Ninety-five. 95.

That's how many humans are left on earth.

Well, maybe not strictly speaking. There was definitely someone, or something else still on the planet. But of the 100 settlers (test subjects more like) sent down by the Ark, only 95 remained. And that was only because they'd had a few additions to the original 100. And troublesome ones at that.

First there was Bellamy. The term "power goes to your head" had to have been coined by someone who knew him. Oh sure, he had his moments when he could be a real human being, like when his friend Atom died. But most of the time he was drunk on the almost complete and utter control he had over the majority of the 100. He might not be very smart when it came to keeping humanity alive, but he definitely knew how to manipulate a crowd, when they were actually listening.

But it wasn't even his insane propensity for creating mass hysteria that drove Clarke nuts. It was his complete disregard for the continuation of mankind. They needed to contact the Ark. Let the rest of humanity know it was ok to come down. Otherwise humanity would continue to kill of hundreds of innocent people just to keep a select few alive. And that's what might have happened. Because of Bellamy.

When all hope had been lost, Raven came down on her drop ship, functioning radio and all. And what does Bellamy do? Of course he destroys it. He may not have murdered them personally, but might as well have. He had to be an idiot. And yeah, he did have one heck of a reason to not want them to come to Earth, him trying to kill the chancellor and all. But was any reason really good enough to risk the lives of hundreds of people? Clarke had to reign herself in. Yes, true, he had ended up helping them, and for the second time he let his humanity show. But no matter what she had told him, if those people did end up dying, their blood was at least partially on his hands. The man was a walking contradiction and he just frustrated her so.

And then there was Raven. The newest addition to their motley crew of criminals. She herself was now a criminal, having probably broken a dozen laws that would've gotten her floated just to come to Earth and be with her boyfriend. And that be where the problem lay. Her boyfriend was Finn. Clarke's Finn.

She hated to say it, to even think it, but Finn had found his way into her heart. Giving her pencils and paintbrushes, indeed! And that's why she had done something she wouldn't have normally done. What was there to lose now anyway. The 100 had lost all chance of contacting the Ark. Her mother thought she was dead. Her best friend had died at the hands of a child! Who could possibly begrudge her a few hours of comfort in Finn's arms.

But then Raven had come. And Raven was Finn's girlfriend. Enough said.

Clarke glared at the couple from just inside the doorway of the drop ship. They were whispering in each other's ears and Raven was smiling. The way Clarke had smiled when she saw the pencil. Oh! How can anyone be so despicable! Yeah she had acted all mature about it, but she had been halfway in love with him, had given up rationality for him. And now he had his arms around another girl. She might act like she was over it...but she wasn't really that mature. Could anyone really be?

Clarke wanted to hate Raven so much. But after hearing what she had gone through to get here, to risk her life just to be with the one she loved, Clarke couldn't hate her. Dislike intensely? Yes. Hate? No.

And why did she have to be so damn pretty!?

Monty cussed in the background. Clarke turned away from one unpleasant view just to alight on another. There were bits and pieces of wristbands strewn around him. He had one in his hand and was working away at it with a screwdriver. He was mumbling something about "if only" when Clarke approached him.

"Monty, you need to take a break". Clarke rested her hand on his shoulder.

Monty shrugged it away. "No! I need to fix it! I did something wrong...And now they think we're all dead! Oh God, my mom thinks I'm dead..." He groaned and put his head in his hands.

Kneeling down beside him, Clarke put her hand on top of his. She pulled the wristband from his grasp and put it aside. "Monty. It was no one's fault. These were just a bunch of crappy bracelets anyway. If you want to blame someone, blame the person whose bright idea it was to make them all go haywire and die when you do a little tinkering. And blame that idiot Bellamy for taking out Raven's radio! Please blame him...Ok?"

Monty smiled a little at this.

"Ok?" Clarke pressed.

Then Monty seemed to relax and nodded his head. Clarke stood up and started to move away. "I just wish I had some more tools...I could fix Raven's radio if I just had the right parts..."

Clarke stopped and turned towards him, and idea forming. "Are you sure you'll know how to fix it if you get the right supplies?"

Monty nodded. "But the only place I know of where there might be spare parts is on Mount Weather".

