True Love's Kiss (5)

By Sleek Ink


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Kristoff gritted his teeth as he kicked his foot against the curb.

"Ow! Ow! Bad idea." He winced. Surprised at the force in which his toe met concrete. He checked his watch, his thick brows furrowing at what he saw.

"You know, if you take another bathroom break in the next gas station. I'm going to have to leave you, Rapunzel!" He hollered at the door of the public restroom.

"Don't you ever dare call me that name, Kristoff! And it's not my fault to have the bloody woman's curse today!" Punzel yelled back from the cubicle. Her face a marble of solid concentration.

After being unceremoniously thrown off Kristoff's back and deprived of a piggy back ride, Punzel had to settle for a spin on Sven behind the lump of grump that was Kristoff.

She may have failed to stall her friend, but that doesn't mean she won't stop trying. She wasn't Captain of the Elsanna ship for nothing.

Now if only that ungrateful ship would just listen to her distress call.

She clutched her phone in her right hand, thumbs swiping against the screen to re-dial a number for the third time.

"C'mon, Anna." Punzel implored as the sound of ringing shrilled into her ears. "Why don't you just answer your damn phone?!"




The phone vibrated on the coffee table but its owner, who was a few feet away, was deaf to all sounds and sensations other than the ones being stirred by a particular blonde girl.

Eyes blissfully shut, hands roaming the delicate slopes of necks, shoulders and waists. Tendrils were run through by each other's hands, a waterfall of platinum melding with molten copper. Soft lips capturing and releasing, in a slow dance of slaking of thirsts.

It was delicious oblivion. Anna couldn't get enough of Elsa's sweet lips and the moist heat of her tongue. She was vaguely aware that her butt has somehow migrated to Elsa's lap, her pyjama clad legs loosely embracing the curves of Elsa's waist. The blonde's breasts cushioned her, soft swells that brushed persistently against her torso. They felt warm and deliriously intoxicating.

When Elsa grasped Anna's waist to pull her closer, the redhead's centre pressed flush against Elsa's firm abdomen, causing an unexpected friction to Anna's clit.

"Fuck…" Anna breathed, her body shivered and tensed, trying to process how a simple contact could elicit such pleasure. Heart hammering in her chest, she withdrew from those enticing lips and peered down at those pure blue eyes. Gawd, how can she turn me on so quickly?

"I'm sorry, is this too fast?" Elsa's concern shone through darkened pupils. Her elegant hands were frozen at the other younger girl's waist, worried that she had overstepped her boundaries.

Anna took a moment to marvel at the sight of Elsa's disheveled hair, kiss-swollen lips, and eyes dilated with desire. Whoa, is this for real? That I have the same effect on her as she has on me?

"This is…wow. I have no words to describe this." Anna's tongue ran with the first words that flew in her inebriated brain. She took a shuddering breath to calm her still quivering heart. "I… you… this..." Anna gesticulated animatedly to indicate the immensity of what she was feeling.

Elsa was strongly reminded of a squawking seagull with flailing wings. She burst into a muffled giggle. Her hand quickly covering a sly grin. "Oh, Anna. Are you sure you are in college? That was hardly a sentence."

"Well, since I am a music major, I can't be blamed if I speak in lyrics. Why use words, when notes sound better." Anna placed her thumb and index finger on Elsa's pert nose and gave it a double pinch. "Honk! Honk!"

The blonde's body rippled in laughter. Tiny tears leaked from her eyes. "Oh, Anna. I forgot how adorably absurd you are. I missed you."

Anna felt her eyes shut as Elsa brushed her fingers against the tiny hairs of her nape.

"I missed you too." Anna said softly and sighed, placing her hands on each of Elsa's shoulders, her fingers reveled in the soft muscle hinted underneath. "We should really catch up. Maybe in a very crowded café or something. Your lips are just too damn distracting."

"You think a crowded room will stop us from kissing?" Elsa's prim, poised smile contrasted with the wild desire darkening her eyes.

Anna gulped as her eyes drifted back to Elsa's slightly parted, red-kissed lips. Her pulse quickening at the memory of how soft and plump they felt. How she tasted of cherry, chocolate, laced with Elsa's own subtle flavour. She found herself parched and leaned towards those lips for another sip.

"Wait," Elsa halted her movement with a hand on Anna's cheek. "I think we should…play a game."

Befuddled by her hormones, Anna could only utter a very unlady-like "Eh?" in response.

Elsa sighed, calming her own raging urge to kiss Anna senseless. She needed some sense on where this was going, knowing full well that Anna may or may not be newly single. But if Anna's reluctance to discuss her talk with her boyfriend was any indication, she should find a way to relax the redhead to open up.

