticly, "It's…it's mother-yes, mother-she's ill! Very, very ill-must write back-right away, right now-excuse me!"

He then darted off, almost as if he was embarrassed.

"What's his problem?" the young boy asked.

"Maybe I'm not working him hard enough." Said Sarah.

The Eds made their way to the lab of the royal Mage. The room seemed rather small for that of a Mage. The alchemy lab was only a few inches away from the spell books. The room filled mostly with desks littered with notes.

A single man with a hood covering his face toiled with a tome, looking into ancient secrets that may be unlocked.

"Excuse me?" Double D said, catching his attention, "Are you Farengar Secret-Fire?"

The man lifted his head to face the three.

"What brings you boys here?" he asked.

"Eddy needs a heart, great wizard." Ed said.

"And you need a brain!" Eddy sneered.

"I can't help with either I'm afraid." He said, "I'm too busy right now."

"Anything we can assist with?" Double D offered.

"Unless you feel like going to Bleak Falls Barrow," he said again, "and risk your lives, I don't think you'd want to."

"Why in Nirn would you want to do that?" Eddy asked.

"Because," he answered, "there's a stone tablet in the Barrows. Buried within the tomb. It contains vital information on the grave sites of ancient Dragons."

Eddy began to laugh.

"Good luck with that," he said, "We've already been there!"

"You have?" the mage said, rather excitedly. "Did you find the Tombs?"

"More than we'd like to remember." Double D said.

"Yeah," said Eddy, pulling out his inventory. "And all the loot in there was this lousy helmet and a few gold."

As he placed the rusty helmet on the desk, they heard a thud underneath it. Surprised, Eddy lifted the helmet surprised by what he found.

The helmet had a hidden compartment inside, opening when the helmet hit the table. Inside was a small stone, with unusual carvings all over it.

"That's it!" Secret-Fire said with excitement, "That's the tablet!"

"My is that clever," Double D said, "The ancient Nords found a simple yet complex mechanism to obscure such a fine bauble of-"

"Are you going to do this for every rock we find?" Eddy said.

"Yes he will." Ed said.

"Ok, you're starting to scare me with that Ed." Said Double D.

Secret-Fire slammed a large stack of books onto the table. Each of them looked old and full of secrets.

"Listen," he said, "I don't have much, but I need that tablet. I'm willing to trade my many volumes of Spell tomes for it."

Eddy looked to Double D, who looked so excited he might pop.

"Alright," he groaned, "deal."

Double D grabbed the books with joy as Secret-Fire examined the stone.

"But next time we better get coin in our trades!" Eddy sneered.


Jimmy sat in the dark room with nothing but candle light to accompany him. With a quill in hand, he wrote with excellent penmanship. He then gazed over what he had, making sure he wrote all he needed. He sealed the parchment and walked towards the window.

A knock came to his door, followed by his master's voice.

"Is everything alright Jimmy?" Sarah called out.

"Yes my lady," Jimmy said as he sweat, "I've just…got really bad toots."

There was a pause for a moment.

"Well get them out of your system," she called back, "I don't want you stinking up the whole place."

Her footsteps faded as she walked away. With her gone, Jimmy continued walking towards the window. On the other side, the young boy from earlier.

"Alright," Jimmy said, "Remember; Argonian Assemblage, Windhelm, make sure this gets there before the next full moon."

The young boy nodded and took the parchment. As he walked off, Jimmy looked into the distance with a troubled look on his face.

"Akatosh," he said to himself, "let there be enough time."

A few hours later, the Eds found their way to one of Whiterun's local shops, replenishing their supplies. Double D had made good friends with Secret-Fire, having common interests. They were forced to leave early, as Ed's allergies to one of the potions caused quite a mess.

"With Ed's skills," Eddy said, "we could buy places like this! I'm thinking about… 300 gold per pound. Sounds right. How much do Dragons normally weigh Double D?"

"Before we decide to turn Ed into a cash cow," Double D said, looking over the list of supplies, "We should have the Graybeards help us figure out this whole 'Dragonborn' thing. It could be trouble."

"How is rolling in coin and living like kings trouble?" Eddy asked.

"We don't fully understand what's going on with Ed." Double D spoke, "for all we know, this aliment might lead to more drastic side-effects. Or worse…"

Eddy just made a face at Double D and walked away, signaling it was no big deal. What Double D didn't see, was his face of regret than he turned around. He already risked their lives once the day before, he wasn't about to now.

After the bill was paid, the Eds decided to call it a day. They made their way back to the inn and settled down.

"There's still one thing I don't get Ed," Eddy asked as he settled in, "if Sarah's your sister, then are you half Nord?"

"I came from the stork Eddy." Ed answered.

"Well," Double D said, "It does explain Ed's unusual strength for an Altmer."

"I'm just surprised he was in an orphanage this whole time," Eddy said with a yawn, "I honestly thought you two were apprentice-buddies the whole time."

Eddy made himself comfortable in his bed. Just as he closed his eyes, Ed pounced on him.

"Do you think we'll get a prequel Eddy?" He asked eagerly.

Eddy kicked him away, causing Ed to land on the floor face first. Ed, being Ed, fell asleep that way.

The morning light entered the room, warming the place up. Double D automatically awoke, ready to organize everything before they day started.

Suddenly, a knock came to the door. Double D franticly put on his hood and answered. In the doorway stood a Nord woman, armored in iron from finger to toe.

"Uh…can I help you mam?" he asked rather confused.

"Not quite," she said, "I am Lydia, your Housecarl."

"Housecarl?" Double D said, becoming more confused.

"As thane of Whiterun, you are given a Housecarl as protection." She continued. "Balgruuf sent me."

"Cluck, Cluck." Ed said, wearing a pillowcase over his head, "I am a Walrus!"

"It seems you'll need as much as you can get." She said.

"Well," Double D said, "I suppose so. But we haven't got enough supplies for four of us."

"No need to worry," she said, "I have all the equipment I'll need."

"Come on Double D," Ed begged, "Can we go on our quest now?"

"Is Eddy up yet?" Double D asked.

They looked over to Eddy, who was still out as a light.

"Come on Eddy," Double D said, shaking him lightly. It had no effect.

"Allow me." Lydia said.

She took hold of Eddy and shook him violently. This had no effect either as he plopped back onto the bed.

"My turn!" Ed shouted.

Ed took a deep breath.

"FUS!" he yelled, flinging him into a wall with the power of the shout.

Eddy awoke, mangled and hurt from the force of Ed's shout.

"Stop that!" he yelled.

"Rise and shine Eddy," Double D said, "We leave for High Hrothgar in ten minutes."

"I'll wait outside." Lydia said as she left.

"Who's the dame?" Eddy asked.

"That's Carl Eddy." Ed answered.

"Weird name for a girl." Eddy said to himself.

The three boys packed and readied themselves. With a new member to their party, they were ready to face what lay ahead.

What will the Eds learn from the Graybeards? Find out next time, as secrets are revealed and action fills the pages. Stay tuned!

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