True Love's Kiss

by Sleek Ink

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"The mind is easily persuaded

But the heart isn't so easily changed."

Anna crumpled the strip of paper coated with crumbs from the fortune cookie it came from, earning a quirked eyebrow from her friend.

"You're not even going to share what it says?" Punzel said across the table, a lone chopstick dangled from the corner of her mouth.

"Well, just the usual Yoda sage-ry. Blah blah mind. Blah blah heart." Anna shrugged as she took a clean chopstick and twirled it around her long mane, locking it into a messy bun. "How do I look?"

Punzel's bright brown eyes raked unabashedly over Anna's face, taking in the errant wisps of soft copper falling near plump, coral pink lips. "You look like someone I'll work my ass off to win a toaster for." Punzel smacked her lips in the air, as if savoring the taste of something succulent and sinful.

"Like you haven't tried to convert me. And failed. Twice I believe." Anna flicked a morsel of her dumpling at the brunette.

"What? That was only that one time! The first one didn't count, I was drunk." Punzel insisted, pointing a chopstick that recently vacated her mouth. "And the only reason you are still straight is because I just happen to be not your type of lesbian."

Anna shook her head, patting her friend's arm in consolation. "You're the best type of lesbian, Punzie. But you just need to accept the fact that I am boringly straight."

A burly blond man wearing a tiny red apron and carrying a porcelain kettle ambled towards their table. "Not trying to make a pass again at my girlfriend, Punzie?" The blond said as he refilled their cups with Chinese tea.

"I'm doing you a service, Kristoff. I'm sparing you some future heartache. My gaydar tells me Anna may be curvier than this chopstick."

Kristoff sighed as he sidled into the booth, seating beside Anna. He gazed intently into his girlfriend's eyes before swooping in for a kiss.

"Awww look. A hetero kiss. Like I haven't been bombarded enough my entire life." Punzel made a rather convincing retching noise in her throat.

The couple parted. Kristoff's wide grin shone on his face. "Don't know about your gaydar. But my lips tell me that Anna is straight."

"Well…" Anna's voice trailed, causing two people to squint their eyes at her. One expected her to agree. The other to debunk. "I think I can speak about my own preference, thank you very much."

Kristoff's brows knitted into a frown. Punzel's lips quirked into a grin.

"But Punzie, will you at least try stopping to convert me or pester me about my sexuality?"

Punzel's grin slid down her face. She regarded her friend thoughtfully and sighed.

"Fine. I will stop bugging you. Once and for all. Under one condition." Punzel said as she crossed her arms around her chest.

"No way. The lady asked you to back off, Punzie. That should be enough."

"Wait, Kristoff. I want to hear what silly proposition she has in mind."

Punzel watched her two friends exchange scowls, a sly smile tugging at her lips. She knew Anna longer than Kristoff has. She knew for a fact that Anna's copper-brow glare can make a grown man quail, not for its fierceness, but for its ridiculous adorableness.

"Fine." Kristoff said, dejectedly shoving his hands into his apron pockets.

Punzel tucked away her smug smirk as she brandished a leaflet in front Anna's face. "I promise to stop turning you into a lez, if you participate in this art exhibit."


True Love's Kiss

An Arendelle Museum Art Experiment

Are you a cynical yet closet romantic?

A woman who wants to demystify or prove fairytales true?

Then we are inviting you to participate as one of our 'Sleeping Beauties'.

For two hours a day, you will be sleeping in a princess' chambers to await your true love's kiss. All museum patrons are given two minutes each to kiss you awake. You are allowed to open your eyes ONLY when you feel the person kissing you is your true match. Please observe your thoughts and emotions as we will be chronicling your experience in our book.

Museum staff will be on guard to ensure your safety. Sleeping Beauties will receive fifty dollars for every two hours of participation and an all-expense-paid dinner with their chosen kisser. Museum Patrons will be charged 10 dollars a kiss. Proceeds will go to True Love Foundation, an organisation that supports marriage equality and true love for all.


Anna felt her heart throw a ruckus as she was led to a rather humungous bed that can probably accommodate five people. She was wearing an avocado green, knee-length nightgown that was modest yet revealing. Yes, it covered all her…private bits. But the neckline scooped a tad low and the silk material clung to her skin too snug for her liking.

"Are you having second thoughts, Princess Anna?" Kai, the portly exhibit project manager, was in character. He was wearing a crisp uniform of the royal guard and escorted Anna with a respectful regard.

Right. I'm a princess. A monarch who got bullied into getting my lips mauled by strangers so that my lesbian bestfriend will lay off my back. But it's only for today. Just two hours. And Kristoff said he will rescue me as soon as he can.

The redhead sighed as she traipsed towards the four-poster bed. "No, it's fine. Thanks for asking, Kai. I'm…just full of butterflies is all." Well, more like having a churning ball of agitated kittens clawing my stomach.

"If it helps your Highness, I can pipe in some sweet cello from Johann Sebastian Bach to soothe your nerves. And it is quite alright to fall asleep. It helps to think that you are just really playing a character, nothing more."

Right. Anna nodded as she plumped up her pillows and settled into a more comfortable slumber position. Immediately the lights were dimmed, the delicate scent of lavender filled the air. Dulcet tones of cello flowed and crested, carrying her mind away like waves to the shore.

Her mind slowly drifted into thoughts of pillow soft lips that cradled hers gently, brushing the corners of her mouth into a smile.


Elsa first noticed the excited chatter. As one of the featured artists in the modern art gallery, she has become quite a fixture in the museum for the past two weeks. And yet she has never before seen a crowd of museum patrons this enthusiastic.

Her eyes followed fingers that were pointed towards a large flatscreen TV near the concierge. The changing text said that the ticket counter for the True Love Exhibit will be opening in ten minutes. Oh, so that was today. Elsa mentally slapped herself. Her friend Kai was the project lead, how could she forget?

She strode towards the Gallery Loft to take a peek at the transparent, glass room. A spiral staircase ascended towards the room, giving the 'suitors' a short climb before they can wake the beauty from her eternal slumber. Elsa craned her neck to get a glimpse of their first princess. She overheard that there was quite a number of women who auditioned, and Kai mentioned something about a fiery snippet of a woman who talked his pants off to make her the first princess so that 'she can get it over and done with as quickly as possible for her lesbian bestfriend.'

The blonde sniggered at the memory of Kai imitating the girl's voice and actuations. But Kai only does that for people he likes. So she knew this first princess must have made an impression.

And when Elsa first laid eyes on her, she suddenly knew why.

A cascade of shimmering tendrils lay in a thicket of copper chaos around an oval, serene face. Elsa would've called that face sweetly innocent if not for the hint of a sultry smile, a thin dribble of drool that escaped the corner of her shapely lips. Coral pink lips that probably smiled too wide and laughed too loud. Lips that knew how to shape and form music, or yodel to scare some pigeons away. Lips with corners that lifted into a mischievous smirk as she stole chocolates from…

Shit. Shit. It can't be her. It can't be.

Her heart lurched, her hands shook. Memories of a playground crush flipped the pages of her mind. Back when Elsa still wore braces and thick glasses. Back when she needed a redhead's angry fist to protect her from the boys in her grade. Back when she first discovered what heartbreak meant when the redhead and her sunshine smile moved far far away.

Anna. My Anna.

Elsa thought as she sprinted towards the Ticket Counter, jostling the disgruntled crowd away.


A/N: will continue this if anyone is interested. Was inspired by the Ukranian art experiment here