"How about…we try guessing things we don't know about each other. And if we guessed right, we'll reward with a kiss?"

Anna considered the suggestion for a few seconds. Her teal eyes sparkling at the idea of getting to know this grown up version of Elsa while helping herself with generous heaps of hot kissage. "Deal." She said, rubbing her hands together and bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"Um…first we need to put some distance between us." Elsa said, gently tucking a stray tendril behind Anna's ear. "I, for one, won't be able to concentrate when you're near."

Anna pouted and crossed her arms. She shifted away from Elsa's lap and scooted to the far end of the loveseat. "Okay, but this distance is temporary. I am so going to go full on clairvoyant on you, you will have to kiss me to infinity."

Elsa chuckled at the thought. Momentarily entertaining the idea that she could have more days of kissing Anna. More moments of holding her hand, leaning in for an embrace whenever she wanted to. But she hardly believed that the redhead was clearly thinking about the future, when their present was still a jumbled tangle of uncertainty.

"Okay, I'll start," Elsa said, fixing her gaze on Anna's teal orbs, trying to divine secrets from its depths. "You like to cook. You used to hang around our kitchen a lot, so I guess, you learned a thing or two about cooking?"

"I want to say you are right so I can kiss you," Anna began, a smirk teasing the corners of her lips. "But you are horribly wrong. The only thing I know about the kitchen is how not to set it on fire. Between me and Punzel, she's the one who knows how to work magic with the pan."

"Is that so," Elsa said, noting the glint in Anna's eyes, sensing the other girl's eagerness to babble on. "Why do I get a feeling that there is an Anna anecdote somewhere in there?"

Anna couldn't help the pleased grin that reached her heart. Elsa was always perceptive. She forgot how good it felt to talk with someone who listened in rapt attention the way Elsa did. As if her ramblings of silly shenanigans were somehow considered as a charming anecdote. Silently, she reached for Elsa's hand and entwined their fingers together. She let her index finger and thumb lazily trace patterns into Elsa's soft palms.

"Well, that's how Punzel and I met you see." Anna said, her eyes lighting up at the memory. "There was a fight in our dorm. Three women were ganging up on the new transfer student, Mulan. They were slinging brutal words, asking her to go back to her country and whatnot. Mulan punched one of them. She's barely five foot tall you see, so it was like watching an ant biting into the boot of a giant.

"And so hell broke loose. They lifted the poor girl from the collar and she was about to get some serious clawing when I heard a blood-curdling screech from the other end of the hall. And lo and behold, it was Punzel brandishing a frying pan as if it was the most lethal weapon of all.

"But the bullies just laughed at Punzel. I mean, who will be scared of a frying pan, right? So I got inspired. I ran into my room and grabbed my guitar. I went at them, swung the guitar like a bat. I didn't hit them ofcourse, but the bullies took one good look at my fierce warrior scowl and Punzel's psychotic grin, and they ran away."

Anna finished the story with a nonchalant shrug. As if doing crazy heroic stuff was what she did everyday. "And from then on, Punzel and I became best friends."

"Whoa, that's…" Elsa struggled to find the words as her heart raced her brain. She gave Anna's hand a tiny squeeze. "You are too endearing, do you know that? You used to scare my bullies. After all this time, you are still the same, brave knight in shining copper hair who I can't help but love."

Love? The beating of Anna's heart stilled. A breath caught in her throat. Does Elsa love me? In a more than friend way?

"Umm.." Elsa twitched, her eyes not quite meeting Anna's. She slowly withdrew her hand from Anna's hold. "Sweaty hands…sorry. So, it's your turn. To take a guess about me."

"Okay," Anna said quietly, not quite ready to let go of Elsa's hand. She can see the other girl shuttering into herself the way she used to when she gets anxious. I must find a way to make her smile again.

"Yes, my turn." Anna clapped her hands and puffed out her chest with confidence. "I bet you travel around the world a lot, not just for your art exhibits. But also for your other job. You probably do modeling. Maybe for a denim brand. I mean… the way those jeans ride your hips and legs are just…ughh…should be made illegal for causing mass hysteria."

Elsa felt her cheeks burn at brazen way Anna's eyes flicked up and down her legs, frisking the curve of her hips, tracing the curve of her chest and landing on her face.

When their eyes met again Elsa saw a tempest of want and affection whirling in those teal orbs. She felt a string in her heart stretch taut, and she could no longer deny its persistent tug.

Elsa closed her eyes and let her heart fall as her lips descended to where it belonged.



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