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Andrew Joshua Talon

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Keitaro Urashima was busily scrolling Fanfiction.Net's C++ rows, when he came across an unusual entry. He blinked.

"Talon?" Andrew Joshua Talon, transformed into his feminine form that he would be in if he'd been born a she, wandered into Urashima's room. She wore simple jeans and a white UGA T-Shirt, determined not to alter her lifestyle too much with her "change".

"Yeah, Keitaro?" Keitaro waved his hand vaguely at the screen.

"What's with these "I-get-turned-into-a-vampire" fics?" Talon shrugged.

"Mayhaps, they see in you a potentially powerful attractant for becoming a Child of the Night," Talon stated, pulling a Minute Maid Orange Soda from Author Space and taking a sip,"There is the whole Ken-jui thing, after all. The Four Parts of your soul from "Blood Hina", for instance." Keitaro nodded thoughtfully.

"Yeah. I'm so helpless in combat when alive, maybe I could become the Lord of all Vampires, like Lord Byron, while dead?" Keitaro mused. Talon smiled in admiration.

"I see you know your vampires. Also, as vampires are generally associated with warm, sensual experiences, perhaps the fact you live with seven beautiful young ladies adds fuel to the flame." Keitaro considered this, with a rather goofy smile appearing on his face. Talon, still attracted to women despite her alteration, shared his dreamy expression.

Naru stuck her head through the hole in the roof with an annoyed expression on her face.

"What are you guys talking about?" Talon glared at her.

"Nothing that concerns the likes of you." Naru gracefully landed on the floor with a glare.

"You're talking about the Love Hina/Vampire obsession," she accused, a slight smile gracing her face. Talon and Keitaro shared a shrug.

"True. Still, you must admit, a vampire Keitaro would be most... Appealing?" Keitaro managed to keep his blood pressure under control as Naru tapped her chin.

"Well... I suppose Kitsune would be all over him, Mutsumi's be puddy in his fangs, and if Motoko didn't go "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" on him, she would too. Kanako would pass on her fetish for black clothing, as well as a few 'other' things," Naru answered, deliberately drawing a slight nosebleed from the manager and the author-turned-authoress.

"As for me," Naru smirked with a slight wink,"I'm not entirely sure. I'd have to "sleep" on it," she added with a suggestive note. Keitaro's nose bled rather profusely at this point. Instinct kicked in.

"DIE, PERVERT!" POW! Keitaro screamed bloody (no pun intended ^_^) murder as he was launched into the stratosphere. Talon gulped, and smiled nervously at Naru, who was "reloading" her fist.

"Um, Naru? Erm..." Talon bared fangs with a purr. Naru stopped in shock.

"Perhaps you'd like to find out what a female vampire can do," Talon murmured suggestively. Naru took a few, dazed steps toward Talon, and then-


POW! And yet again, a human missile flew into orbit via the Hinata's own Space Program. Talon's fake fangs flew out of her mouth as she screamed.


Taro MD, who had conveniently come to visit Talon, was munching on a pizza slice as he looked into the room with interest.

"I say Talon could use a bit of vampire in him," he stated," it'd give Tori something to think about, heh."




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