Clarke just nodded. "Exactly. Monty, I want you to get some travel supplies together."

Now Monty was standing too. "Clarke this is insane! We already tried this once before, remember? My best friend got speared in the chest! There is no way I am gonna go out on another trek, risking life and limb for some radio supplies!"

"Those radio supplies could save hundreds of lives, Monty! Maybe even your mother's life..." Clarke pleaded with him with her eyes.

His eyes momentarily teared up, but he blinked them away. "What if we get there and there are no usable supplies, what then?"

Shaking her head, Clarke reeled with the thought. "That isn't an option. It can't be!" Then she grabbed his shoulders, The strength in her grip digging into his arms. "Besides, you'll be there to make do. I know you can!"

There was only two things Clarke had to make sure of before this little trip. Well, specifically, two people. Jasper obviously couldn't go as he was still healing from his last trek into the woods. But the most important factors to the success of this trip was that no one but herself and Monty go. Finn couldn't go because he was too much of a distraction, more so now than ever. She was emotionally compromised where he was concerned. It wouldn't be that hard to leave him behind considering that he didn't even seem aware of her existence now that Raven was here.

But Bellamy was another issue. He couldn't go for the obvious reason that he would do everything in his power to keep them from contacting the Ark, as he had done in the past. He may have helped them when hundreds of lives were on the line, but that didn't mean he wouldn't thank his lucky stars if it hadn't worked. He would still put himself first whenever possible. And he would definitely try to keep them from finding any kind of supplies if it meant the 100 stayed reliant on him. And he was just nosy enough, and smart enough, to be concerned with what she occupied her time with. Yes, that's right. Clarke did admit, even if only to herself, that the idiot was times.

In order to keep him out of her hair, though, she would need help. Thus the reason why Octavia couldn't go with. She would have to stay behind and keep Bellamy distracted. Now came the fun part. Convincing Octavia to stay behind.

"I don't like this one bit!" Octavia flopped down on her cot. "Uh-uh. You can't make me be the diversion. Have Finn do it. I'm going to come along. You'll need the back up!"

Clarke steeled her resolve. "We need someone to keep Bellamy occupied long enough for us to get too far ahead for him to track. If you come along, his suspicions will be raised all the more and he will most certainly follow us. You can do the most good here." Octavia opened her mouth, but Clarke cut her off, "Besides, Finn and I aren't exactly on speaking terms right now."

It was very apparent that the wheels were turning fiercely in Octavia's brain, trying to come up with some reason for making life difficult. It was so obvious, Clarke could even tell when she found it. "Wouldn't it be a good idea to take Raven along with? She is a mechanic, after all."

Clarke had asked herself the same thing. The only reasonable sounding excuse she could muster was "It would probably be helpful, but she isn't as familiar yet with this planet as we are. Besides, bringing her would mean bringing Finn and there is no way four of us are going to be able to sneak through the woods undetected by the grounders."

Octavia thought about this a moment. She must've found it good enough because she replied, "Ok. So what exactly do I need to do?"

Bellamy looked up from his carving just in time to see Clarke leaving his sister's tent. What the hell was she doing? What was she up to? Normally this line of thinking might be considered paranoia, but not when Clarke was involved. The little minx was always up to some kind of shit.

He continued slicing away at the piece of stone that was looking more and more like the arrowhead it was meant to become. Then when he had had enough of the niggling feeling he always got when Clarke was up to no good, he stood up, shoving the arrowhead into his pocket.

Octavia was chilling on her cot, listening to...something, be it the wind or birds. Her eyes were closed, lost in a daydream He missed having that kind of innocence. He couldn't remember the last time he had dared to daydream. Everything now was harsh reality. And just when he thought things might settle down long enough for him to make something of their dysfunctional tribe, people died. People were banished. People had murdered. People he had started to care for...or at least didn't hate.

In light of this, he had considered leaving Octavia alone with her innocent thoughts. But it was because of this that he kneeled down by her bedside. "Octavia". Her eyes fluttered open and he instantly regretted what he was about to ask. "What was Clarke doing here".

Octavia's pupils dialated minutely. "Hmm? Oh, she just came by to update me on how Jasper was doing." She closed her eyes again. And turned over. "He's good. I might go see him later...tonight". She seemed to put special emphasis on the word "tonight" and Bellamy narrowed his eyes. He would have to keep his eyes on his little sis. She seemed to be absolutely persistent in her desire to fool around with all the boys in the camp. True, the prospect of Jasper niggled at him the least, but still...She was just a kid. They both were.

Bellamy didn't respond but merely left the tent. The sun hit his eyes harshly. When they had adjusted, for some reason, his eyes found her first. They always did. He didn't know if it was out of some instinctual self preservation, or that she really was quite pretty despite the lack amenities on Earth. But for whatever reason, Clarke was always the first person he saw in a crowd. And it drove him nuts. He didn't even like her, but he saw her everywhere. She was a threat. A threat to him, his power, his emotional self reliance. He liked it when he could hate her. When she was nothing more than an annoying preachy fly he wanted to swat. But then she had to go and kill his friend...

That might seem like an odd way of endearing oneself to a person. But she had kept him from having to kill his friend. And for that, he would be forever grateful. And he hated it! It made him feel weak. She was the only person on Earth who actually scared him...because she had made him feel weak. And she had seen him that way. He could never forgive her for that.

It was that last thought that made him turn away from her, grab his bow and arrow, and head out into the woods.

When he returned, night was falling. He'd come back with another dear, this time it wasn't even deformed. Hopefully this would make it easier for his people to skin it, being less creepy looking and all. But he doubted it. Now they'd probably just say it was too cute to cut up! He really did hate people. He had to remind himself everyday of all the reasons why he took care of them. It wasn't easy.

Bellamy, of course, saw Clarke first, heading into the drop ship with a bag. He purposely tore his eyes away from her and went to see his sister. But when he got to his tent, he saw Octavia sneaking out, eyes darting around, as though looking to make sure he wasn't there. Bellamy instantly found cover behind some brush. Then he followed her with his eyes as she made her way towards the drop ship. Ah. So she was going to see Jasper. But why was she sneaking...unless...

Bellamy narrowed his eyes and pursued. He peered in the doorway of the drop ship and saw Octavia kiss Jasper awake. Then she took him by the hand and led him to the exit. Bellamy dove for cover, bow and all, behind some debris. After the moon-eyed couple had passed, he trailed behind them. They never even heard him when he snapped a twig, so wrapped up in their little romance they were.

He followed them all the way into the woods. Bellamy couldn't help but mutter to himself, "If they've just gone to go see the butterflies, so help me..." That was when it hit him. Octavia had been lying to him! The niggling feeling that something wasn't right, wasn't what it appeared to be. And then he remembered why. Clarke hadn't been in the drop ship. Sure, she could've gone out to the bathroom or something. But he'd seen her go in with a satchel, as though getting ready to pack something. You don't need to pack a bag to go and crap. So where had she gone with a packed bag?

Sure he was making a lot of leaps in reasoning. But with Clarke, he couldn't be too safe. And right now, following Octavia and Jasper on whatever innocent, or not so innocent misadventure they were on, was not worth missing the trouble Clarke was all to realistically creating for everyone.

He swore to himself and turned around. He knew his sister and her simple ways. If she was purposely leading him this direction, then you could bet he needed to be going the exact opposite.

It didn't take him long to find them. Clarke and Monty of all people were trying to stay hidden while whispering to each other. He couldn't tell what they were up to, but Bellamy had made it his mission to find out.

"Have you got everything?" Clarke was kneeling low to the ground, with her satchel slung over her shoulder.

Monty just shrugged his shoulder. "I think so."

Clarke narrowed her eyes at him. "Because you know we need to be able to send the message directly from mount weather if we can. We can't risk coming back and dealing with Bellamy if we can avoid it..."

Monty looked stressed. "I know. I've got everything. I just...I'm worried."

She rested her hand on his shoulder and squeezed. "I am too. But we can do this. The grounders are much less likely to see us if it's just the two of us. We just have to be quiet."

The boy nodded his head, but didn't look any more convinced. However, he stood along with her and the two of them started their trek into the dangers that lurked on this now alien planet called Earth. Not even their unwelcome backup would've made them feel better, had they known he was there. Because he was there bow in hand and ready to, at any moment, put an end to the threat they posed to his existence.